The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 10 “Quiet and Loud” Recap & Review

Quiet and Loud

Episode 10 of Good Doctor season 6 starts with a time jump of three months. Obviously, a lot has happened, Lim is able to walk again albeit with the help of a cane. She agreed to the surgery and is relearning to walk. She is yet to give Clay an answer to his proposal and Marcus points out that she needs to give that man an answer. Seriously, he is the most patient man ever!

Perez pleads his case with Marcus and Lim. He went to rehab for two months and has been clean for 92 days and is attending meetings daily. From the looks of it, he is on track to getting his life back which Lim and Marcus acknowledge. However, they agree that they need to put some rules before allowing Perez back on the job.

First, he will be on probation for six months, he can’t prescribe or administer controlled substances and will undergo random drug tests. Every step of his patient care will be supervised by the senior resident on the case. On his first day back, Allen will be supervising him.

As expected it is still awkward between him and Allen. He never called her back after he relapsed and overdosed. Perez apologizes and assures her she is not the reason she relapsed. He wishes they could have a clean slate but it is too late. At the end of the day, Perez tells Allen that he will request not to be supervised by her. He is scared he will fall for her again and the pressure will be too much for him.

On the other hand, Lea and Shaun are at an ultrasound appointment. Shaun wants to know the sex of the baby but Lea wants it to be a surprise. The doctor spots a thinning on Lea’s uterus, Shaun thinks it is scar tissue from her past pregnancy complications. There is concern that if the thinning progresses, her uterus could rupture and they will lose the baby.

Lea is put on bed rest and Shaun has a Hail Mary surgery idea that he is hoping will fix the problem before it progresses.  He talks to Lim and Glassman and tells them about the experimental surgery he has in mind. He offers to talk them through the surgery and teach them how to do it.

Glassman informs him of the risks involved but Shaun is adamant that the surgery is the best option. Lim insists that Lea should make the choice. Lea trusts her husband Shaun and agrees to have the surgery.  She, however, has one condition, Shaun has to be in the OR  in case they lose the baby.

Shaun teaches Glassman the technique for the surgery and is not giving him a break. He wants him at his best when he performs the procedure on his wife.  He is also keeping Asher and Allen from visiting Lea. He thinks it might increase the risk of infections.

The surgery goes well even with Shaun nagging Lim and Glassman relentlessly.  Shaun insists on Lea staying in the hospital for monitoring. Lea openly tells him that she hates being in the hospital room, overthinking the what-ifs and being isolated from her friends.

Asher has enough of Shaun keeping them from seeing Lea and has a talk with him. I love Asher, he is like a wise man who occasionally shows up and drops some savage wise words. He is right, Lea and Shaun need their friends and Shaun needs to allow them to be there for them.

After the talk, Shaun agrees to let them visit for 10 minutes. Lea admits to Allen that she is scared to lose the baby again. Allen comforts her and helps her have faith that all will be well. She suggests that Lea talks to Shaun about her fears but Lea thinks Shaun is too worried already.

Lea develops complications and they rush her to the OR. Glassman promises to do his best to save Lea and the child but asks Shaun to wait outside the OR. It takes time for them to find the bleed and they begin to consider whether to take her uterus out. Fortunately, Lim makes a discovery just in time to save both lives. The other doctors show up for Lea and Shaun and wait with him. Thankfully, the surgery goes well and Lea and the baby make it alive.

Elsewhere, Reznick and Park are working on a case together. A young man, Drew has recurring desmoid tumours caused by Gardner syndrome.  They are more concerned about the benign tumour on his liver that has not been responding to chemotherapy. They need to do surgery to take it out. Drew has had 20 surgeries and 16 rounds of chemotherapy.  He is also on the list to get a small bowel transplant.

The surgery gets complicated, the tumour is bigger than they expected. Park has to make a tough decision and take out half of Drew’s liver.  After the surgery, Drew’s liver function declines and they try to move him up the UNOS list.

While working on the case, Park notices that Reznick is a bit distracted and checks on her. She tells him that she is getting her embryos implanted. He offers to help her but she insists they need boundaries.  Reznick tells him that she has chosen to do this alone and he points out she doesn’t have to. In the end, Reznick asks Glassman to drive her to her doctor’s appointment.

Before they can get Drew his new small bowel, he develops more complications. They are forced to come up with a new surgery plan. They are afraid that this might be the end for Drew and Reznick asks him if he is holding on for his mom or himself. Drew has been through a lot of pain and it must have not been easy. His mom refuses to give up on him and luckily, Perez comes up with a new surgery plan.

The surgery goes well and Drew gets to live for a few years. At least, they were able to buy him more time and improve his quality of life.

A few days after the surgery, Lea and Shaun discuss what to paint the nursery.  We learn that they are having a boy.

Meanwhile, Lim talks with Clay about the proposal and admits she is not ready. Clay tells her that he loves her and will wait for her to be ready. Lim suggests they try moving at her pace and asks him to move in with her.

The Episode Review

I am glad that Lea and the baby will be okay, that was one hell of an emotional roller coaster and I hope she will have a safe delivery. She has been through a lot, I hope the writers will take it easy on her and our hearts this time.

As for Lim and Clay, am still not excited about them. It feels off and rushed. It is great that Lim had the surgery and can walk again. There is no animosity between her and Shaun and they are back to being friends again.

I am officially over the Perez and Allen possible romantic relationship. At this point, Allen should move on and Perez should focus on staying sober.

Lastly, I think Park still loves Reznick and he wants to be there for her. I just hope that they will find their way to their happiness, whatever that may be. What do you think, are there sparks still flying between them?

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