The Grand Tour: Eurocrash Review – Another entertaining and enjoyable romp across Europe

Another entertaining and enjoyable romp across Europe

With a bigger budget, wilder rides and plenty of laughs, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for another entertaining and enjoyable romp across Europe. The trouble is, their list of countries they’re not banned from entering are growing thinner by the day.

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash then, sees the trio band together to try and find a new road-trip to take. And their trip that “no one has ever done before”, sees them take the helm of cars that have never done a long road-trip before, overcoming troubles they’ve never faced before. At least for James May anyway!

With 1400 miles to conquer, the trip set off from Gdansk and then travel all the way down South to Vled in Slovenia. Along the way, the trio travel through the four countries of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Hammond drives a convertible pick-up truck, Clarkson helms a Cruella De-Vil-esque car in a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde, while James May takes up the rear with a 1947 Crosley CC convertible. Together, the three speed across various country roads and motorways, uncovering brilliant sights along the way.

Loosely scripted like most of the other specials are, the trio weave in their usual tomfoolery and stops along the way, including a particularly inspired trip to the Waxwork Museum in Krakow and another that sees the group head over to a race-track, with May’s antics bringing a good deal of belly laughs.

This special doesn’t break new boundaries, nor is it a particular stand-out next to so many others down the line. However, it is a reminder of how much fun these trips can be and seeing the trio return again to hit the road is every bit as enjoyable as it was way back in the old Top Gear days.

The editing is fantastic across the board and the production team deserve a lot of props for being able to heighten the humour through key moments of the special as a result. There are some great reveals here, especially as the team start messing with each other’s cars, ultimately leading to a lovely sprint(ish) finish to the airport at the end. I won’t reveal what happens or who wins, but there’s another good joke tucked right in at the end too, bowing things out on a high.

If you’ve been a fan of The Grand Tour over the years, Eurocrash is another that’s well worth watching. The romp across Eastern Europe shows off some beautiful countryside along the way, and it’s backed up by great jokes and an endearing tone that shows the three still have the chops to pull off a successful and enjoyable road trip.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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