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The Robbers

Despite there only being 6 episodes, there’s an awful lot going on in The Great Heist – and a lot of characters. With many players getting in on the heist action, we’ve got a handy guide to get you up to scratch on who everyone is!

Of course, everything here is completely spoiler-free too.

Roberto “Chayo”¬†Lozano

(Andres Parra)

Chayo is the main protagonist and a man who owes a serious amount of money to various different people. He’s brash and ambitious, sometimes to a fault, and the main man in charge. His financial problems ultimately lead him to get involved in the Heist of the Century thanks to a tip-off from Boris (who’s further down this list).

Jairo Molina “The Lawyer” Valencia

(Christian Tappan)

The brains of the operation – Molina has a serious chip on his shoulder and hasn’t forgiven Chayo for an incident that occurred between them in the past. They have a long history of working heists together.

Vicento “Sardino” Morales

(Juan Sebastian Calero)

Chayo’s son. He’s working with his Father and desperate for his Father’s affection. However, the two clearly have issues and Chayo has all but shunned him away from his other family and life. As a result, Sardino has turned to a life of crime.

Jackie “Dona K” Atehortua

(Marcela Benjumea)

The Big Boss and not a woman to be messed with. She also happens to be someone Chayo owes an awful lot of money to. She has her own vested interest in making sure this heist runs smoothly.

Gabriel “Dragon” Herrera

(Waldo Urrego)

One of the key players in the operation, Dragon certainly earns that name from his masterful welding and breaking into the vault. He has a lot of experience too and is certainly one of the older and wiser members of the group.

Richard “Estivan” Reina

(Rodrigo Jerez)

Estivan is a mechanic and a pretty erratic one too. He joins in episode 2 and gets stuck in to the operation. He remains an unpredictable wild-card and certainly one to watch.

Jhon Jairo “Goliath” Acosta

(Pedro Suarez)

Another supporting player in the operation, Goliath helps the group out with the heist. To be fair, he plays a pretty minor role overall but is incredibly loyal to his team.

William “Boris” Gonzales alias

(Alberto Cardeno)

Boris is the middle man of the operation. He has his fingers dipped in International crime waters and gets Chayo in touch with those in charge. If it wasn’t for him, there would be no heist to begin with.

Wilmer Yidi

(Johan Mauricio Rivera)

The inside man, Yidi joins Ulises as the undercover mole inside the bank. He’s also responsible for keeping everything running smoothly and preventing the guards from being alerted.

Lieutenant Monroy

(Johan Barragan)

The crooked cop on the job, this Lieutenant is paid a lucrative sum to keep his mouth shut and keep the guards distracted while the robbers sneak in.

So there we have it, that’s our list of the main (and supporting) characters in The Great Heist. There are more of course, but these are the main ones we follow across the 6 episodes.

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