The Horror of Dolores Roach – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Like a Stoned-Ass Baby 

In episode 3 of The Horror of Dolores Roach, Dolores first speaks with Flora in the present regarding her first murder. She comments on how difficult murder is and the way the first one fundamentally altered her life. We then return back to the past timeline with Dolores attacking Gideon Pearlman, Luis’ landlord. On her brand-new massage table, she chokes him. She genuinely begins to like it and lets the experience consume her.

She eventually stops and acknowledges the damage she has in fact done. Gideon Pearlman has passed away. We understand that because she had no means to pay him back after being offended by his advances sexually, she felt that he had to die.

After gathering herself, the massage therapist attempts to move his corpse, but she finds it too heavy to do so. The dead body then hits the ground. She wraps the corpse and retrieves her cash from his pants pockets. She leaves in an anxious state and runs to the nearby stores. She warns Luis not to enter the basement because his landlord is drifting off and the flight of stairs has collapsed as she goes away.

Dolores picks up the necessary supplies at the hardware shop, including a shovel, a blade, garbage bags, tape, as well as liquid lye. Thereafter, she discovers that everything is being recorded on camera as she checks out. Following that, Dolores also purchases balloons and snacks while making up a party in order to confuse them.

Dolores finds the landlord’s corpses missing once she returns to the basement. She starts to feel paranoid and worries that Luis has reached out to the police or that she has made everything up. Following that, she discovers a letter from Luis wherein he promises to take care of the situation. She puffs on a joint and passes out on the mattress, completely overcome by the situation.

After she awakens, she asks Luis about the corpse, but he refuses to talk. Outdoors, Nellie distributes complimentary samples of Luis’ brand-new empanadas—which include a brand-new, top-secret ingredient—to the general public. Dolores thinks Mr. Pearlman’s body provided the new cuts of meat. She questions Luis regarding the thought. With his claims of developing a groundbreaking empanada style, he simply confesses to the offence. 

Luis steps down to his basement flat at the end of the workday. He smokes another joint in excitement as he is overjoyed by the reaction he received from customers.

The carefree attitude of Luis horrifies Dolores. She confronts him regarding his cannibalistic strategy. He defends himself by describing the empanadas to be a delicacy. He thinks it’s best for them to remain undetected. He continues by saying that his freezer contains the remainder of the corpse.

We discover that he has, as a distraction, shifted Mr. Pearlman’s cellphone to Soho. Then he declares his love for Dolores and his belief that she feels the same way. She does not respond; instead, she puffs on a joint while attempting to block out the numerous problems that are now plaguing her.

Life returns to normal over the following couple of days. The newly launched empanadas sell like hotcakes, and Dolores’ massage parlour is still doing well. She is content, but she worries that they will ultimately run out of human meat.

Luis gives Dolores a gift as the episode comes to a close. For her, he has created a phoney massage therapist certificate. This will give her business a more credible appearance. The normalcy gives both Luis and Dolores relief, except it going to change. Jonah, the landowner’s kid, shows up a short while later with a few policemen and demands to find out where his dad is.

The Episode Review

Dolores kills the owner of the property Mr. Pearlman during episode 3 of The Horror of Dolores Roach, committing her very first murder. She tries to get rid of the corpse out of anxiety and her own criminal instincts, but Luis has a different strategy.

This unsettling and disturbing episode lets the dark humor shine throughout. This episode’s primary action revolves around Luis’ despicable scheme, which creates suspense and a compelling hook for audiences to latch onto.

You can’t help but be on the edge of your seat while still rooting for Dolores because the Amazon Original episodes’ quality keeps improving. It will be intriguing to see how things develop moving forward.

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