‘The Gray Man’ Ending Explained: Is Six a free man?

The Gray Man Plot Synopsis

The Gray Man, the latest movie from The Russo Brothers, stars Ryan Gosling as Six (real name Courtland Gentry), who works as an operative for the CIA, taking out any bad guy they consider a threat using his specialist set of skills.

At the beginning of the movie, Gentry is in prison, having been incarcerated there after killing his abusive father. One day, he is visited by Donald Fitzroy, the head of the CIA, who offers Six freedom. Well, freedom of a sorts, as Fitzroy promises Gentry a life outside of a prison cell if he comes to work for the CIA as a black ops agent.

Presumably sick of prison food and large men with tattoos, Gentry agrees and is then trained by the CIA to be the killer they need him to be. Gentry then becomes Six, an operative for the ‘Gray Man’ program.

Unfortunately, a life with the CIA is not one that guarantees freedom. Not only is Six under the agency’s control but at the end of the movie, there is the chance that he might have to go back to prison.

Does Six ever become a free man? Let’s take a closer look at the movie.

Does Six enjoy working for the CIA?

We don’t know if Six enjoys his work but he is certainly very good at what he does. Near the beginning of the movie, we join him 18 years after his recruitment, as he takes down his latest target. At this point, Fitzroy has now retired and in his place is Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page) who speaks to Six through his earpiece during his latest mission.

Carmichael doesn’t trust Six as he considers ‘The Grey Man’ program to be outdated and he lets his feelings known to his co-worker, Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick) who is with him as he gives orders to the agent.

We watch as Six carries out his mission with ruthless efficiency but regardless of whether he enjoys his work or not, his life is suddenly turned upside down when he learns of his target’s identity. It turns out the man is Four, another ‘Gray Man,’ and before he dies, he gives Six a thumb drive that contains evidence of the CIA’s decision to close the ‘Gray Man’ program by murdering those they once recruited.

Is Six the next Gray Man on the agency’s hit list?

Unfortunately, yes! Carmichael is behind the decision to bump off the agents on the ‘Gray Man’ program and, after learning that Six has the incriminating thumb drive, he hires an outside assassin named Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) to hunt him down.

To get to his man, Hansen kidnaps Claire, Fitzroy’s niece, as a bargaining chip to make the former CIA head contact Six to learn of his location. Fitzroy does make contact but when Six learns that Claire has been abducted, he sets out to rescue the girl that he once formed a close bond with.

Does Hansen catch up with Six?

With the help of another CIA agent, Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas), Six is able to find Claire and Fitzroy at a mansion and he rescues them both. But before they all have the opportunity to get away, Hansen catches up with the rogue agent and overpowers him.

Fitzroy sacrifices himself in an attempt to kill Hansen with an explosive but his attempt fails and Hansen survives. The killer then kidnaps Claire again and drags her off into a hedge maze.

Six pursues them and thankfully doesn’t spend hours of his life walking around the tricky confines of the maze! After catching up with his foe, there is a standoff between him and Hansen and moments later, Hansen is killed.

However, Six isn’t the person who disposes of the assassin. Suzanne Brewer suddenly turns up, shoots Six in the leg and fatally shoots Hansen. She tells Six that she is going to pin Carmichael’s actions on Hansen, thus clearing herself and her shady boss of any wrongdoing.

She then tells Six that she is going to send him back to prison but that she will “let him play out sometimes” when she needs his services as a hit man. She also tells him Claire will be looked after by the CIA provided Six does as she asks.

Does Six go to prison?

That was the plan but after a stay in a high-security hospital with his wounded leg, Six escapes. He then travels to the house where Claire is being held by the CIA, shoots the guards who are holding her under house arrest, and rescues the girl.

Is Six a free man?

Six can be considered a free man as he is no longer under the constraints of the CIA and he has managed to avoid another stay in prison.

As to where he ends up after rescuing Claire, nobody knows but one thing is for sure, Carmichael will be keen to capture or dispose of Six before the former agent reveals details of his murderous plot to wipe out the agents of the ‘Gray Man’ program. Therefore, Six might be free now but he might not be free of the CIA forever!


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  1. In the version of The Gray Man playing on British Netflix at the very end Claire (Fitzroy’s niece) tells Six that she is being sent into a witness protection program until the door suddenly opens and Fitzroy has survived and he is there to take care of her again.

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