The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 2 “Change Of Perspective” Recap & Review

Change Of Perspective 

Episode 2 of the Good Doctor season 6 starts with Lim getting ready to go to work after 14 weeks of recovery but she is paralyzed and using a wheelchair. The staff at the hospital excitedly welcome her back but Allen thinks things seem awkward between Lim and Shaun. 

Allen thinks the paralyzation is because  Shaun ignored Glassman’s orders during Lim’s surgery but Asher points out that whatever technique they had used, no one would have known the outcome. These two love to bicker, at least some things have not changed. As it turns out Allen is wrong because Lim thanks Shaun for saving her life.

Meanwhile, Shaun and Park are reporting for their first day as surgical attendings and meeting their first-year residents Dr. Daniel Perez and Dr. Danica Powell. Perez is easy on the eyes, and the nurses are already whipped for him. Park argues that it is better if he takes “handsome Dan” because it would be helpful to have someone the staff likes. Shaun on the other hand is pragmatic and thinks being an attending is not going to be different from being a senior resident so he doesn’t care who he ends up with.

Before Park gets a chance to get Perez, Reznick takes him first leading to an argument. Their relationship turned sour when Park dumped her for choosing a job in New York which she later turned down but now they can’t stand each other.

Lim wants to get back on surgeries but Andrews is unsure if she is going to be a surgeon again. Lim insists on it leaving Andrews no choice but to agree on the condition that he will join her on the hernia repair surgery. During the surgery, she has a hard time and is unable to finish the surgery so Andrews takes over.

After the surgery, Andrews talks with Lim and reminds her that being Chief of Surgery is much more than “cutting.” Lim agrees but says she feels impatient and won’t give up just because she failed on her first try.  She runs into Glassman and he advises her to change the O.R to accommodate her so she can do these surgeries without necessarily overwhelming her body.

She takes his advice and the O.R staff helps her with adjusting the O.R to enable her to do surgeries. She does a second surgery and completes it.

Shaun is dealing with a heart transplant patient but complications with the new heart force him to abort the surgery and find a new way to save the patient. Asher suggests a Xeno transplant but Powell refuses to take part in the surgery. She doesn’t believe in killing animals to save human life but Shaun notifies her she has no choice. 

Powell says she will take her chance and has no problem being fired. Shaun tries to seek advice from Andrews about his resident but he tells him he should learn to make tough decisions on his own. Shaun is still worried about what to do so he goes to Glassman and Lea. Glassman thinks he should give Powell a chance but Lea says Powell’s defiance will only get worse with time thus he should fire her pronto. In the end, Shaun decides to fire Powell because he trusts Lea more even though Glassman has more leadership experience.

Later, Shaun changes his mind after talking with Lim and decides he will respect Powell’s stance but he will still mentor her. He asks her to watch the surgery from the O.R gallery because she still needs to learn how to do the surgery. Luckily, a human heart arrives just in time before they kill the pig they initially planned to use.

Reznick and Park butt head again when dealing with a patient with a mass on his neck. They want to approach the surgery using different techniques. Perez suggests they use both techniques and they begrudgingly agree. The surgery goes well and Perez impresses Park with his skills and fast thinking in the O.R. After the surgery, Reznick, and Park get called into Andrews’ office and he orders them to sort their stuff out.

In the closing scene, Lim has a hard time getting out of her car when she arrives home and in her frustration, she confesses she blames Shaun for her paralyzation.

The Episode Review

Lim is having a hard time adjusting to being in a wheelchair and I am glad she is still willing to get in the O.R and save lives. She went through a life-altering event and, understandably, she will need time to adjust.

I just hope she will be ready to accept help because it doesn’t mean she is weak. Sadly, she blames Shaun for how things turned out. Do you think Shaun is to blame?

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6 thoughts on “The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 2 “Change Of Perspective” Recap & Review”

  1. Lest there be no reasonable likelihood of confusion: While I do not respect the alleged past-profession of Mr “Josiah Godbey”, I couldn’t agree more. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    It is also noteworthy that in the episode, when Asher FINALLY gets to ask the question that which in a good, thought-provoking writing — shoulda occurred minutes-&-minutes ago: How can a State terrorist care so much protect the lives of non-human mammals?
    It is also noteworthy that Asher’s line in the final-cut is simply “…killing for your country..” and while one can reasonably conclude that not name-naming that country can be easily excused by any “reasonable person”, as the reference is inarguably to “the gReAtEsT country in the world” — and not Canada, any other NATO or OECD or Fourteen Eye member. However, as narrow as it may prima facie come across: The vast-majority of RL casualties in atrocities either committed directly or aided-&-abetted indirectly — are those very humans of the Human Civilisation, as in: “Us”. And his omission of the term ‘…killing humans..’ is even worse than..
    …Andrews confessing that he’s a NRA member, and not-so-surprisingly — in spite of being Judaism stands for, or precisely because of it: Asher admitting that he voted 45th POTUS to power in spite of it all simply ‘cus he lo-lo-loved his overtures to the State of Is’rāel in S4E15 titled “Waiting” — as even if he wasn’t acting as the surrogate of developer, Mr David Shore’s own worldview — quite a lot of self-styled “atheist Jews” or “secular Jews” are repugnant in that hypocrisy.
    Nevermind the contrivance of bringing in Treif pig alive and well which literally jumped-the-shark by notably greater margin than the hyperdramatic roller-coaster in virtually every single case on-screen every episode. Like.. Seriously? Is that even legal in the California Republic? How can a non-vet EMT determine whether to turn a most-likely unsanitary creature to be slaughtered within the hospital? Talk about shoehorning as greatest artificial-contrivance as they could.
    And back to Asher, it is also noteworthy that Powell’s “answer” to even his Pentagon-friendly question was: An out-and-out argumentum ad hominem.
    I guess the very same network which supposedly “misbroadcast” the non-owned but long-running game-show containing geopolitically-charged question ‘cus of non-descript “error” in the last-days of his coveted tenure — instead of running the “actual final-cut” even in scheduled encores. Sony® Pictures Television is the constant in both cases, aka the perpetrator.
    But even as I understand, how long could the network afford to play an archaic ostrich-with-head-firmly-in-the-sand over such sensitive subject-matters, that’s ‘cus I understand that even though Sony® is the “leading( read creative) studio” of this production, the name of (abc)® signature™ in copyright-notices and vanity-card renders them as liable as their ownership-stake.*
    The credited-writers in Ms April F Fitzsimmons & Mr Thomas L Moran — successfully managed to come-across like carbon-copies of characters like Andrews or Melendez in freshman-season, or worst: Eponymous Shaun Murphy in S1E13 titled “Seven Reasons” where he went around throwing “the T-word” predominantly ‘cus of a patient’s religious-affiliation and did not even express as much as guilt when bore-out as wrong — at the very least. Nevermind remorse. Apology[ to her], wut dat???
    And no, this was as antithetical to radically thought-provoking episode in S2E09 aptly titled “Empathy” — where they did not trip over themselves in zest to make sense of then-unlikeable Morgan’s majoritarian worldview( even for the innumerable self-styled “Progressives”, who are a rabidly parochial as they come) which led me to research and be repeatedly disappointed till this moment that how, like other neurodiverse conditions — [derivatives of ]”the P-word” is inaccurately invoked as an epithet( read sheer-insult).
    So.. Guess they shoulda hung their (ahem! )coats a long, long time ago. But alas.. They don’t wanna.

    *And that’s why, the network criminally missed adding “Promotional consideration sponsored by Support Our Troops Foundation, Inc” at the end-credits. Otherwise, get penalised by the FCC as we know much of cable-news– Ohhh.. Waiiittt!
    I’m very Sorry to learn about Mr Michael “Mike” Tuchillio excluded Mr Daniel “Dan” Romer’s continued work for this show — given Mr Shore is ostensibly now capable of doing nothing absolutely better than adapting IPs from across oceans, and stretch them as longer as “His” conjob at the C-suiters keep working. He has been reduced to being such a hack. What a terrible shame!

  2. Dr Powell being a Veteran and a insane PETA furry nut job is hard to believe coming from a service connected disabled veteran

  3. ‘Last second heart transplant candidate rolled into the hospital’…a bit of a stretch! Heart transplant recipients apparent full recovery within days if not hours after major surgery sitting up in bed looking great, no IV’s etc , actually looking better than when he came in….RIDICULOUS!!

  4. One more “woke” pig saving episode and I will delete this show from my list. If I am the patient and my procedure is stopped to save a pig, I am suing the hospital and the responsible surgeon. What a crock

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