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Episode 2 of The Interest of Love starts with a look at Su-yeong’s past, including moving to Seoul and being all alone. She heads off and stays at an old house that’s in need of fixing up but the rent is cheap and she decides to take the unfurnished place. She’s at home in this dark and run-down house, likening it to her own personality.

Su-yeong works hard, moving from job to job before eventually showing up at the bank. Working her way up, she makes it but there’s a lot of discrimination along the way, including toxicity at work with all the men.

So what happened with Su-yeong then? Well, she was at the restaurant and notices Sang-su leave work. Despite running toward her she froze, suddenly turning to annoyance and she left. Why? Well, who knows. We’ll find out I’m sure. At work though, she ends up bumping into Mr Jeong and the pair presumably start dating.

Back in the present, Sang-su struggles to comprehend Su-yeong’s rationale and after questioning her about dating, eventually he apologizes and she walks away. It would seem that something happened between the date and Sang-su showing up, but we’ll have to wait and see on that account.

That night, Sang-su ends up drinking with the lads and they all get blind drunk. In fact, Sang-su takes a cardboard cutout with him to the bar and claims that it’s his girlfriend. Eventually though he gets up to leave, where he notices Su-yeong in the street. He decides to show up with coffee for everyone at the bank, and even has one for Suyeong too. Only, Sang-su oversteps his boundaries, breaking her personal space and asking her again about the night. She shrugs him off and essentially tells him to leave. Dude, take a hint, honestly!

Back at work, the General Consultancy Team are grilled by the District Manager again, with Sang-su coming in last place once more. Asa result, he’s told to head outside alone. The District Manager reveals that he’s barely keeping his head above the water and seems to empathize with Sang-su’s plight. He gives him a whole bunch of coffee sachets to have when he gets tired, desperate for Sang-su to do a good job.

At work, a man enters with food and Su-yeong appears to recognize him. She turns her back when he drops the food at her desk. As for the others, they all graciously take on the oysters and even drop by his place for food. Naturally, Sang-su starts again about Su-yeong and her ties with Mr Jeong. Things end up awkward at work too when Jeong happens to be outside, and Sang-su decides to strike up a conversation without realizing that Su-yeong is behind him. She’s not impressed.

That night, while a customer ends up protesting and angry about his 3 million won he believes the bank owes him, Su-yeong finishes her balance and kneels before him, claiming she’s not moving. So of course, Sang-su comes and sits with her as well. Eventually everyone else does the same, kneeling around him before he gets up.

When the group end up getting changed after work, Sang-su eavesdrops as Su-yeong is encouraged to head out for a blind date with a work colleague’s friend. As a result, Sang-su deliberates and ponders whether to go on a blind date himself.

News at work spreads of a brand new Assistant Manager about to start. She has a designated parking spot outside and her name is Mi-Gyeong. She immediately ends up getting friendly with all the girls… except Su-yeong who keeps her distance. On the other side, Mi-gyeong ends up getting friendly with Sang-su. She immediately knows that Sang-su likes Su-yeong but the pair get along well and end up hanging out. Of course, Su-yeong sees them and appears to get jealous. The thing is, Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong have history. They were in the same major at school.

When Sang-su heads home, he messages Mi-gyeong and the pair exchange pleasantries. He still checks Su-yeong though and notices her profile picture is now of a plant. At work, Mi-gyeong jokes that she and Sang-gu are dating together in front of Su-yeong and the other women. When Su-yeong walks out, Sang-su follows and questions her personal life, asking about Mr Jeong and the blind date that she’s definitely going on. He’s completely obsessed with this and just won’t let it go. Su-yeong quite rightly tells him it’s none of his business and leaves.

Su-yeong shows up at her blind date, where the guy ends up arriving early, while Sang-su mopes about at home. He deliberates over whether to message but instead, decides to show up at Su-yeong’s place. Su-yeong’s date doesn’t go to plan, especially when the guy learns she didn’t go to college, and she heads home, down-heartened. “I’m in front of your house. I need to tell you something.” Sang-su messages Su-yeong. In the taxi, Su-yeong receives a message (which we believe is Sang-su’s) and she tells the taxi driver to speed up.

Su-yeong arrives and watches from afar as Su-yeong heads to her front door… and starts jugging Mr Jeong, who’s there to comfort her. Sang-su turns and walks away.

The Episode Review

Ladies, is this behaviour attractive? The needy, clingy, persistent guy who can’t take no for an answer? No, I didn’t think so. Honestly, Sang-su is so hard to root for and at this point I hope he doesn’t end up with Su-yeong. He has no defining characteristics and the entire show seems to be hell-bent on making him this downbeat guy with puppy-dog eyes who just want to be in love. But why does he even like Su-yeong?

Su-yeong, by comparison, is a much more interesting character. While it’s frustrating that we don’t know the reason she bailed on Sang-su, he should just respect her decision and move on. There are plenty of other women out there. I reckon Mr Jeong might actually be a close friend or a family member, explaining their bond. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Oyster shop guy happens to be Su-yeong’s father and the shop that’s opened next to the bank belongs to her family.

That’s pretty much the only thing worth sticking with this drama for. While some will enjoy this one, the inexcusable toxic behaviour from Sang-su, stalking Su-yeong and constantly invading her personal space, makes him a hard character to warm to. The supporting characters aren’t great either and the story doesn’t have that much of a hook. Hopefully this one can gain some interest in the weeks ahead.

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