The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 8 “Sorry, Not Sorry” Recap & Review

Sorry, Not Sorry

The Good Doctor season 6 episode 8 starts with Lim waking up next to her new man. It seems like things between them are going well.

Elsewhere, Perez and Allen are coming to work together. Apparently, they have been working on a research project and Perez spent the night at Allen’s place. Asher spots them and he tells Allen that Perez is breadcrumbing her. According to Asher, Perez is giving Allen just enough attention to keep her hooked while being noncommittal. Allen says they are just friends but Asher tells her she may be settling for whatever little attention Perez is willing to give her. I love Asher, he is a cool best friend.

In the hospital, Shaun gets a patient experiencing pain in her stomach. After running a few tests, he discovers that the patient has a surgical towel in her bowel, left behind when she had an appendectomy. The patient blames her wife who was part of the appendectomy surgery, (the couple work in the medical field.)

Asher and Shaun brainstorm on the safest way to take out the towel and stop the necrosis happening inside the patient. Shaun tries to explain their approach and get a consult from Lim but she turns him down and tells him to figure it out on his own.

The position of the towel makes it hard for them to remove it. Shaun is forced to go to Glassman for a consult. Glassman is surprised that Lim is still angry and is refusing to help Shaun with his patient. He tries talking to her and she insists that Shaun can handle the patient on his own. Glassman talks with Shaun and asks him to try and fix things with Lim as she is in pain.

The surgery gets more complicated and Glassman helps Shaun but they realize they will have to take out the patient’s uterus. They ask the wife to decide as that is a major decision and the patient has hopes of being a mom. The wife is torn but in the end, chooses the best way to save her wife even though she is scared it might end their marriage. After the surgery, the couple reconciles and forgives each other.

On the other hand, Reznick, Park, Perez and Allen treat a patient who comes to the hospital in a confused daze. She claims she fell and hit her head but she has other wounds that are inconsistent with her story. She doesn’t even remember how she got to the hospital. They realize she is having internal bleeding in her spleen and rush her to surgery.

In the surgery, Allen discovers the patient has severe bruising and signs of major trauma in the pelvic region. The patient was raped but she has no recollection of the ordeal. Reznick tries to get her to remember what happened and tells her she had date rape drugs in her system. The patient denies that anything happened and insists she was with a friend and doesn’t think he would ever let her get hurt.

Park, asks her to take her time and think about what she wants to do. On the other hand, Reznick wants her to take a rape kit. Reznick decides to tell her traumatic rape experience to the patient and her regret for not taking action. Her talk with the patient changes her mind and she decides to do a rape kit. After the rape kit, Park asks Reznick why she kept her pain hidden and assures her that he will always be there for her.

Meanwhile, Andrews is treating a young female patient who has some growth on her forehead. The patient is worried about the scars the surgery will leave on her forehead so Andrews comes up with a new technique that will leave few scars. He schedules her surgery for the next morning but a financial meeting comes up and he asks another doctor to take up the case.

The patient gets terrified and uneasy when a new doctor takes over her case. The scrub nurse refuses to reschedule the surgery and forces, Andrews, to do the surgery himself. Andrews is not pleased but she tells him personal attention to patients is important even when he is the president. Andrews, later realizes she was right and asks to take her out for a few drinks to apologize for his behaviour.

After his successful surgery, Shaun goes to Lim and apologizes. He tells her that he felt scared of losing her and seeing her hurt reminded him of his late brother. He wanted to save her but he still caused her harm.  He tells her he misses their friendship and it has also been hard for him.

Lim agrees to try and amend their friendship and let her anger go. She later goes to talk with Glassman and thanks him for pushing Shaun to apologize. As she leaves, he realizes that she is using some of the muscles they thought stopped working. He believes that maybe she can walk again.

After the eventful day, Allen prepares to leave for her date. She tells Perez that she won’t be waiting for him anymore. He kisses her and doesn’t define what the kiss means.

The Episode Review

I am glad we are getting somewhere with Lim and Shaun. It has been hard on both of them and Glassman has been caught in the middle too many times. Hopefully, they can rebuild their friendship and be able to work with each other again.

Asher is right about Perez, he is non-committal and it is confusing. I know Perez is dealing with sobriety and the job but it is really simple. You either like someone or you don’t, why is he making it all so confusing? He needs to get himself straight before he hurts Allen.

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