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Episode 3 of The Interest Of Love begins with Su-yeong arriving at the bank setting everything up for another busy day. The Oyster shop owner arrives with food for Su-yeong but he slips on the stairs. Instead of helping, Su-yeong hurries inside where she begins opening up. Jeong Jong-hyun is there and he immediately asks if she wants to have some breakfast with him. It’s homemade food, and he actually made it specifically for her, knowing she was opening up. Here, we learn that the Oyster Shop man is, unsurprisingly, Su-yeong’s father.

We then cut to the moments from last episode, with our local stalker Sang-su standing outside Su-yeong’s house waiting for her. It turns out Su-yeong actually tripped into Jong-hyun’s arms and the hug was a misunderstanding. Anyway, he uses this opportunity to tell her he actually does really like her.

Sang-su decides to finally keep a distance from Su-yeong, instead going all-in with his work. He comes up with a solid business proposal and Mi-gyeong is impressed. She also walks in on Mr Yuk getting a bit close to Su-yeong, making her uncomfortable by holding her hand and calling her family. Mr Yuk? More like Mr Yuck!

After, Mi-gyeong encourages her not to take this from Mr Yuk going forward, as we return to our toxic workplace. Sang-su continues to frown at the sight of Su-yeong and Jong-hyun together, right after the latter is berated by one of the supervisors for messing up an earlier coffee order.

While Sang-su skips out on lunch, struggling to eat and deciding to drink his sorrows away on his break, Su-yeong heads out with Mi-gyeong for lunch. Th two ladies discuss the upcoming in-house presentation. The latter points out that she went to college with Sang-su and she felt that same vibrancy again when they were working together.

Outside, Sang-su says to himself what we’ve all been screaming for the last 2 episodes “Grow up.” While he heads off with Mi-gyeong, Su-yeong meets Jong-hyeon and the pair go for a date together. They drink milk and discuss their future aspirations. Here, Su-yeong ends up thinking about how it ties into their family. It turns out she blames her father for the death of her brother, Su-hyeok. Her parents opening a shop right next to the bank hasn’t helped (which apparently was just a coincidence), and seeing her mother take him back after what occurred with Su-hyeok was the last straw. She tells him not to hover around her and eventually leaves, not giving her father a chance to explain himself. Her current apartment, complete with the herbs on the balcony and the piano, were all promises he made to her. However, the final promise – to be happy – doesn’t seem to have materialized.

Sang-su goes out for dinner with Mi-geyong, where he mentions to her how he’s not into little flings and dates. Instead, he feels a certain responsibility that comes with liking someone and wants a more serious relationship. Mi-gyeong seems impressed, but Sang-su decides to take the food to-go, heading over to see his mother and eating food together with her.

After, the pair meet back up again and end up working through the night on their presentation. In fact, by the time they end, it’s dawn and they go for breakfast together… at the Oyster place next door. At the same time, Su-yeong ends up doing the rounds, heading to different client houses after practicing her pitch.

Sang-su does well with his pitch too, getting up and giving his in-house presentation about the KCU bank app. Mi-gyeong gives him compliments outside and the pair decide to hang out more. They go and play ice hockey, where Mi-gyeong pretends she doesn’t know how to skate so she can get closer to Sang-su. Clever!

At the same time, Jong-hyeon arrives to study at the same library as Su-yeong. He doesn’t disturb her though, aside from handing over some milk, and gets on with his work. After, Jong-hyun admits that he thinks she’s cool.

Back at the bank, Mi-gyeong receives a call confirming that their presentation came first. She hugs Sang-su but he simply stares at Su-yeong the entire time. When they head out to celebrate, Mr Yuk tries to get Su-yeong to sing but when she’s silent, Mi-gyeong decides to step up and do a duet with Sang-su instead.

After the duet, Su-yeong is asked to go and do a food run at the convenience store. Sang-su sticks up for Su-yeong and decides to go himself, saving her from a potentially awkward encounter. However, she happens to be waiting outside for him when Sang-su returns. Sang-su silently hands over a bottle to which Su-yeong replies “Is it fun toying with my emotions?” Sang-su bites back saying the same thing, until Su-yeong matter-of-factly reveals that Sang-su chose not to come and see her that night. Apparently she saw everything… but just what that “everything” is remains a mystery box to be opened another day.

The Episode Review

What a shame, The Interest of Love was doing so well until that end conversation. The fact that Sang-su appears to be playing games with Su-yeong this whole time, especially if that hug is anything to go by, shows his petulant childish side, which is frustrating given he has someone who’s genuinely cool, bubbly and likes him for who he is. By comparison, Su-yeong and Sang-su have this weird toxicity between them that doesn’t seem to be getting much better.

This mystery box isn’t ready to be opened but it seems a rather tame mystery to be honest, especially if this is going to be dragged out for a while before we see the reason why Sang-su didn’t show up at the date.

The KCU bank is absolutely full of toxic managers and while I appreciate this may be showing a more realistic depiction of what it’s like to work in a place like this in the real world, it also makes it difficult to really warm to the supporting characters. The drama looks like it’s going to continue tomorrow though, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next!

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