The Guardians of Justice – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Proximity to Power

Why did Hawk turn evil?

Episode 7 of The Guardians of Justice begins with Speed commentating how the fall to villainy is always thanks to a single moment that they believe is justifiable. That moment comes from Hawk killing Mr Smiles.

Now, Smiles is actually a clown-faced alias for Hawk’s army to do his bidding and with Hawk already on the path to villainy, Marvelous Man’s death opened the floodgates for Hawk to put his plan into action.

What is Hawk’s plan to conquer the world?

With Anubis blamed for Marvelous Man’s death, Hawk launches his global army to eradicate them, deciding to burn the villainous nation to the ground, killing innocent civilians in the process. Hawk’s Global Defence is given the nod by those around the globe, who see this as a necessary action to lead them to salvation and allow peace to blanket Earth.

Hawk intends to use Mind Master’s powers to conquer the world, with Walker watching on and helping to fund his dastardly plan. The only ones left to try and stop that are Awesome Man and Speed.

Mind Master’s serum has allowed the world to fall into a docile peace, leaving Awesome Man conflicted. He reflects on Hawk telling him he’s doing this for the “greater good”, and wonders whether that’s actually true or not.

What is the plan to stop Hawk?

Speed manages to talk him around though, pointing out that this is Hawk’s future, not humanity’s as a whole. He decides to team up with Speed and stop Hawk, delivering true justice.

In order to do that, Awesome Man wants Speed to go full force and use her powers to make it into the Hawk’s Nest and open the portal.

Once she’s in the Citadel, all the soldiers will attack her but while she’s distracted with fighting off the army, Awesome Man will collect up all the Guardians to strike back together.

Awesome Man implores Speed not to engage, instead resetting the teleporters on his command, allowing the Guardians to break in and stop Hawk before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, Hawk is ready for Speed when she shows, using a power-dampening orb that Marvelous Man has, just incase any of them went rogue. With Speed’s powers diminished, Hawk urges her to team up. Instead, Speed uses her kung fu moves to attack in real-time, eventually destroying the orb and attacking the soldiers.

Who is Awesome Man? Does Speed die?

Hawk tries to talk Speed around but his ideology doesn’t work on her. So he decides to play his trump card – Little Wing. In another surprising twist, Little Wing inexplicably changes into Awesome Man. He chokes out Speed, with blood running from her eyes, as he remains loyal to Hawk.

So what was Awesome Man’s plan? Well, it turns out Hawk told him to keep Speed under control and let her see things their way. If not, then she’d need to be taken out. “Make me proud son,” He said.

Awesome Man kills Speed and brutally rips her spine out. However, the threat to the world is not over. A new world-ending menace is on the horizon, in the form of Galactron, a monstrous entity intending to destroy everything.

How does Guardians of Justice end?

Hawk heard this message courtesy of a broadcast from Marvelous Man’s father. Since then, he’s been working on a plan to unite the world – all under the banner of The Hawk. But of course, killing Marvelous Man was a necessary evil in order to unite everyone. But yet…what if he’s done all of this and there is no world ending threat?

The Episode Review

The finale of Guardians of Justice bows out with a decent last episode, one that sees Speed meet a horrible demise and everything ending on a rather uneasy and somber note. What if Hawk is wrong? What if there is no world-ending threat?

It’s certainly something that provides food for thought, as we’re left to wonder if Hawk’s actions were completely pointless or not.

Despite the decent themes, Guardians has struggled a lot with its characterization. The show has been pretty pacey and rocketed through so many ideas without actually fleshing much of it out in a way to make these twists feel more momentous.

As an easy, breezy and cheesy superhero satire, Guardians of Justice bows out with a decent enough conclusion, one that’s certainly going to be an acquired taste.

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