The Hardy Boys (2020) – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

No Getting Out

Episode 11 of The Hardy Boys begins with Biff and Joe falling down the mines and calling out for help. Given they’re stuck and the area they’re in isn’t marked on the map, they decide to press on and explore.

While they do, Jesse confronts Trudy about Joe’s influence on her daughter. When Frank returns home, he too gets the brunt of all this drama but he admits he doesn’t know where Joe is. However, he has a pretty good idea of where he may be and tells Trudy about Demon’s Paw. She agrees to head out with him and both scramble to put a plan in place to do just this.

After checking around the area, Frank shows up at Wilt’s and tells the others what’s going on. With Biff and Joe missing, the group head out to try and find them. They’re not alone either, as Jesse organizes the police and organizes a search party. When Trudy shows up, she reveals that Joe may well be in Demon’s Paw.

Back at Gloria’s, Frank opens up the hidden study and shows his Grandmother what’s inside. There, Frank asks about a secret entrance into the tunnels but she doesn’t seem to know anything. Getting nowhere, he thinks over who could potentially help and has an idea. Hurrying out, he leads Gloria to the fortune teller from before, Anya.

There’s no love lost between the two though and Anya eventually tells her to leave given Gloria’s family ruined her. Thankfully Gloria’s impassioned plea and apology allows Frank to hear what Anya has to say.

Sitting down with her, the pair learn that there are different entrances into the mines, many of which hidden. When Gloria pries for more answers and offers money, Anya tells them both to leave, scoffing and telling her that she’s just like her Father.

Frank heads off to see Anastasia with this information and learns that there’s a storehouse by the mine used to “cover something up”. Could this be a hidden entrance to the mines? Frank seems to think so and brings Callie into the mission to help find out what’s there.

Speaking of hidden entrances, Joe and Biff manage to find their way into the labyrinth below and use the piece of the Eye to find a way out. That way out sees Joe tumble down into a dark crevasse that holds a skeleton and rats. Biff refuses to go any further, especially given what they’ve just found. She believes their best hope is to wait for help.

Joe decides to keep going though, with a different idea surrounding destroying his piece of the eye. While they discuss what to do next, Biff opens up and admits that she’s adopted and doesn’t want things to get worse.

From the storehouse, Frank manages to hear Joe from deep underground and decides to help bust him out. After bringing Biff back, Jesse shows up and they manage to save both kids from the mines, guiding them (somehow) up to the surface. Jesse is finally brought to the attic afterwards and shown all the clues they’ve uncovered so far.

Elsewhere J.B. heads into Wilt’s coffee shop dressed in the exact same disguise from the Wanted poster. Sporting glasses and a moustache, it’s almost as if the police have completely forgotten that there’s a fugitive on the run.

Anyway, Wilt reveals the truth about Stacey (Anastasia) and goes on to reveal everything that’s been going on. Police sirens wail outside but J.B. isn’t phased, instead deciding to check out Anastasia’s house for clues.

As the episode closes out, Stefan shows up in the study with Gloria where he reveals that J.B. has the piece of the Eye and is currently on the hunt for the others. When J.B. arrives at Anastasia’s house however, he’s blindsided by her goons, who beat him down to the ground at their house.

The Episode Review

So has everyone forgotten about J.B. being a wanted fugitive? Much like the Tall Man, he’s just rocking up at Wilt’s constantly like nothing happened and is now sitting down to coffee with the exact same disguise he had on the plane at the beginning of the series. Given all the Wanted posters and emphasis on how dangerous he is, it’s a bit disappointing to see this entire subplot abandoned.

Thankfully, the actual mystery and the search for the Eye is good enough to make up for that. There’s an almost Indiana Jones/ Uncharted feel to all of this and the narrative is just starting to gear toward a supernaturally charged conclusion. At least that’s my two cents anyway. With 2 episodes to go, what’s next for our characters? We’ll have to wait and see!

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