The Idol – Season 1 Episode 4 “Stars Belong to the World” Recap & Review

Stars Belong to the World

Episode 4 of The Idol begins with the cleaning staff talking about their difficult task at the house. They clean it out and find all sorts of “filth” in the rooms. They talk to each other about how Tedros is a weird chap (like we didn’t already know), and how he has a complex where he thinks everyone is talking about him because he is short – just like Napolean!

He and his crew have firmly taken over the house. Leia is mesmerized by the physical phenomenon that Izaak is and has stopped complaining about Tedros for now.

Destiny and Chaim are plotting behind Tedros’ back. Destiny has done some digging about Tedros’s past to reveal stark findings. His real name is Mauricio Costello Jones. He has gone to jail twice. The first occasion was for the disturbing kidnapping and torturing of his ex-girlfriend. And the second time, he was convicted of human trafficking.

Destiny decides to stay with Joss at the house and look out for her. Back at the mansion, Tedros goes over Joss’ itinerary for the day and cancels everything. The schedule is cleared because Mike Dean and his team are arriving at the house to record some “hits.” The session goes quite well, music-wise, but Leia and Destiny are disgusted by what Tedros does to “evoke” the right kind of vocals for the song. It involves him publically pleasuring Jocelyn when she is singing into the mic.

Destiny has a sweeter moment with Chloe, who has an angelic voice. Her talents are remarkable and Destiny even coaches her on occasion. Chloe was formerly a heroin addict and homeless. Tedros took her in at the club and coached her voice.  However, she is also underage. Destiny, like a motherly figure, warns Chloe to never let anyone take the “gift that God gave her.” She must preserve her purity and stray away from the corrupt swarms of the music industry.

Nikki invites Dyanne to sign her for Magistrate Records. The label is even prepared to give her “World Class Sinner” as her first single, even though it was supposed to be Jocelyn’s big hit.

Destiny reports to Chaim her weekly observations. She calls a spade a spade and alludes to the crazy musical talents of Tedros’ “followers.” She also reports that he is getting the best out of Jocelyn but “at a dear cost.” That is the central theme of many conversations and big decisions in this episode. We also observe Jocelyn taking steps to be more assertive in her “relationship” with Tedros. To save her world tour, he asks Jocelyn to post a message on social media updating her fans on what is going on. She promises to come out a different person than before.

Tedros has taken a special interest in Xander. He has been with Jocelyn since he was a child. But Tedros feels Xander has betrayed Jocelyn; first, by not revealing her abuse at her mother’s hands to the world, and secondly, by lying to her about his condition. A couple of years ago, he stopped singing and claimed that he had torn his vocal cords. But Tedros asks him how they have healed ‘magically’ on their own.

In another disturbing scene, we see Tedros torture Xander with an electric shock collar. He asks Jocelyn to verify the veracity of everything Xander says. And Jocelyn intently maintains he is lying about everything when Xander keeps accusing Jocelyn of being a controlling and manipulative person. Xander is physically chased by Mitch and Izaak before he is tied up and tortured.

Tedros is getting increasingly sleep deprived as he works constantly to record new songs with Jocelyn. Even Destiny approves of the work they have done together. During another raging party that night, Tedros embarrasses Leia in front of everyone, forcing her to retreat to her room in tears. Jocelyn gets genuinely upset with Tedros for this but that ends there. Chloe, who has taken drugs, tells Jocelyn in her delirious state that Dyanne knew Tedros from before and that they are lovers.

Dyanne, who has just arrived at the party, walks up to Jocelyn and informs her about World Class Sinner. She says she will take up Magistrate’s offer if Jocelyn agrees. Jocelyn remains calm throughout and gives Dyanne her blessings. But she is not right internally. She calls her ex-boyfriend, Rob to the party. Tedros is instantly jealous and feels challenged. Jocelyn jumps into Rob’s arms right in front of Tedros. She even behaves as if she doesn’t know him at all. They go up to her room and lock it from inside. Rob seems like a nice guy who genuinely cares about Jocelyn. But she is only interested in getting back at Tedros for betraying her trust.

The episode ends with Rob leaving the house. But Tedros has put Xander and Sophie up to something. They ask for a photo as Rob is leaving. Sophie gets into his lap in a skimpy piece and Xander takes photos of them together. He leaves in a black SUV as Xander and Sophie celebrate the success of their plan.

The Episode Review

At the start of the show, the odds that The Idol would be an intense character study and dissection of the dark side of the music industry weren’t that high. By episode 4, all those possibilities have eroded, vanished, and been replaced by B-movie soft porn vibes with non-serious dramatic elements. You will likely see Tedros as a mix of Frankenstein and Count Dracula. The guy is a living nightmare but delivers surprisingly effective results.

The whole episode of The Idol revolved around the human cost of pushing oneself to achieve perfection. Even though what the individual gives to the world is special, unique, timeless, and priceless, what the process does to that individual matters as well.

The Idol will end with the next episode but it hasn’t yet made its mark. Yes, it can be a head-turner in the moment but the excitement and nerves die the moment it ends.

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