The Hangover (2009) Ending Explained – Where is Doug found?

The Hangover Plot Synopsis

Three buddies, Phil, Stu, and Alan, are in Las Vegas for their friend Doug’s bachelor party. Before the night starts taking shape, their party goes insane. The next morning, the three wake up dizzy with no memory of their wild night whatsoever.

Doug is nowhere to found so the trio set out to find him before his wedding date. But, their path to Doug proves to be nothing short of a crazy maze as they realize the ruckus they created was much messier than they initially thought.

The Hangover

How does Doug get missing?

Doug is to be married to Alan’s sister, Tracy. His father-in-law-to-be gives Doug his Mercedes-Benz W111 to make his trip to Las Vegas – with his friends, Stu and Phil and Alan, of course. The group check into Caesar’s Palace where Alan drives the receptionist crazy with his endless questions including one on whether Caesar really lived there.

After getting ready in the villa they booked, the four make their way to the terrace of Caesar’s Palace which is clearly marked out of bounds. They start their session with Jägermeister. When they wake up the next morning, Doug is nowhere to be found. The night they can’t remember holds the key to Doug’s disappearance.

What’s their Hangover like?

The gorgeous Caesar’s Palace villa is now mayhem from corner to corner. Phil, Stu, and Alan don’t have any recollections of the night they spent with Doug. Exhausted and still tipsy, the group is astonished to find a Bengal Tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the closet. The three along with the baby who Alan names Carlos set out to find Doug.

Alan notices Phil has a hospital tag on his wrist which gives them an important clue that they were definitely at a hospital for some reason.

Outside the hotel, they find Doug’s mattress impaled on a statue. Mistaking the three for officers, the valet delivers the police department’s cruiser.

The Hangover

What do they find?

The doctor at the hospital informs them that they were drugged with Rohypnol and that they came to the hospital from the Chapel. At the Chapel, Stu who is already in a relationship with a domineering woman learns that he married a sex worker, Jade. Later, the group is attacked by a gangster demanding they return their man.

Looking for answers, the trio trace Jade only to find out she is the baby’s mother.

The Hangover

The Mike Tyson situation

They are arrested for driving a police car. However, they are released the same day when they unwittingly agree to volunteer for a taser gun demonstration. The three find a naked Chinese man named Chow in the trunk of their Mercedes which the police got them back. After Chow runs off, Alan confesses to drugging the drinks believing the drug to be ecstasy.

Back in the hotel room, they encounter Mike Tyson who demands that his Bengal Tiger be taken safely back to his mansion. The four put an insane amount of effort to take the tiger back to Tyson’s place.

On their way back their car is rammed by Chow who accuses the three of stealing $80,000 in poker chips from him. He has Doug, but he refuses to return him until he has his money back.

Phil and the gang along with Jade arrange the money using Alan’s incredible card-reading skills in a casino game. They take the money to Chow, and in return as promised, Chow releases Doug. But, to the trio’s utter shock, he is not the Doug they know. This is the Doug that sold Alan drugs.

The Hangover

Is Doug found?

Just as Phil calls Doug’s fiancée telling her they can’t find Doug, the new Doug remarks that the ones who take roofies are more likely to end up on the floor than the roof. Hearing the statement, the light bulb goes off in Stu’s head and he realizes where the real Doug might be.

They immediately run to the roof of Caesar’s Palace to discover Doug all but passed out and badly sunburned.

The group drive back home in their damaged Mercedes. Doug reveals Chow’s original $80,000 is with him. Tracy and Doug are married in a confused yet love-filled ceremony. Stu dumps his girlfriend in front of the partygoers. The four check out the pictures from their mishandled night in Vegas – before deleting them. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

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