The Good Bad Mother – K-drama Episode 14 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Truth Is Revealed

Episode 14 of The Good Bad Mother starts off with Kang-ho giving Tae-soo a choice – testify that Song killed his father and tried to kill him on the farm or have Ha-young testify against Tae-soo. Meanwhile, Sam-sik spots the loan shark going through their food and he suspects the worst.

But the man is more interested in knowing what is going on between Kang-ho and Mi-joo as he shows Sam-sik CCTV footage of the couple making out. While Sam-sik is crying, Mi-joo tries to assure Ha-young that her testimony won’t be a waste as Kang-ho will surely find evidence.

How is Song arrested?

As for our hero, Kang-ho recalls Tae-soo’s warning that if he doesn’t have concrete proof, Song will escape his clutches and destroy him. Kang-ho simply smiles and it cuts to Mr. So confronting Song and asking why he tried to have him killed. He keeps goading him and after Song confesses to ordering him to kill Kang-ho, So reveals that he recorded it and sent it to Cha.

The furious chaebol director, breaks the phone, holds him at the edge of the roof and tries to push him but at that moment, Kang-ho arrives and arrests Song for assault and attempted murder. It is revealed that the night before, he planned the trap with So after the minions escaped the assassins and called Sam-sik to warn them. 

Meanwhile, the Jouri locals have gathered once again to watch Hoon-ah’s new music video. As they sing and dance, news breaks of Kang-ho arresting Song and investigating Woobyeok Group. The locals are ecstatic to see that he has recovered while Young-soon tears up.

They celebrate and decide to attend the case together. The two detectives on Hwang’s case are still wary but allow Young-soon to go as well. With Sam-sik fussing over Ha-young, Mi-joo and even the loan shark who is driving them, everyone is present in court.

What happens in the trial?

The trial begins in favour of Kang-ho as he plays the recording of Song threatening So. He points out that all past secretaries including Hwang have been mysteriously found dead. He also plays a video that the Woobyeok minions had recorded where the truck driver’s wife reveals that he was paid to kill Kang-ho.

So adds that Song also ordered him to kill Park and Jung but couldn’t as Kang-ho had them imprisoned. When asked for evidence, Kang-ho calls Tae-soo to the stand. 

Turns out Kang-ho had tempted Tae-soo with the idea that testifying against Song would dispel all suspicions that he did the dirty work for the chaebol director. Tae-soo declares that Hwang was pregnant with Song’s son and she was scared for her life. This has Song going into a fit as he reveals the truth about Tae-soo’s involvement but no one believes him.

It triggers Young-soon whose health has gotten worse but she tries to sit through it so as not to worry Kang-ho. But at that moment, Ha-young approaches the stand and corroborates Song’s declarations. Tae-soo tries to fix it by saying she is insane with the latest report of her time in the mental ward. Daughter and father tear up as she begs him to stop with the lies but he stays adamant.

Kang-ho adds that the only way to resolve it is to check who the father of Hwang’s child is, as he would have the biggest motive. In comes the kid and it turns out Hwang hid him in the boat before jumping to her death. Tae-soo tries to walk out with Ha-young claiming it is the opposition’s move to slander him.

Kang-ho stops him and arrests him for ordering their deaths and the Jouri locals erupt in cheers. Gradually, all of the crimes of Tae-soo and Woobyeok are revealed to the public and the two are sent to prison.

Does Young-soon die?

After the trial ends, everyone returns to Jouri and they celebrate Kang-ho’s success. It also happens to be Young-soon’s birthday and she gives a tearful speech, thanking everyone for supporting them. She says it will be her turn to welcome them when years later they join her in heaven.

Tears give into laughter as Kang-ho gives her a piggyback ride. After the celebration she passes on her and her husband’s wedding rings to Kang-ho and Mi-joo. She recalls how her husband, Hae-sik hated saying bye and would always say ‘see you later’. 

That night, Young-soon is surprised to see Kang-ho sleeping in her room and causes a fuss. But he refuses to budge, promising to guard her while she sleeps every night till he is married. She is amused and asks him to sing the same song he had sung for her previously. Halfway through she passes away and he finishes his song with tears. He tells her that he will see her later.

At the funeral, Sam-sik and Mi-joo help while Kang-ho remembers Young-soon teaching him how to behave at her funeral. He sings her favourite song ‘I am Happy’ and the locals join him.

How does it end for everyone in The Good Bad Mother?

It cuts to Geum-ja singing the song before she gets a call from Hoon-ah and it is revealed that they are secretly dating. But unbeknownst to her, Ye-jin records her. Elsewhere, Sung-ae is confused why Sam-sik has stolen some of her brand-new clothes and we see him gifting them to Ha-young in prison. He has now fallen for her and tries to support her while she is imprisoned for 2 years.

Elsewhere, the Woobyeok minions have gone back to their farm with So embracing his new profession as a farmer. They come across the Sons who have their own problems. Mrs. Son reveals her face for the first time and says she has to go back as her father who is actually a yakuza boss needs her. However, she learns she is pregnant and gets a reason to stay with Chief Son for good.

Do Kang-ho and Mi-joo get married?

Kang-ho is finally able to get Jung released and the latter says he always believed in the prosecutor. Kang-ho then goes home to a waiting Mi-joo and their kids. Ye-jin is still annoyed that she cannot marry him anymore but her attention quickly shifts to the new boy who has moved to the village.

Meanwhile, Mi-joo and Kang-ho admire their new pig farm which they have decorated with photos of their family. Next to Young-soon’s wedding photo, Mi-joo wants a similar one with them and he agrees. As she gets ready, he finds a letter by Young-soon behind the photo of him and his parents. She apologises for being a bad mother and hopes that she can be a good mother to him in their next life.

He tears up and asks her to look over him as he proposes to Mi-joo. Mi-joo arrives and they are all smiles as he starts with a cheesy proposal of how she is under arrest to be his wife. She laughs and his real proposal is funnier but sweet as like his father, he ties a ring to a piglet which runs off. They laugh as they go about catching the piglet and then hugging each other.

The Episode Review

The second half of the finale definitely feels ominous with the way it begins on such a happy note. Even when the celebration is cheerful and Kang-ho promises to guard Young-soon every night till he gets married, it feels like the writers are foreshadowing the very thing we wish they would not. While bittersweet, Young-soon’s ending has everything from tears to laughter as that is how she wanted everyone to remember her.

But everything is quickly resolved in episode 14, and even with a happy ending (more or less), it is not as satisfying. Partly because the trial is glossed over so quickly, even though we know The Good Bad Mother has never been a law procedural show. Somehow, the previous episode of the Jouri trio trying to solve the mystery and Young-soon hanging out with the villagers was more entertaining to watch.

But despite its faults, the K-drama is a sweet show, easy to enjoy with a little bit of everything that makes it super wholesome.

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