The Great Heist (El Robo Del Siglo) – Episode 4 Recap & Review


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After breaking into the vault, episode 4 of The Great Heist sees the gang working together to try and break out the money as quickly as possible. As they do, they realize there’s a big problem given the Lieutenant is out partying.

Cursing his luck, Lawyer heads downstairs to the bar and tries to find him. Eventually he does, passed out in the toilets and blind drunk. After bringing him back with a heady cocktail of cocaine and toilet water, Lawyer passes him the radio and tells him to get back to work.

It’s just in time too. The Lieutenant gathers the troops outside and lines them up. As he does, the truck leaves the bank but breaks down on the road nearby. As guards start to approach, they brace themselves for the worst… until they help push the truck.

With the money seized, Lawyer breathes a sigh of relief and gets himself a taxi to the hospital. Only, when he does he accidentally leaves behind the hotel room key. With everyone gone, Aguilar manages to break free from his binds inside the bank. As he scrambles out the room, he finds another guard with explosives strapped to his stomach.

6 Hours After The Heist

The family gather and eat in celebration, wondering what they’ll all do with the money they’ve taken. As they joke, Goliath hits home as he tells them all he’s going to buy his Mum Rubiela a nice house.

With one hour to pack everything up, their meal is cut short by Chayo and the others intending to drive back to Bogota. Estivan is first to leave and Chayo bids him farewell. He and Sardino intend to give them a 15 minute head-start before joining them.

Meanwhile, police arrive at the bank and try to get to the bottom of the explosives. A bomb specialist heads in and manages to cut the right wire. Only…it’s actually a dummy explosive and not a real one.

When the officers make it into the bank, they realize how much money has been taken. Zabata slumps down against the wall in despair while the officers take the Lieutenant off the case and take the reigns themselves.

The Next Stage

Chayo drives deep into the forest in an oil tanker and meets Dona K. He hands over the money he owes and meets Amalia, an alleged trusted woman, and prepares for the next stage of their plan. As they start counting the notes, the trio laugh incredulously at how much they’ve taken.

Only, a massive spanner is thrown in the works for them. It turns out the money they have hasn’t been in circulation yet meaning the serial numbers can be easily traced.

1 Day After The Heist

Chayo phones Carmen and leaves a voicemail, telling her he’ll be back soon – perhaps sooner rather than later.

The officers outside the bank find Lawyer’s car and the hotel room key-card inside. When they make it to the room, they find all the schematics and Lawyer’s stuff inside.

Realizing they’re in danger, Chayo pleads with Mrs K to hand over her car keys so he can drive up and get Lawyer. However, the group face another obstacle in the form of Amalia cashing in the bank notes. The bank there already has a list of the stolen serial numbers and they match up to what she’s brought in.

Out on the road, two police cars full of officers charge past Chayo and Lawyer. They immediately suspect the worst and race back to the hide-out. Lawyer and Chayo make it just in time to empty out the cash before the officers can get there. The only thing they leave is a briefcase full of money. Realizing this is their bribe to keep quiet, the officers decide not to call this in.

It’s Raining Now?

The next thing we know it’s raining and the group are stuck in the mud with the car. Chayo loses his temper and pushes Dona K over.

Meanwhile, Estivan struggles to look after his child and palms the crying babe off as Miguel arrives. Only, as they argue in the garage they suddenly start kissing. There’s been no prior build-up to this and with little screen-time for either character, this feels like it’s come out of nowhere.

Chayo and Lawyer eventually make it to the meet and hand over the money to both Yidi and Ulises. Hostilities are obviously high between the two groups but they come to an agreement and both go on their way. The problems continue for our duo though when they learn that their flight home has been cancelled. Instead, they decide to drown their sorrows in alcohol.

The party is wild, ultimately ending with the pair passed out outside…just as a group of police officers arrive and stand over them.

The Episode Review

With the robbery over, The Great Heist attempts to drum up more drama by throwing our characters into a number of difficult situations in quick succession. The problem with this approach is it all starts to become unbelievable in the end and loses its effectiveness. The rain, the officers racing to the hide-out and the silly mistakes from Lawyer all feel like contrivances to make things more exciting.

Having said that though, there are some nice moments here and the heist itself is interesting enough to keep watching. In particular, seeing the cat and mouse game now that they’re out feels very Prison Break Season 2-esque and that ending certainly entices you to find out how the pair will get out of this situation.

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