The Horror of Dolores Roach – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

I Never Don’t Find ‘Em

Episode 5 of The Horror of Dolores Roach starts in the theater’s backstage area. Dolores is present to meet up with Ruthie, a personal detective. The usher inquires of what the position entails. Ruthie is to track down Dominic, who is Dolores’ ex-boyfriend. Once Ruthie learns that the man is an illicit drug dealer along with the fact that Dolores had a hand in his drug firm, she begins to have second thoughts.

Ruthie hears Dolores’ pleading as she claims that the man had selfishly set her up, which ended up costing her 16 years of time in prison. Ruthie expresses sympathy but suggests that she seek therapy rather than revenge. Dolores ultimately convinces her to reconsider. Ruthie requests two weeks to track down the person in question.

Dolores notices Jeremiah following her as she makes her way back home. He offers to drive her to the shop. On the way, they talk about her potential next steps. Thereafter, he inquires about Luis, whose eatery has unexpectedly experienced a surge in popularity. He’s frustrated that Luis has stopped answering his calls because he is choosing another butcher in his place. We understand that Jeremiah is beginning to have doubts.

The new flavored empanadas at Empanada Loca are in high demand. It appears as though Luis didn’t waste any time in putting Marcie on his menu.

Ruthie thinks Dominic passed away. She claims he tragically passed away in a fire when he was in the Dominican Republic more than 12 years ago. The woman shows images of his remains as well as the crime scene to Dolores. Dolores is furious as she wanted to murder him with her magic hands.

Jonah has been hanging posters for his dad, Gideon Pearlman, who has gone missing inside the eatery. Dolores is informed by him that his dad’s most recent credit card purchase was made in the vicinity of the eatery. Ruthie overhears and provides her expertise as a private detective. Dolores gets concerned as she realises Ruthie’s aptitude for finding people. In an effort to locate Luis, she rushes down into the basement.

Following that Dolores makes her first appearance in Luis’ room. It resembles a kid’s room. She then discovers Gideon’s disturbing remains. Gideon’s dismembered body as well as Marcie’s skeletal remains are both scattered about in this terrifying scene. She understands that she is to blame for all of this madness. Following this, out of nowhere, Luis shows up, startling her.

Although Luis promises to destroy the proof, he does not want the remains to be dumped in a body of water. If necessary, he promises that he will assume full responsibility for the offences. She appreciates his loyalty and has no desire to return to prison. She then discusses the situation involving Ruthie and Jonah.

Jonah hangs more of the missing posters outdoors while Jeremiah converses with Ruthie. Luis chooses to take things into his own hands at this point. In order to reach out to Jonah, he makes use of Gideon’s cellphone. According to the message, he is going to be away for several weeks due to his gambling debt.

While working with Dolores to hang up banners, Jonah reads the text. He decides to stop the search right away after falling for the lies. Luis is happy to learn that his strategy is successful. He guarantees to keep Dolores safe. The two proceed to make out and indulge in sex inside the cellar.

They cuddle in bed together. Luis, who recruited a private eye, has deduced Dolores’ strategies for locating Dominic. But he insists that Dominic continues to be alive. The illicit drug dealer, in Luis’ opinion, staged his own demise. Burning the crime scene photos, she is glad of the possibility. The third floor is where somebody Dominic knows resides — Sophia Morris, a mutual friend with whom Dolores prepares to speak. 

The Episode Review

As the tale approaches its second half, Dolores looks for her former partner Dominic in order to possibly murder the man who betrayed her, herself. To find the cunning drug dealer, a detective tracks him down during episode 5 of The Horror of Dolores Roach. As the cannibal proceeds to skillfully cover his trail, Luis presents those around him with a new flavor of empanada.

The episode is yet another hurried installment that employs numerous practical shortcuts to convey its story. Even though the episode is filled with surprises and gore, the Amazon Original series’ initial energy is quickly fading.

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