The Innocent – Season 1 Ending Explained

The Story So Far

Mat finds his life turned upside down when he accidentally kills a kid during a nightclub brawl. After serving four years in prison, he’s given a second chance at life, meeting a bright young woman called Olivia.

When she goes missing, Mat is forced into confronting the very real truth – that Olivia may not have been wholly truthful over who she is and what she’s doing.

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What is on tape 27? What happened to the rest of the tapes?

The illusive tape 27 is one of Anibal’s recordings from the underground orgy parties. SCU Agent Teo is desperate to get his hands on this, given it shows him killing a girl called Lavanda. The rest of the tapes incriminate a variety of other unspecified people. Given the money and wealth involved in this ploy, it’s fair to say they’re people of very high importance. By the end of the season the tapes are handed over to the police.

Who killed Ibai Saez and Gallardo?

Jaime did. He killed Gallardo while wrestling the gun with him in his car late at night. Gallardo was trying to coerce the man into giving up extra funds on top of what he and Saez had already been paid.

Saez was killed shortly after the hotel incident, but Jaime framed Saez by placing his fingerprints over the trigger of this silenced gun.

Is Anibal really dead?

Yes, Anibal is definitely deceased. However, there were definitely hints through the season that he could still be alive in a “I know what you did last summer” twist. Specifically the shots of him wriggling about before being dumped at sea.

His body is found out at sea late on, with dental records confirming his identity. The accompanying letter to Olivia we saw at the orphanage confirms that Emma killed him.

Where is Olivia’s daughter?

Paula was never suffering from kidney problems and she was safe this entire time. By the end of the season, after Kimmy and Olivia have made peace with one another, Paula comes to stay with Olivia.

Did Mat really kill Romero?

The final sequence of episode 8 confirms that yes, Mat really did kill Romero in prison all those years ago. It’s an intriguing tease that Mat may not be as squeaky clean as we’ve been led to believe this season.

How Does The Innocent Season 1 end? Who’s Framing Mat?

The finale to The Innocent brings everything to a conclusive end, as we see that no one is really that innocent in this series.

After Dani’s death, Jaime was suffering from grief-stricken rage and unable to move on. He was obsessed, and gained intel on Mat’s life – including the truth about Olivia’s hidden secrets.

Jaime met with Gallardo and Saez, handing over money in exchange for information on the couple. He planned this whole event, planting seeds of doubt in Mat’s mind that Olivia was cheating on him. He also fabricated the whole story about Paula suffering from kidney problems. He wanted to lure Olivia away and isolate Mat.

After hearing this story, Sonia tells the police everything. Jaime is put behind bars while Mat rebuilds his life. He decides to spend his time helping other inmates start anew when they’re released from prison.

Olivia also gives birth too, with Paula returning and living with them too.

What happens to Lorena?

The last shots of Lorena see her promoted to Captain for her stake in closing this case. She drops off her badge at her Father’s memorial site; a symbolic gesture to show how bittersweet this promotion really is to her.

In the end, all of our characters get a satisfying conclusion, but it comes with a sobering reminder that all victories come at a cost.

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