The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 5 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 starts with June receiving a package – a bulletproof vest. After the shootout the previous night, she’s not taking any chances. Unless she’s shot in the face of course. There’s another memorial service at High Park and she wants to be prepared. “I hate this world.” Luke says, as he helps adjust June’s vest.

News of the shooting reaches Commander Lawrence, who is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. Nick tells him that June is not a target but Lawrence doesn’t care. After all, they’ve severed ties now and we know the other Commanders want her “taken care of.”

Mark shows up and lets June know they’ve captured the gunman. He’s a 56 year old called John L Lanson. Mark promises to find out if he has any ties to Gilead but by now it’s very clear that he does. Beyond that though, Mark is tired and struggling to keep it all together, having been to 19 funerals in 5 days. The thing is, June is a marked woman and she’s run over on the road by some madman in a truck not long after this chat. Luke manages to save her and beats the guy down to the ground, but as a result the police call him in for questioning, while June is taken to the hospital.

What happens to Janine?

Although things are going great with Janine in her help with the Handmaids, the other Aunt, Elizabeth, points out to Lydia that she needs to find a posting – and soon. Lydia smiles thinly, knowing this could mean losing her golden girl. Lydia’s solution is to help Janine so she’s posted at Mrs Putnam’s house to be near to Angela. Janine doesn’t want to be posted anywhere, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. And it’s made worse when she finds out that Angela is being kept at her grandparents’ place for the weekend. Naomi Putnam is harsh to Janine, telling her this is a trial period and she shouldn’t even think of suggesting that Angela is hers.

Lydia finds it difficult to listen, but then Janine, whilst alone, receives word of the attack on June. “They never let anyone leave. Fuckers.” The informant says vehemently. And of course, this completely rattles Janine too.

When Mrs Putnam calls her “Ofjoseph”, Janine snaps. She tells Naomi she’s one of the worst people she’s ever met and they’re not friends. And as a result, Janine is caught in a precarious position, with Lydia suggesting she needs to beg for forgiveness. Janine refuses, unwilling to go against her morals. The Eyes suddenly show up, on Commander Lawrence’s orders, and take her away. Lydia is not happy and promises to make them pay. Janine is thrown in the back of a truck and taken away.

What happens with Nick?

When Nick finds out about June’s accident, he heads straight across to Canada to check on her. He’s worried and concerned for her wellbeing. He doesn’t go in to see June in the hospital room but keeps a watchful eye from afar. After, Mark and Nick sign a contract, with the latter agreeing to work with them. Given Gilead are desperate to make June pay and to kill her off, this swings Nick to work with him and to keep her safe.

Nick lashes out and strikes Lawrence at his wedding, angry at what happened to June. Although Lawrence claims it wasn’t him, the other Commanders behind him are suspiciously quiet. And naturally, as a result, Nick is thrown behind bars for his actions. He can’t let go of June, and as a result Rose decides they can’t be together anymore.

Is Luke arrested?

Things take a turn for the worst when word reaches the family that Luke actually killed the man who tried running over June. A refugee killing a Canadian on Canadian soil is not good and it’s the tipping point that changes everything. Luke will be arrested for murder. June is scared and tells him the only solution is to run. They need to get out of here and with Canada changing too, they need to run away.

Mark shows up and tells them they’re in trouble and confirms as much. The airport is not a solution as the police are there waiting. All American refugees are heading west, getting on trains and leaving the country. Mark confirms he can get her on one, but the place is completely swarming with people when they show up. Mark says his goodbyes and agrees to pass on a message to Nick that they’re safe.

Meanwhile, June and Luke make it to the train station but given there are armed guards at every carriage, Luke decides to follow a few yard behind so he’s not flagged down with her. June ad Nichole manage to make it onboard. June rings Luke and suggests he show his ticket and make it but Luke makes a bold decision and tells her that if they all stay together, they won’t be safe. Luke promises that they’ll find each other. And with that, he throws his hands up willingly and allows himself to be arrested. June manages to make it on the train, which departs the station.

How does The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 end?

Funnily enough, that train just so happens to hold Serena, who’s also with her baby, Noah, too. We saw that she’d run away and fate has brought the pair together again. Despite their hatred for one another, they find themselves on the same path, hopefully to salvation.

The Episode Review

Fate has a funny way of bringing Serena and June constantly together on the same journey. Both now have children to look after, both are on the run and both have seen the horrors of Gilead. It certainly wasn’t expected that Serena would be on that train at the end, and it opens things up beautifully for the sixth season and a possible step forward for the future of our characters.

Speaking of future, the subplot involving Janine and Lydia has been a particular highlight, with Lydia slowly softening and likening Janine to her own daughter in some ways. The ending, with Janine being taken away, seems to hint that she’s going to be killed but we could well see Lydia swoop in and save the day. It would definitely set her character up for a softer side in The Revelations.

Meanwhile, Nick’s choice to stick with June sees him behind bars and likewise for Luke too, who makes a bold choice to sacrifice himself for the greater good. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment and that entire sequence at the train station was wracked in tension. I genuinely thought a mad gunman would show up and shoot the place up, given the recurring motif of guns these past few episodes!

Either way though, The Handmaid’s Tale bows out with a really intriguing ending, one that leaves the door wide open for season 6 to follow.

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  2. Angela is at her ” Grandparents ” for the whole Summer,not just a weekend and Lydia had promised Janine she would not have to be an active handmaiden to Co.Laurence,which is why what Mrs.Putnam calls her broke the camel’s back.Also Nick did go into June’s hospital room,kisses her forehead and strokes her hair.

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