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Episode 15 of The Interest of Love begins with Sang-su despairing after losing Su-yeong. Sang-su takes her ID card and decides to try and buy Su-yeong some time, telling everyone she’s on annual leave.

In the meantime, Mi-gyeong organizes to be transferred to their Washington Branch, which is just the break she needs to get a fresh start away from everything. During dinner, Mi-gyeong uses that as a front to explain how she and Sang-su have broken up, shrugging that a long-distance relationship wouldn’t work. It’s much less messy than the alternate! Gyeong-pil happens to overhear and stays quiet, at least until later on when they talk outside.

Gyeong-pil struggles to hold back tears, claiming that what happened between him and Su-yeong is not her business. He also flinches when she asks about their past, but as she presses, Gyeong-pil admits the truth about what happened. He liked her and has done for a while but he wasn’t brave enough to weather the storm and stay with her when her father and the others forced him to cave and break up.

Mi-gyeong reveals to her father in the morning she’s leaving for the US and that she’s broken up with Sang-su. Her father admits that he’s sorted her out a place to stay and even allowed her to rent a car. Mi-gyeong thanks her father and admits that for all this time, she’s struggled to understand him and how he’s used gifts as a way of showing his affection. She knows this because Mi-gyeong herself has done the exact same thing. After, Sang-su drives her to the airport as the pair get some much-needed closure.

That night, during karaoke, Lee Ku-il finally plucks up the courage to kiss fellow colleague Min-hee. These two have been keeping their relationship a secret for a while but now that they’re at different branches, Ku-il plucks up the courage to take the next step. Sang-su notices this and walks outside, the raw emotion of romance too much to cope with.

Gyeong-pil and Sang-su head out for the dinner the following day. Gyeong-pil does his best to try and repair their relationship, but he does it indirectly by asking the new owner at the oyster shop (which is now a different restaurant) where the previous owners are. As we know, they’ve gone home. Su-yeong has joined them, deciding to assess her life and figure out what she really wants.

Gyeong-pil listens back to the recordings he took with Su-yeong, and eventually decides to send it on to Sang-su. Frustratingly, he can’t pluck up the courage to listen and see the truth, so he just outright deletes the video.

Jong-hyeon is still kicking about too, having struggled to move on as well. He heads to her apartment after failing to ring through and learns that she’s moved out. He deliberates over deleting her number and isn’t sure what the best course of action is.

Su-yeong heads off to pay her respects to her brother at the Memorial Center, where his friend happens to be there. He admits that in the past he saw Su-yeong’s mother with another man. It was her all along, it wasn’t her dad as she initially thought!

Her father was actually at the house that night because his wife was about to be sued for adultery, so he showed up to settle things with the family, begging on her behalf and taking responsibility for her cheating. He did this to protect the kids, and what she saw was him invited inside to sign the settlement agreement.

All these years, Su-yeong has lashed out and blamed her father when really, it was her mother. As a result of this, Su-yeong heads off to see her dad and admits she knows the truth. She doesn’t confront her mother about this though, sidestepping around the truth under the guise of telling her to get her legs fixed up.

When she ends up down by the beach, who should be there but Sang-su! He makes her a sandcastle and confronts her, asking just why she ran away and struggles to hold back tears.

Eventually the pair sit together, where Sang-su hands over her ID card with the blue lanyard, signifying her changed position. Her resignation letter is still pending and she’s currently down as on annual leave. “There’s still time,” Sang-su urges. Instead, she throws the ID card in the water.

Sang-su though heads in to retrieve it for her, getting himself soaked in the process. He’s still drunk, of course, so afterwards the pair head out for a bite to eat. They also go for coffee too, reminiscing over school days. Su-yeong admits she was the best hider in hide and seek, managing to outsmart all the other kids. As for Sang-su, he was the best at seeking, persevering and never giving up until he found everyone.

It’s a nice bit of thematic dialogue to explain their mindset, before they pair spend the rest of the day together. Sang-su thanks her for spending tim with him, doing all those things tourists do and acting like a normal couple.

After, the pair decide to drink together into the early morning. While together, they decide to play the Truth Game. Su-yeong admits she ran away because she was afraid and scared. She kept pushing him away but Sang-su continued to find her, believing that things could work out between them as a result.

Dealing with things when they’re tough and staying together through that is not something she had the confidence to do, unsure whether to commit fully.

Sang-su admits he’s always thought fully ahead, prepared for any eventualities along the way. He tells Su-yeong that she’s not a misfortune but rather a variable. After drinking some soju, Su-yeong leans over and kisses him, quipping that this is a proper variable.

In the morning, Sang-su heads back home again but Su-yeong drops off some bread for him to take. She thanks him for coming to see her and agrees to give the bank another thought. She also promises to call him when she’s back in Seoul. As the pair look at one another, Sang-su smiles as narration chimes in “That was the last time I saw Su-yeong.”

The Episode Review

Well that was perhaps expected wasn’t it? Su-yeong needs time to herself and she needs to try and work out what she wants in life. The way she’s gone about this has been about as successful as brewing tea in a chocolate teapot and right now we’ve hit boiling point, with hot chocolate all over the counter.

The “perfect day” with Sang-su did feel like a final farewell, a way for Su-yeong to reward Sang-su for persevering with her while she flip-flops through her emotions. Given she’s scared to commit, it reinforces what others have said about her being a free spirit and needing to find herself before she does anything else.

The revel with her mum and dad is another big sticking point here and it contextualizes that entire relationship in a completely different light, especially as it shows the lengths that these two would go just to protect their kids.

The misunderstandings continue to pile up in this drama though and my god is it frustrating. Between Sang-su deleting Gyeong-pil’s voice message, to Su-yeong and Sang-su’s constant back and forth, this drama has been littered with these little clichés.

It’s still unclear what’s going to happen in the finale, given we have no preview. In an ideal world, Su-yeong will stay by the sea and mend her ties with her family and come to terms with her brother’s death. As for Sang-su, he should stop pegging for Su-yeong and waiting for her to return, finding true happiness in a likeminded soul instead.

Regardless of what happens though, tomorrow’s extended episode is scheduled to run for around 90 minutes (if rumours are to be believed!), so you’ll need to buckle up for this one as it’s going to get messy.

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19 thoughts on “The Interest of Love – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review”

  1. Their actors are probably really good but the storyline is nauseating and this could’ve ended in four episodes.. whoever wrote the script needs to find a new job.

  2. I can attest to the fact YOU CANNOT FORCE LOVE BETWEEN TWO PPL FL made it clear in the beginning she liked him first. She lacked confidence in her status and his hesitation reinforced that notion. She didn’t believe she was good enough. Rich woman was a world class manipulator just like her father. Security guard (just shoot me), awful weak whinny man. I hated that story line. FL did not belong with him.

    The story was more complex than ppl thought I understand her struggle with status, parent lies and the death of the person she loved most. She is a text book case for DYSFUNCTIONAL PERSON. Most families have at least one of these ppl.

    I loved the story. The slowness of the dialogue and a lot of words left unspoken was frustrating but their eyes and facial expressions said everything.

    They genuinely LOVED EACH OTHER.

  3. Depressing and unrealistic. Everyone walked around with a cloud over their head and there was no character growth. Four years later and they are all in the same pathetic dreary place. FL was an emotionless, expressionless, manipulating liar who destroyed everyone around her.

  4. Worst ending; first I like it, then the more it goes, all you see is they just stared each other, then here comes the music that goes along with the drama; the guy’s role is retarded, you feel in love you got to do everything to get the woman but his role is retarded. This whole acting and stories are so weird, especially the ending. That’s why ppl doesn’t like this drama because from first to end are complicated. Why did the ashes of love became number 1 all the time because the ending is great and ppl kept on watching it, it’s not boring.

  5. Very frustrating show! Why don’t people just say what they are thinking? Way too many misunderstandings because nobody speaks the truth about their feelings. Ready for the finale. Episode 15 left me completely confused. That girl needs lots of therapy. She’s a sick puppy.

  6. I can identify with Su Yeong, I have been there and lost my first true love. I hope love prevails at the end for Sang-su and Su-yeong.

  7. First love will never leave your heart. This show makes certain of that. I hope love prevails at the end!

  8. Cath. I agree with you this drama is so much delay I can go to bathroom and come back never miss a thing. Maybe is really intentional just prolonged the episode.

  9. OMG. The actors are great, but the story line is getting more depressing. Honestly feel sorry for Sang-Su hanging onto hope that Su-Yeong will return his love. Really think she’s got issues and needs psychiatric help. At this point, I think the last episode is going to be a big let down.

  10. Painful drama to say the least! I want to kick the FML. What is her issue? Dragged on drama. Could have finished in 8 episodes.

  11. Thank you! I’m finding so much of this maddening and frustrating. Does she love him? If not say so …if she does why all the head games? The writers build it up like a happy ending to pull the rug out every episode. It’s annoying but I have watch! There was that little snipit of him and the ex that looked like a look into the future but if that’s the case why would this beautiful girl cling to someone who doesn’t love her?

  12. I think that Sang-su would have been very happy with Mi-gyeong — I really think he blew it big time by not appreciating who she was and how much she loved him. How could he not have grown to love her? Because he was hung up on Seo-yeoung. She is in fact a “misfortune” for him in so many ways. I especially feel badly for Mi-gyeong who is so cute, lovable, and understanding. Whoever wins her over will be the luckiest of guys. Sang-su is not a lucky guy nor can we expect him to be a happy guy. He is a Sad Sack and pathetic. Migyeong loved him and waited for him despite his continuous depression, hangering for Su-yeong. She has taken on a mystical quality for him that she could never really have nor provide long-term. She is like a beautiful dream. I wish she was suddenly healthy and open-hearted, but that is not going to happen. She is a tortured soul and lacking confidence despite always trying to do her best at everything. She has done an awful job with her love life. But she is so photogenic!

  13. After all he went through because of a few minutes hesitation, is she really worth being in a long term relationship? The issues with real couples are far greater than the ones the had, not a good match imo.

  14. Finding love with a Likeminded soul doesn’t work for some of us. First love is never forgotten and you are not happy with anyone else. You don’t get over that person. I can testify to that.

  15. Each time I watched an episode it was like pulling teeth. There is so much delay in saying just one word. This showed pissed me off. I waited less time to make popcorn. The writers are fishing. Don’t know what for, but I think they could do better.

  16. Thank you very much for your quick and interesting recap. In my opinion, Su Yeong is emotionally crippled and I agree that in an ideal world, Su Yeong “should stay by the sea”. I think she needs lots of therapy.

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