The Hangover Part II (2011) Ending Explained – Where is Teddy Found?

The Hangover Part II Plot Synopsis

Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug head to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. Much to Stu’s dismay, the group decide to have a bachelor party. As expected, the party goes haywire. The next morning, the three wake up to find Stu’s brother-in-law-to-be named Teddy has gone missing. With no clues at hand, the trio sets out to find Teddy while uncovering the moments from that night they can’t remember.

What happens after they arrive in Thailand?

Stu is to be married to Lauren in Thailand. Lauren’s brother, Teddy, joins Stu and his friends at the airport against Alan’s will. At the dinner rehearsal, Lauren’s father expresses his disapproval of Lauren deciding to marry Stu. Later that night, the group – along with Teddy – have a couple of beers and marshmallows by a campfire to celebrate Stu and Lauren’s union.

The next morning, Phil and Alan wake up dizzy in a bizarre hotel room. They discover Stu in a bathtub with a tattoo on his face similar to that of Mike Tyson.

As Stu freaks out, the group is startled by a capuchin monkey who seems to be amiable with humans. Phil gets a call from Doug who stayed at the resort after leaving early. As Phil explains the overall situation to Doug, he finds Teddy’s cutoff finger.

The Hangover Part II

The Chow Situation

The three discover Chow under a pile of clothes. Alan reveals that he called Chow to party with them. Chow informs them that he took them all to Bangkok and they had otherwordly fun.

However, before he could tell the night’s story in detail, he apparently drops dead after snorting a fat line of cocaine. Completely freaked out, the three hide Chow’s body in the hotel’s ice box.

The Hangover Part II

What happens after they leave the hotel room?

Phil is informed by Doug that Teddy is at the police station. The trio reach the police station, but to their shock, the Teddy they find is an old monk who has taken a vow of silence.

The three go to the tattoo parlour where Stu got the tattoo. The tattoo artist shows them a video of them starting a riot in the market street. Later, they go to the Buddhist monastery where Alan has a vision of their time from the previous night.

Based on Alan’s recollection, the group heads for the strip club in search of clues. They meet a transgender woman who doesn’t have much information but reveals she had intercourse with Stu. Outside, the three are attacked by Russian mobsters who shoot Phil in the arm and take away the monkey.

After Phil is treated, Alan confesses to drugging some of the marshmallows they had with the intention of sedating Teddy. Stu loses it and attacks Alan in frustration. While Phil tries to break up the fight, they notice what appears to be an address and time of meeting on Alan’s stomach.

The three meet a man named Kingsley who offers to return Teddy in exchange for Chow’s bank account password. The three make it back to the hotel to look for the password. To their utter shock, Chow is still alive.

What Happens Next?

The trio is informed that the bank code is kept in the vest worn by the monkey. They steal the monkey from the Russian mobsters and retrieve the code. The next morning, the three meet Kingsley to complete the exchange deal.

However, before anything else happens, Interpol agents arrive and arrest Chow. Kingsley turns out to be an undercover cop. When asked about Teddy he denies having any information.

The Hangover Part II

Where Is Teddy Found?

The three rush back to the hotel where they find Teddy in the elevator with a missing finger. They take Teddy and head back to the wedding reception in Chow’s speedboat.

Upon arriving, Stu manages to earn Lauren’s father’s respect with an impressive speech – breaking myths about him being apprehensive and boring. Alan has a surprise wedding gift for Stu in form of a musical performance from Mike Tyson. Continuing the ritual, they agree to have a look at the pictures from the night before deleting them.

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