The Interest of Love – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Mountain Hike

Episode 7 of The Interest Of Love starts with the changing fortunes for our two couples. While Mi-gyeong and Sang-su prepare for the next step in their relationship, Su-yeong scrambles to try and make sense of Jong-hyeon’s decision to break up. Apparently it’s because of his studies but he doesn’t want to talk right now and walks away.

The next morning, Sang-su watches as Su-yeong starts work. However, Mi-gyeong rings and she’s in a good mood. Understandably of course given they’re now dating.

Su-yeong ends up spacing out in the breakroom and overfills her bottle. Sang-su stops her and the pair eventually head off that afternoon to their upcoming Yeonjin Product meeting.

On the way back to the office, Sang-su receives a call from Mi-gyeong who wants to join him for lunch. She also invites Gyeong-pil too so Su-yeong won’t be a third wheel. Unfortunately, they also show up at the oyster place to eat, which is uncomfortable enough as it is. To make matters worse, Jong-hyeon’s absence is also brought up by Gyeong-pil.

Su-yeong continues to struggle getting through to her (former) boyfriend though. Funnily enough, her bus ends up pulling up alongside Sang-su while he’s driving with Mi-gyeong. He looks longingly in her direction before eventually heading out for a bite to eat on the beach with his girlfriend, and preparing for their upcoming hike too.

When Su-yeong heads home, she finds Jong-hyeon’s stuff all packed up and ready to go. When Jong-hyeon does finally show his face, he admits that his father collapsed and he’s currently in hospital. He’s concerned because the payments are going to be expensive. He feels guilty for worrying more about the money than how his father is. So in order to raise funds he’s *checks notes* going to quit his job so there’s no income coming in and move out. Anyway, this explains his current behaviour. Su-yeong encourages him to think it over before making any rash decisions.

This situation spills over to work too, with Jong-hyeon believing he’s beneath the standards Su-yeong deserves, hence why he chose to break up with her. He feels humiliated that she’s seen this side of him. As the pair raise their voices outside, Su-yeong tells him to fight for her and to try and stay together. Instead, he’s chosen to quit his job when his leave is over in order to make her “feel better”. Sang-su happens to be listening to all of this as it transpires.

Mi-gyeong throws another curve-ball Su-yeong’s way at break by admitting that she and Sang-su are dating. She also tells Sang-su… but only when they’re right in the process of picking her up from her place on the way to their weekend hike. She even feeds him chocolate while he’s driving. On the way, Su-yeong steps out and decides to bail on them, wanting to see Jong-hyeon instead.

When Mi-gyeong and Sang-su show up, all those staff members that had excuses happen to be there, deciding to go after all. On the way back down the mountain, a bold Mi-gyeong leans forward and kisses Sang-su, inevitably being seen by the other staff. Mi-gyeong is intent on making it a big thing and word spreads across to the whole workforce. However, Sang-su looks super uncomfortable about the whole ordeal.

Su-yeong heads off on a trip of her own, intending to find Jong-hyeon. She manages to track him down at a farm way out in the countryside. Su-yeong admits that she’s… hungry. The pair head out for food together but they simply chill together.

Su-yeong knows that Jong-hyeon’s situation is difficult but it’s clear she’s just trying to make him feel better. When he tells her to leave, she brings up the hospital bills. He’s decided to give up on the police exam and is going to work nights from now on too, given he could use the extra tips.

Su-yeong challenges him about the police exam, throwing his own words back at him, telling Jong-hyeon that he’s going to shine brightly in five years from now. She has faith in him and offers to hold his hand… and for him to come stay with her. That way he can continue to work toward his dream and make it a reality.

Su-yeong ends up leaving him to think it over and eventually gets on her bus home. Just as she the bus speeds off, Jong-hyeon makes his decision and rushes to the station. Thankfully Su-yeong manages to spot her and shows up from round the corner. Jong-hyeon rushes toward her and hugs Su-yeong tightly, prompting a warm smile from her, while Mi-gyeong invites Sang-su up to her place.

The Episode Review

Mi-gyeong knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s clear now that her manipulative ways are rubbing Sang-su up the wrong way. He’s being pressured into all these awkward situations, including how Mi-gyeong wants to make a big spectacle of their relationship while he’s not so sure it’s what he wants. And what will he say to heading up to her room too?

It’s a fascinating dynamic, and something that’s contrasted by Jong-hyeong and Su-yeong. These little juxtapositions are the real stand out moments for this series though, which is basically like a train-wreck you can’t take your eyes off. Although narratively speaking, there are still a number of misunderstanding tropes and plot conveniences bleeding through that make this feel super cliched.

Everything is set up nicely for the next episode to really lean into this drama though, which is bound to become even more messy and entangled!

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