The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9 “Broken or Not” Recap & Review

Broken or Not

Episode 9 of Good Doctor season 6 starts with Shaun and Lea going to an open house as a hobby. Lea likes the house and tries to convince Shaun she can handle the repair but he thinks it is dangerous. Lea doesn’t give up and makes an appointment for Shaun with the mortgage broker to discuss their chance of being homeowners.

On the other hand, Perez and Allen have a talk about what their kiss meant and Perez invites her to dinner at his place. He promises to talk and give her some clarity about the status of their relationship. Fingers crossed, he confesses his feelings for her, they really do make an adorable couple!

Upon arriving at the hospital, Shaun, Glassman and Andrews approach Lim with a new surgery plan. Glassman realized that Lim has muscle movement in her spine so there is a possibility that she can walk after they perform surgery. Lim is not sure if she is ready for another surgery and asks for time to think it over.

Later, Glassman talks to Lim to find out what is holding her back. Unfortunately, Shaun disrupts their conversation to ask Glassman about what he should do about the house. Glassman tells him that maybe Lea needs a distraction especially after learning they need to wait to have kids. He asks Andrews to assign a new project to Lea to distract her. Lea gets angry that he made that call but understands where Shaun is coming from.

She asks Shaun to reconsider making an offer for the house so that they can move forward and Shaun promises to try. Shaun mulls it over and decides to get the house for Lea but she reconsiders and asks him to wait until they find a house they both like.

Shaun is also excited about his new system for first-year residents. He tells Powell and Perez the system will assess everything they do and make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Powell and Perez consider it a competition and do their best to impress Shaun.

Their first patient is Teddy who hit his head, upon further examination, he also has a  strangulated hernia and needs immediate surgery. During the surgery, Teddy develops complications which lead the doctors to believe he has another underlying medical condition. Shaun promises to give extra credit to the resident who quickly and accurately diagnoses it.

Perez and Powell call for a truce and agree to bounce ideas off each other and help the patient. They present their ideas to Shaun but they are both wrong. Shaun diagnoses him as bulimic and refers him to a clinic for eating disorders. Perez asks Shaun to let him talk to Teddy as he needs immediate help. Shaun warns him that points will be taken for arguing with him but Perez insists.

Perez tries to talk to Teddy and forces him to tell his brother about his bulimia. The brothers have an honest conversation that leads to a fallout. Teddy has a esophageal rupture in the hospital’s toilet. They rush him to surgery and Perez comes up with an approach to save him, getting back into Shaun’s good side.

Shaun gives him the opportunity to perform the procedure but he lets Powell do it instead. The surgery is successful and Perez talks to Teddy’s brother about the best way to help Teddy. The brothers make up and start mending their relationship. After Teddy’s surgery, Shaun decides to retire the new rating system without telling Powell and Pere who won.

Elsewhere, Park’s date with a woman named Lily turns into a disaster after she starts having a nosebleed and faints.  He rushes her to the hospital where Reznick, Allen and Asher take over her case. As Asher and Allen run tests on Lily, Asher our ever-nosy best friend asks to let him introduce her to a new guy. Allen turns him down and tells him about her kiss and upcoming dinner date with Perez. Asher asks her to be careful as he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

The tests show that Lily has an infection that spread to her brain and has a massive abscess, and they rush her to surgery. Asher is curious as to how Park got approval to operate on Lily and Park says they only went for two dates. After the surgery, Reznick stops over at Lily’s room to sing Park’s praise and hype him up.

Reznick asks Park to move on and tells him she is happy for him. She understands that she is not what he wants and wishes him happiness. Meanwhile, Lily’s infection refuses to respond to antibiotics. Park and Reznick argue over the next approach to take but Park decides his approach is safer. The surgery has some complications but luckily, Reznick comes up with another approach to save Lily. After the case, Lily ends things with Park as she can sense he is still into Reznick.

Lim feels troubled about whether to agree to the surgery or not. She confides in her boyfriend that she is scared of bursting out of the perfect bubble. He tells her that the surgery will only change her and not their relationship. She agrees to get the surgery and he proposes to her.

The episode ends with Lea and Shaun finding out they are pregnant and Allen breaking into Perez’s home after seeing him lying passed out on the floor. He, unfortunately, used again and most likely overdosed.

The Episode Review

Sadly, Asher was right, Perez is not ready to be in a relationship. He needs help and I hope that Allen will be there for him. He will need all the support he can find to get through this. Addiction is a disease and it is sad how this incident might affect Perez’s career as a doctor.

Lea and Shaun being pregnant is a bittersweet moment. We saw how devastated they were when they lost their first kid. I hope they will be able to get a happy ending with the child they have been praying for. Unfortunately, their journey to being parents won’t be easy.

Lim’s engagement felt a bit out of the blue. How long have they even been dating? I don’t think this engagement is a good idea. We will have to see what her answer will be after her surgery. What do you think?

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  1. Exactly Jenn. He ruptured his esophagus with another vomiting attempt due to his bulimia. Some of these episode synopsis’ are not particularly accurate it seems…

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