The InBetween – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review


The Devil’s Refugee

With next week’s finale looming on the horizon, The InBetween returns with its penultimate episode, one that sets up more of the backstory around the mysterious Ed Roven while keeping the same tone and pace from previous episodes continuing here too.

We begin this week’s episode with the usual charade of Cassie experiencing visions. This time we see a young girl dancing with an old tape player before a large fishing net drops a school of fish on her, drowning her beneath its weight. As Cassie does a bit of digging, it turns out the woman in question is a girl called Millie who appeared in a missing persons case back in 1985.

Tom and Damien begin digging through the old case, deciding that Cassie should join them when visiting the girl’s parents’ house. This proves to be a good choice too as we see our ghostly medium experience another vision with the tape recorder, this time intertwined with the familiar Peter Rabbit song. While she contemplates whether Ed is involved, he later appears before her, warning against investigating further into the case. His warnings go ignored though as Cass experiences a more frightening vision soon after, this time involving numerous people hanging from the ceiling.

As Damien and Tom dive deeper into the investigation, they go hunting for the potential ties to fishing boats. This draws them closer to a man named Frank Blain whom they believe is the one responsible. As it happens, this isn’t the whole story and Damien speaks to Cassie regarding Ed, telling her she looks like Millie and that can’t be a coincidence. Calling Ed from the spirit world, Cassie finally sees the truth. Ed was working with Frank back in 1985 and together they killed Millie. This sends Cass over the edge as she breaks down crying. She does, however, find the old tape recorder buried outside which gives some closure to Millie’s case. However, Ed’s case is far from over.

Setting everything up for a dramatic finale, The InBetween dives deeper into Ed’s mysterious past while intertwining the episode with enough of the usual crime mystery beats we’ve seen across the previous episodes to keep things consistent. While I doubt the show has the numbers to be renewed for a second season, there’s no denying The InBetween has been enjoyable enough to stick with over the weeks, even if it’s unlikely to be one remembered long after its run on TV.

Still, the foundation has been set for a dramatic finale to finish the show off on a high but for now, The InBetween delivers a pretty good penultimate episode, one of its strongest in the series’ 10 episode run.


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  1. What was the song Millie was listening to on the jukebox? I goggled the words I heard. I really like the show. Your review is spot on. Last night was pretty graphic so I thought it was pretty tough subject matter.

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