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Episode 1 of The Interest of Love starts with us at the bank. Sang-su looks dreamily at his colleague, Su-yeong, and she notices him watching her. He hurriedly looks away and she smiles. They’re just two of the bank tellers at KSU Bank, as we learn that over 300 customers visit the branch every year. The hierarchy of customers are divided into who has the most amount of money. In 2022, wealth is a determining factor over who has the higher chance of success in society.

Su-yeong seems to be an exception to the rule though, as we soon find out that she eats lunch away from the others and in the peace and quiet of the local park. She receives a call from someone but hurriedly tells them not to phone again, hanging up.

As for Sang-su, he eats lunch with his friend, who teases him over his ties to Su-yeong and how she used to be his supervisor. He helps out an old lady when he heads back to work, and even does the same for the security guard, Mr Jeong, too. It’s clear that he has a caring attitude toward others.

At work, while Sang-su helps out a customer called Kim Seong-hun, handing over their credit card, Su-yeong ends up getting abuse from a customer who throws some paper at her… but Sang-su blocks it. However, this whole incident doesn’t go down well. Sang-su ended up distracted and handed over the wrong credit card to the wrong customer. Seong-hun actually received another Seong-hun’s card, someone who happens to be a VIP. Woops! The District Manager claims that that it’s a way of them redistributing wealth, clapping sarcastically, and eventually sending them both out to Jeju Island to right this wrong.

On the way, Sang-su reflects on his moments with the “Goddess of KSU”, Su-yeong. He made a number of different mistakes, but through her guidance managed to turn it around and become much better at his job. Anyway, in the present they hand over the right credit card to Seong-hun, and Sang-su calls it in.

Sang-su does his best to try and convince Su-yeong to join him for a date but it doesn’t really go to plan and before they know it, they’re back at the branch. With Seok-hyun (another teller) on the verge of breaking up with his girlfriend, it’s another spanner in the works preventing Sang-su from asking Su-yeong out.

Su-yeong keeps to herself and rumours run rampant across the bank about her. Some believe she has a different boyfriend every day but it seems like she may actually like Sang-su. He notices that her picture happens to be the one he took on Jeju Island and decides to message her, thanking Su-yeong for going with him. “I had fun and got some fresh air, thanks to you.” She replies.

Eventually Sang-su plucks up the courage to ask her out and Su-yeong accepts! The pair end up going to the movies together and then head out for dinner after. It’s a pretty good time, although Sang-su is understandably nervous

Back at work, a big event is about to go down. The Director has sent an email to everyone informing them that the vice president’s Ready-Go Card event is going to take place soon. They have department store vouchers on offer if they reach their goal too, with the branches competing against one another to win. Su-yeong is great at upselling and seems to be on-track to come out on top.

Sang-su continues to struggle at work, with the deputy manager watching over him and the other two stooges he works with. Su-yeong and Sang-su agree to another date but predictably, Sang-su is kept behind at work and ends up late to meeting Su-yeong. Over two hours late too! When Sang-su finally gets off, he drops his phone and it breaks. Of course, Su-yeong isn’t there anymore.

This completely messes up the ties between them at work, as Su-yeong ignores Sang-su and gives him the cold shoulder. Sang-su tries to make amends, leaving her little snacks and gifts every day… which she ignores the entire time. Naturally, Sang-su ends up drinking heavily and drowning his sorrows.

While drunk, Sang-su makes the mistake of messaging Su-yeong constantly, telling her he’s sorry and asking if she’s asleep. This obviously causes things to go awkwardly at work, and even more so when the guys head for a smoke break and believe Su-yeong is having lunch with Mr Jeong, the security guard.

During a work dinner, the guys tease Su-yeong and Mr Jeong about dating. She reveals that they’re not and eventually Jeong leaves, embarrassed. Outside, Sang-su admits to his friend that he likes Su-yeong and that’s why he almost got involved and said something during the dinner.

Well, afterwards Sang-su decides to wait for Su-yeong to be on her own and follows her halfway up the street. He points out that the superiors shouldn’t have grilled her like that. When Su-yeong questions him, Sang-su eventually admits that he likes her… but Su-yeong turns round and tells him that she actually is dating Mr Jeong after all.

The Episode Review

The first episode of The Interest of Love is… average at best. It’s not a particularly bad drama (at least not yet, although there are signs of that) but it’s equally not a fantastic one that’s going to light up the K-drama world any time soon. The show has a solid cast but the tone is all over the place, jumping between quirky romance and darker drama.

I hope there’s an explanation for why Su-yeong is so annoyed that Sang-su was late and hasn’t even offered an explanation. She knows he’s bad at keeping the balance in check, especially given the flashbacks showing her teaching him how to count money. It doesn’t help that we – as the audience – also get no explanation around this behaviour, and while it would work to be on the side of Sang-su, the guy is a complete wet flannel.

Sang-su does nothing to help his case. He’s clingy, constantly pestering Su-yeong at work and he doesn’t seem to know his boundaries either. I mean, he followed her home and basically stalked her! The puppy-dog eyes only go so far and hopefully the guy will back off a bit now and give Su-yeong some space.

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