The I-Land – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Inflatable Raft

Episode 2 of The I-Land sees us return to our islanders where we left off from before. Chase steps on a broken shard of glass before heading into the water where she finds an inflatable raft and more sharks waiting for her. It’s a pretty dumb move, especially given she’s cut her foot open but she does manage to scramble on-board. There, she finds a bag full of bullets and a medical case. As she heads back to shore, she gives Brody the cold shoulder before hiding the raft and the cases she’s found from him.

Alone, Chase speaks to Cooper and he tells her he wants to survive. Promising not to tell the others what she’s found, she shows him the contents from the raft, including a packet of gum that has the word 39 on it. He agrees that they should keep this a secret for now before heading off with Mason for their morning hunt.

After a particularly tense encounter in the woods between K.C. and Brody, with the group he brings up moving in-land again. Cooper squares up to him this time and punches him in the jaw, leading to a fight that eventually ends with him threatening Chase with a knife. The group turn on Brody, seeing the sort of person he is, and it’s here we see his lust for power.

As a storm hits, the group scramble for cover, split up and separated in the ensuing chaos. Cooper eventually finds Chase hiding in the inflatable raft and scrambles inside for cover. As the storm passes, she heads back to the site of the sign and finds a weird item on the ground. Just for a moment, the camera shows “Property of I-Land” on the side of the shell Chase has been blowing into, as she rushes off down the island.

After a tense encounter with Brody, she heads back to the cases with the item in-tow, which appears to be a key of some sort. Realizing that the lock on the case may well have something to do with numbers, she works her way through a series of equations before managing to open the locked case. Inside, she finds a revolver and, coupled with the bullets she found on the raft, loads the gun up and heads back to the group.

After sharpening her blade, Cooper heads off for a hike with Chase through the gorgeous tropics of the island, miles away from the group. Out in the wilderness they come across a large abandoned building which appears to be a hotel. With running water coming from a fountain, they hurry back to the group in record time and tell them about the beds and what they’ve found.

Unfortunately Chase’s antagonistic behaviour lands her in the bad books with everyone else who see her as a bad influence and tell her to leave. Alone, she sleeps in the raft out in the woods while continuing to have flashes to a life gone by. Grabbing her from the raft in the morning, the group drag her to the beach where they find Brody stabbed in the stomach with her knife. As she blacks out, she awakens inside a strange, futuristic room lying on a bed.

With an interesting cliffhanger ending and some nice mysterious elements to keep things moving forward, The I-Land finally shakes off the shackles of its LOST influences and begins to march to the sound of its own drum. There’s still some questionable material here, especially the abundance of secrets everyone appears to be hiding from one another, but as the truth slowly starts to be revealed, The I-Land’s quality dramatically improves.


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