The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 12 “365 Degrees” Recap & Review

365 Degrees

Episode 12  of Good Doctor season 6 starts with Shaun and Lea having breakfast at the hospital. Glassman joins them and shares his frustration about having to vacate his house because of a termite infestation. Shaun invites him to stay with them and Glassman is hesitant but Lea and Shaun insist.

Asher and Allen are also enjoying their breakfast while Perez joins them. He is a bit grumpy and thinks Allen is judging him. Lim comes over and informs Perez and Asher that she will be working with them. She wants to evaluate how their education is going especially because they are on probation.

They are treating a patient whose heart is on the verge of giving up and he has no time to wait for a matching donor. Lim has been treating the patient for a long time and thinks there is a way to repair his ailing heart. She proposes a high-risk surgery and at first, Asher is excited about it. After doing more research, he worries if the surgery is the right way to proceed. He suggests a low-risk surgery to Lim but she is insistent that her procedure is the only way.

Asher gets more worried after more tests show that the patient has more complications than they thought. Lim agrees that the new complication adds more risk but promises to figure out a way. Asher continues to push back but Perez is afraid to speak up his mind. He leaves Asher in a tough spot with Lim and Asher is forced to remind him that being a surgeon means fighting for the patient.

Perez is having a hard time because he feels like everyone is waiting to see if he will be a good surgeon or a junkie. He is afraid to speak up for fear that he will be burning bridges. The stress of the case starts getting to him and he reaches out to his sponsor.

In the end, Lim pushes through with the high-risk surgery but Asher proves to be right, nothing goes to plan. They are forced to come up with an impromptu plan and Asher saves the day, giving the patient an even better outcome. Lim apologizes and praises Asher for standing up for the patient. She tells them they did a  good job and puts in a good word for them with Marcus.

In the meantime, Reznick is at an early doctor’s appointment. She wants to do another embryo transplant as soon as possible and the doctor points out the risk of an aggressive uterine prep. Reznick is adamant that she wants to get pregnant immediately, not in three months.

She is forced to reflect on this decision when Marcus asks her to manage the new partnership he just closed with the biggest CROs on the West Coast. Reznick asks for time to think about it but she is too conflicted. She asks Park and he advises her to stick to what she is doing and focus on her dreams to be a parent.

She asks Lim and she tells her to pick what she feels will satisfy her in the long run. Reznick decides to let the promotion go but Marcus convinces her that she can have it all, the job and being a good mom. She follows Marcus’ advice and takes the promotion.

On the other hand, Allen and Shaun are treating a 13th-year-old who has a tumour. The tumour started after she had sex with her 13th-year-old boyfriend and the fertilized egg mutated. Allen thinks that it is statutory rape since she is 13. The mom is not surprised her daughter is having sex. She thinks that teens will have sex either way so it is better to talk to them about safe sex and help them have a positive sexual experience.

Allen insists on calling child protective services but Shaun tells her that no one was raped both parties are the same age and they gave consent.  Allen and Lea talk about why she feels so strongly about this case. Allen confesses that she felt like sex was taking her away from God and has been abstaining. Lea is shocked and somewhat judges Allen a bit. This makes Allen regret telling her but Lea apologizes and they make up.

Allen decides to leave the matter alone and focus on treating the young girl. They take out the tumour and ask the young couple to refrain from sex for the next six months or so. The mom promises to talk to the couple and thanks them for saving the girl.

Lea also shares the problem she is currently facing. She was starting to enjoy having Glassman in their home since he is a good cook and a  great guest. Unfortunately, things got awkward when she mistook  Glassman for Shaun and sneaked into the bathroom naked. She realizes that Glassman and Shaun are so similar in their mannerism that it begins to freak her out.

After this incident, Glassman opts to leave and he gets a call that something is wrong at his house. Shaun and Lea drive with him to the house and unfortunately, the house is on fire. Glassman is in shock, that house meant a lot to him. Even though it was an old house that required a lot of maintenance, he still held on to it. It is the last connection he had with his family, especially his late daughter.

Elsewhere, Perez decides to call his drug dealer but they meet up outside a church. He hears the choir singing and decided to call off the transaction and go into the church. It turns out to be Allen’s church and she sits with him to comfort him.

The Episode Review

It is sad to watch Glassman lose the only remaining connection he had with his daughter. It is devastating because he probably even lost the photos and the memorabilia he had. He has been through so much, I wish he could get a break.

Reznick’s dilemma is something most women go through. In most cases, it is the women who feel more conflicted about the choices they make concerning having babies and choosing their career paths. I am glad she chose to pursue both but it won’t be easy.

As for Perez, it must not be easy for him either, but I am glad he chose to get into the church and ran into Allen. I hope he doesn’t fall off the wagon.

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