The Heavenly Idol – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Into The Evil One’s Lair

Episode 7 of The Heavenly Idol starts with Pontifex and Maeng Woo-sin shooting a scene for their drama, Dear Deity. The director asks Yeon-woo to go outside and calm down as he was too intense in the scene. He goes to relax outside and Gam-jae approaches him to find out what is wrong. Pontifex confesses that he is having a hard time understanding his character who leaves the priesthood after falling in love with an actress who betrays him. In the end, the priest and the woman reconcile.

Pontifex finds the plot strange and argues that a  priest is supposed to live a lonely and pure life. Gam-jae asks him why he called him the previous night pleading desperately for him to pick him and Kim Dal up. Gam-Jae is curious if there is something going on between them or if he is interfering with the human life cycle. Pontifex denies the allegation on both accounts. He ponders to himself what he is doing while Gam-jae continues to point out how different he and Kim Dal are. Gam-jae changes the topic and tries to cheer Pontifex up by telling him he will meet with Lord Redlin soon.

Pontifex leaves and tries to convince  Maeng Woo-sin to introduce him to Hongwoodaedae. Maeng Woo-sin refuses and people get the wrong idea about how close they are. Maeng Woo-sin asks Pontifex to keep his distance but Pontifex insists on knowing how to get into  Hongwoodaedae.

Maeng Woo-sin tells him that he needs to prove his influence by positively trending on the online search list at least 5 times for the master to notice him. Pontifex suggests they act as if they are involved to see if he can top the list again and Maeng Woo-sin is offended. However, Pontifex is undeterred and thinks Kim Dal can get him on the list.

Even so, he is worried that she would be embarrassed by what she told him the previous night so he is afraid to ask for her help.  On the other hand, Kim Dal is in the office updating Sun-ja on the next song for the boys. They will be deciding who sings what part and what shows they will appear in to promote the song. After her meeting with Sun-ja, she checks if there is news on Liz Ri and is relieved to find none.

Pontifex returns to the office and sees her but she acts normal and wishes him well in the recording studio. At the studio, the producer decides to give Yeon-woo the main part instead of Tae-in.  Jung-seo tries to change the director’s mind but he insists that Yeon Woo’s voice suits the part better.

Tae-in leaves the decision to Yeon-woo says he is willing to try. Tae-in gets angry and walks out as he feels that Yeon-woo didn’t try hard enough and is stealing his part. Jung-seo tries to calm the situation down but Tae-in lashes out at Yeon-woo. He feels it is unfair as Yeon-woo is a slacker and only cares about acting. Yeon-woo is saddened by his words and feels bad for hurting his feelings.

At the office, Sun-ja remembers her break-up with Woo-sil. She broke up with him because he didn’t think Wild Animal would be a success. She thought that meant that he doesnt have faith or trust in her. She soon leaves for a meeting and runs into Woo-sil who informs her that he put in a good word for Wild Animal for his new reality show and hopes the talk goes well. He asks her to buy him drinks to thank him and she agrees. This leaves her assistant shocked but Sun-ja denies even knowing Woo-sil personally.

Meanwhile, Kim Dal picks Pontifex up and insists he has something important to talk about. They drive off and head somewhere to talk. Pontifex tells her about his issue with Tae-in and asks if he can bring Tae-in to the new healing variety show he is supposed to shoot.  Kim Dal promises to look into it and asks what was the important matter he wanted to talk about.

Pontifex talks delicately to her and explains that he can’t accept her love as he is Pontifex and has devoted himself to the deity. He is certain that they can never be together and wants to know if she understands this. Kim Dal is shocked and asks what brought this topic on. She tells him that she has never said otherwise. Pontifex reminds her about their conversation the previous night when she said she wished she had met him earlier and was born in his world.

He tells her that he understands where she is coming from and unfortunately, he can’t stop people from feeling emotions. He adds that his heart is broken as he can’t help her manage her feelings for him and asks her to give up on him. Kim Dal is confused and asks him when she confessed any romantic feelings for him.

She assures him that she has no feelings for him and wonders if he has been dreaming.  She doesn’t understand how she can stop something if it is not there in the first place. Pontifex is shocked as he assumed her words meant she is deeply in love with him but Kim Dal points out that is not a love confession.

Pontifex gets angry and starts shouting at her calling her immature and brazen for saying such things. He tells her that she had him distraught and worried but he is glad she is not in love with him. Kim Dal tells him that she like Yeon-woo and they only met thanks to him.  This infuriates Pontifex more and he tells her he will hurry and go back to his world so she can have her beloved Yeon-woo back and adorably storms out.

At Hongwoodaedae, the master prays for the deity’s swift return when she is interrupted by Maeng Woo-sin. She informs him that he has already met a noble being and asks him to recognize the noble being the next time they meet. She tells him the noble being will be of great help to Lord Redrin when she returns. Maeng Woo-sin wonders if she meant Yeon-woo. As he is about to leave, he is influenced by black magic and asks her if she knows about the deity’s powers but she denies knowing anything about it.

At a bar, Jung-shin updates the Evil One on his next plans to deal with Yeon-woo. The Evil One asks him if he has a girlfriend, and the question startles Jung-shin. After finishing his drink, a form of Lord Redrin shows up before the Evil One but he is quick to know it is a trick from the master of Hongwoodaedae and he stabs the form. The fact that she tried to use his weakness infuriates him.

Elsewhere, the Evil Boys perform to a cheering crowd for their debut. Concurrently, Wild Animal is also preparing to make a guest appearance on a radio show. Yeon-woo asks  Cash how he can become the most searched topic online. Cash tells him to make a shocking comment but not too provocative. Kim Dal approaches him to ask what is wrong and Jung-seo explains that Tae-in is angry because Yeon-woo replacing him as the main vocalist in their new song.

During the radio show, Tae-in goes after Yeon-woo trying to expose him as a lazy idol who doesn’t reply to his fan’s messages as he had once said. The other members are caught in the crossfire and the show takes a break. The boys get into a fight but Kim Dal asks them to keep it together. Kim Dal is surprised that Tae-in is angry about his part in the song. They finish the show and Gam-jae picks them up because Kim Dal left early.

The boys think it is because they disappointed her when they fought but it is because she learnt that Jung-seo was the one who replied to her fan messages on behalf of Yeon-woo. Pontifex tries to call her but she is unreachable. He starts worrying about her and secretly asks Cash what he would feel in Kim Dal’s position.  He asks the members to call her but Kim Dal only picks up Jung-seo’s call.

She is drunk and they ask where she is, she quickly hangs up after hearing Pontifex’s voice. He goes to her and tries to comfort her. He knows she is upset and gives her a doll. She asks him to leave and says her head hurts so he makes her sober using his power. She gets angry that he did that and begins asking why Yeoon-woo let Jung-seo reply to his fan mail.

She reasons that Yeon-woo is not a bad person but she admits she is hurt after learning the truth. The messages meant a lot to her. Pontifex apologises on behalf of Yeon-woo and she tells him that Yeon-woo saved her life and was her favourite idol. She says he was cute and sexy and she stares at Pontifex and something stirs in her.

Meanwhile, the Evil One gets an update from one of his men that Hongwoodaedae’s master also knows nothing about the deity’s power. He asks his men to dig until they find something. He randomly asks if his man is dating and makes a remark about how it is painful to be betrayed by a lover.

The next morning, Pontifex and Tae-in go on the set of a variety show together. Pontifex keeps thinking of his conversation with Kim Dal. He spots something strange among the trees but dismisses it. Jung-shin soon joins them and pretends to be friends with Yeon-woo. He pulls him aside and reminds him about their deal. Pontifex spends the rest of the day treating Jung-shin as his master and following his every command. The staff and Tae-in are shocked by his demeanour but there is nothing he can do, as the promise compels him to act against his will.

At LLL Entertainment, Sun-ja asks Kim Dal why she disappeared the previous day and she apologizes and promises to work hard. Sun-ja asks her to go to a late meeting at RU Entertainment and Kim Dal agrees.

Night rolls by and Jung-shin orders Yeon-woo to drink and then drive a car. Luckily, Tae-in stops him just in time. When he wakes up, Pontifex finds that the compulsion has worn off since a day has already passed. This incident gives him time to bond with Tae-in and they make up. Tae-in agrees to let him take the main vocal position in their upcoming song.

As they talk, Pontifex sees spirits and a scared Tae-in leaves after hearing there are spirits around. Pontifex decides to explore and meets Gam-jae who informs him that summon wishes to meet him.

On the other hand, Kim Dal arrives for her meeting and finds the Evil One waiting for her. He says he wants to meet her as she has been interring with his plans for Pontifex. She tries to run but he uses black magic on her. The Evil One wants to make her betray Pontifex.

The Episode Review

It was only a matter of time before the Evil One went after Kim Dal. Unfortunately, she didn’t see this coming. We will have to wait and see if the compulsion will work and whether Pontifex will heal her on time.

I am also curious to see if Gam-jae will take Pontifex to the Afterlife and what they will discuss. They should probably work together to defeat the Evil One.

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