The Great Heist (El Robo Del Siglo) – Episode 6 Recap & Review

All The Money In The World

The Kike Situation

With time running out, episode 6 of The Great Heist sees all the dominoes start to fall and the police close in on capturing those responsible.  Chayo gets himself dressed up in his best suit and prepares for what’s to come. Looking longingly at Carmen and Luisa, he steps inside the car and readies himself for what’s next.

When the hood is removed from Chayo’s head, he’s inside a cold storage in front of Kike. The boss is determined to get his money and in doing so, promises to bring his daughter and wife over too. However, it turns out the news have done a 180 and are now accepting the stolen notes, courtesy of the President of the Republic.

It’s a massive let-off for Chayo and another obstacle overcome in record time for our protagonist. Kike still wants his money though and demands new bills that can’t be traced to the bank.

One Month Later

One month passes and Luisa has her 15th birthday party. Lawyer happens to be there too and the group all celebrate their massive let-off with the government U-turn. The rest of “the family” arrive too – including Sardino. Only, Chayo completely shuns his son and refuses to engage with him. Instead, he tells him to head home.

Needing someone to pin this heist on, the police turn their attention to Zabala and class him as an accomplice in this investigation.

Meanwhile, Lawyer receives the call he’s been waiting for – there’s a donor. As he heads to the hospital, he gets prepped for surgery and readies himself for a second chance. Only, it turns out the doctors can’t do a transplant because of the gunshot wounds. As Lawyer smiles warmly, he tells Romy they at least tried.

Police burst into Dragon’s house and hold a gun up to his head. When that fails to get through to him, they hold it up to his daughter instead. This is enough for Dragon to crack and he gives them the money. However, the rest of his stash is with The People, forcing these cops to leave.

After the police raid on Dragon’s house, he suspects Monroy is the one responsible. In order to protect his family, Dragon records a video of himself admitting to being the one who opened the vault and
that Monroy was in on what happened.

As we soon see, Monroy is beaten down and forced to reveal all on the back of this confession. Although the Lieutenant doesn’t know Chayo’s real name, he does know that Lawyer’s surname is Molina. This prompts the cops to swarm Lawyer’s house.

Everything Ends

With Gabriel in custody, Carmen starts going through Chayo’s study and realizes he’s one of the men responsible for the heist. As the soldiers begin to fall one by one, Lawyer and Chayo both meet where the former tells his friend that he’s tired of running. As they hug it out, the pair say goodbye for the last time.

Back home, Chayo and Carmen come to blows over the money. It’s here she finds out the truth and rejects him. With Luisa in hand, they both rush out the house.

Lawyer bids farewell to Romy as he heads into the police station. Lawyer holds his head high though and hands himself in. However, the officers ironically spin this on the news as a win for them and how they managed to capture him.

With nowhere else to turn, Chayo heads up to visit Sardino. Only, given how he treated him at the party, he rejects his Father and pushes him away. In his bid to get a better life for himself with more money, Chayo has ironically lost everyone and everything.

From here, there’s a lot of information given about our different heist members and what happened to them at the end of their story. As the episode closes out, we find out Chayo managed to allude authorities for 3 years before he was finally captured and all his assets seized. He served 8 years in prison for good behaviour but never got his family back.

The Episode Review

So there we have it. The Great Heist ends far from the greatness it alluded to but still manages to serve up an enjoyable enough watch. Some of the plot contrivances across these 6 episodes have been disappointing but there’s no denying that the first 3 episodes have been really good. Alongside that, the series has done well to keep things interesting and the cat and mouse game with authorities has been nicely written.

The expository text at the end is definitely a nice touch and understanding what happened to everyone helps to give more clarity around the real case. However, given how much information was given about Dragon, it’s a bit of a shame he didn’t feature more prominently in the series.

Despite that though, the show has done well to keep things intriguing and the conclusive end to this limited series is a nice touch too. It’s not perfect but it has been an enjoyable ride nonetheless.


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