The InBetween – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Hit & Run

The InBetween returns this week with another stand-alone case while Cassie continues to be tormented by her powers. We pick up where we left off last week, with Martin Keel antagonising Cassie in her home, telling her he’s happy to help but she defiantly forces him out.

As night turns to day, the detectives are given a new Missing Persons case, this time for a wife and child who have gone missing. Tom and Damien suspect Elliot, the child’s father and check the CCTV footage for the day to see if they can find any leads. They watch as the car drives off, past the usual turning for the school, prompting them to interview Elliot again, this time probing around whether the family have any enemies. 

As they do, Cassie arrives at the precinct and sees a picture of Elliot hanging on the wall. This prompts her to have another frightening vision, this time being run over by Elliot on an old forest road. After telling the Detectives what she’s seen, they realize Elliot has escaped.

Scrambling to find him, they instead stumble upon a car out in the woods, complete with a blood spatter and Elliot’s wife not far away, lying unconscious. Jason Sinclair, her son, is nowhere to be found but on Elliot’s phone they find a message telling him to follow directions and come alone. Someone has a pretty big vendetta against him.

After a frantic search to find Elliot, the police storm a house and find Elliot tied to a chair, forced to watch footage of his wife getting hit by a car while Jason bleeds out in an unknown location. John Mcpherson won’t talk though and demands Elliot suffer for what he’s done.

At a loss and unable to rationale with him, Damien begrudgingly suggests using Cassie’s power to solve the case. Despite Tom’s insistence not to, Cassie does get involved, using her visions to trace Jason’s whereabouts. After a few frightening seconds the case is solved, with Jason alive and well, recovering in hospital while John is thrown into prison.

A tender moment between Cassie and Damien at the bar later that night follows, as the detective tells her about Sally, his fiancee whose currently in a coma. Cassie agrees to keep this a secret, proceeding to return home where Martin promises to escape The Inbetween.

The InBetween may follow the book when it comes to police procedurals but there’s enough intrigue with the overarching story and Cassie’s abilities to keep you watching. Quite where this strange, volatile relationship with Martin goes in the future is anyone’s guess but based on the creepy Peter Rabbit singing and menacing looks, I can’t imagine it’ll be anywhere pleasant.

There’s a few nice camera shots here too but for the most part, The InBetween doubles down on its storytelling which is surprisingly decent, especially this week. There’s a few sloppy dialogue segments and if I’m honest, some of the material here is a little cliched and well worn for the genre, but there’s enough here to make for a charming little crime drama nonetheless.

If you enjoyed the first episode, you’ll enjoy this too but it’s ultimately Cassie’s powers that’ll keep you hooked for more rather than the formulaic case-by-case drama.


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  1. When is season 2 despite idiot reviews i really really enjoy this show. Drezden files was also good and there was never enough of that show either

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