The InBetween – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Mr Nightfall

Returning for another week, The InBetween delivers one of its best episodes of the season, with a well written plot line and a nice little twist at the end.

The episode itself begins with Cassie experiencing another vision, this time of being thrown into a coffin and buried alive – a scene made all the more terrifying by a strange hooded figure.

Meanwhile Damien and Tom head to a gruesome crime scene and wind up interviewing a man who tells them a kid called Michael is the one they should be looking into, as he’s the one with a suspicious background. They follow the lead, heading to school and quizzing a teacher who tells them Michael was worried about being followed by something supernatural he called ‘Mr. Nightfall’. Whilst discussing the validity of these Mr Nightfall claims, Tom gets a call and it turns out another family has been murdered. When they arrive at the scene however, they find a little boy hiding in the closet.

Cassie sees another ghost, only this time it’s someone a little more talkative than the hooded figure. The woman, called Edie, pleads with her to tell her husband and daughter that she’s passed away and not actually missing. Cassie agrees and takes Damien along for the ride where she learns more about Edie, courtesy of her teenager daughter Kaitlyn. Cassie heads home where Edie appears again and asks how it went with her daughter. Angry, Cassie laments the spirit for not telling her about the drug addiction.

It’s here where Edie reveals she’s been clean for 6 months and was on her way to surprising them, buying food at an Asian market. Only, this is another lie and it turns out she wasn’t clean at all. Cassie pleads with Edie one more time to tell her where she can find her body. After some gentle persuasion, she eventually caves and reveals where she’s being kept.

Back at the hospital, Tom interviews the small child who tells him about Mr Nightfall. This prompts him and Damien to hurry to the school and quiz the Principal about this mysterious figure, given everything appears to be linked. He tells them he’s never heard of it, however does reveal that something happened at the school masquerade ball – which ironically coincides with Cassie’s latest vision of being thrown into a coffin at a school dance. 

Tom and Damien continue their investigation, looking into the death of Bradley who was bullied but somehow landed a dream date for the ball. Sensing something afoul, they chase up the lead and question Tiffany. It turns out she was coerced into going to the dance with him courtesy of pictures Michael Miller had against her. She managed to get him to the ball as agreed, but once there Michael and Pete had come up with an elaborate story involving Mr Nightfall. This leads them to a boy called Eric Vaughn, a kid who was friends with Bradley but betrayed him in a bid to become popular. Having heard enough, Tom arrests him for suspicions of murder.

Only, as they dig deeper it turns out it wasn’t Eric but infact his teacher. Arrested for the murder, he tells them about his son who was bullied and killed which was motivation to get back at the boys for being bullies. With the case all but solved, Damien shares his regret over not asking his comatose partner to marry him before Cassie heads to Edie’s wake, telling Kaitlyn that her Mother loved her.

After a week’s hiatus, The InBetween returns with a really good episode, one that keeps up the case-of-the-week vibes whilst blending the supernatural elements and formulaic crime investigation seamlessly. Cassie’s parallel line of questioning alongside the two detectives works surprisingly well too and helps add some extra depth to each episode.

The twist at the end involving the teacher is a nice touch and after a disappointing ending several weeks back, The InBetween makes good on its premise and makes up for that here. There’s a lot of crime dramas out on the market right now and The InBetween was always going to have an uphill battle to stand out next to so many others. It may not be the best drama out there, but there’s enough originality to make it a series worth sticking around with.


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