The InBetween – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Ghosts In The Basement

Following a week’s hiatus, The InBetween returns this week with another case, this time revolving around a mysterious boy named Ethan and a ghost in the basement. Although the episode does little to advance the overarching story, the case-of-the-week is interesting enough to keep you hanging around until the end, even if the ending is a little obvious.

We begin the episode with Cassie visiting Damien’s fiancée in hospital, ignoring Martin’s promises that he’ll leave the InBetween soon. Heading up the elevator, blocking out the voices in her head, she experiences a vision of the glass cracking and her falling out the window. As it happens, a new body shows up for the Detectives to deal with, this time it’s a woman who appears to have been pushed off the roof of that very same hospital.

Arriving at the scene of the crime, the detectives try and piece together what happened while Cassie heads down to the basement, confronted by a boy named Ethan, who tells her the woman down there doesn’t like him speaking to strangers. A ghost then appears and floats up to her, telling her to leave which she obliges to, quite hastily.

Cassie then asks Damien to find out more about Ethan. It turns out he died of a brain tumour and the nurse who was pushed from the roof asked for a post-mortem on Ethan just prior to her death. As Tom and Damien dig further into the case, they realize a doctor named Shane Vogel may be linked to the whole thing. While the Detectives suspect he may be the one they’re after following a prickly conversation with him early on, Cassie heads back to the basement to speak to Ethan in a bid to try and get some answers. The ghost appears again but before it can snatch up the little boy, he tells her to find Vogel.

Damien confesses to Tom soon after the real reason Cassie was in the hospital. Thanking him for the truth, the two head back to the crime scene while Cassie herself heads to the ward to investigate the nurses working with Ethan. After speaking to one of Ethan’s friends from hospital, Avary, she has another vision, this time involving a rash on her arm.

This prompts a spiral of evidence to come to light as the Detectives realize this isn’t a singular case – it’s been going on for years, hence the number of bodies in the basement. After consulting the medical records, and Cassie’s expertises, they head back once more to find the assailant.

It turns out it was Shane Vogel all along. The old lady in the basement happened to be Patient Zero and after arresting Shane and preventing him from killing anyone else, Cassie heads back to the basement to free the old lady. As she does, Martin appears once more and laughs at her menacingly as she asks what happened to Ethan. The episode then ends with Cassie finding out Avary is in remission and heading home.

While most of the episode consistently builds up the mystery well, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed with the ending. Having Vogel as the main suspect for most of the episode and then revealing him to be the actual killer at the end feels like a bit of a cop-out, especially with the Nurse that’s questioned just prior to this moment. Most of the case builds up nicely though, especially the contrasting segments with Cassie’s abilities and the Detectives working on the case, and these moments show glimmers of promise for the future with this show.

Whether Martin will escape the InBetween and quite what the future holds for Cassie is still uncertain but as The InBetween starts to get into its groove, I’d imagine there’ll be a few stand-out episodes here, especially if the script writers can nail a good twist or ending. It’s not perfect, and the idea isn’t wholly original, but there’s just enough here to keep you coming back for next week.


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