The Golden Spoon – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of The Golden Spoon starts with Tae-yong wondering if Seung-cheon was the person who sent him the creepy text. He calls the number and Ju-hee’s phone rings just then. Tae-yong grows curious about her. He also finds the envelope from the old lady in his notebook but her letter is missing.

Seung-cheon’s friend Dong-kyung states that it was he who put the envelope there. Dong-kyung gets defensive when he thinks Tae-yong is blaming him for theft. Tae-yong wonders who the person who sent him the text was.

He thinks that the person who did so could have also used the spoon to exchange his parents. He thinks that Ju-hee replaced her life with Na-ra’s. When the class is empty, Tae-yong looks for Ju-hee’s phone. Yeo-jin asks Ju-hee if she was flirting with both Seung-cheon and Tae-yong when she claims that she only like Seong-cheon.

Yeo-jin reveals that she is going to pursue Tae-yong from now on. Ju-hee recalls forgetting her phone in class and goes back to look for it. She finds Tae-yong trying to open the phone and asks her who called her earlier that day. He learns that it was Ju-hee’s father who called her and apologises for snooping.

Tae-yong claims that he was pranked and he and Ju-hee discuss the text while Seung-cheon grows concerned that both of them are not in the science lab like their other classmates. At break time, Seung-cheon warns Tae-yong asking him to stay away from Ju-hee.

Tae-yong is having a meal alone when Young-sin joins him and asks him to concentrate on his studies instead of the shareholders’ meeting. He ignores her and mockingly thanks Young-sin for her concern asking the servers to bring coffee to his room. The maid and Young-sin are both shocked by the demand for coffee which is a first.

Ju-hee calls him when he is in the room and Tae-yong arrives at the police station with her. The police have caught Na-ra’s father for attacking Ju-hee and they claim that it was Yeo-jin who reported the man to the cops. Tae-yong asks her to meet him and confronts him about the text message. He is sure that Yeo-jin is Na-ra who turned her life around by using the golden spoon.

Tae-yong asks her about Na-ra and she does not seem bothered. Ju-he, on the other hand, worries about why Tae-yong wanted to visit Na-ra. She also ends up getting the same shady message as Tae-yong and seems worried. Tae-yong confronts Yeo-jin asking if she was the person who sent the text to him. She states that she also had received a similar text from an unknown number.

Seung-cheon as well as all the other students from class end up getting the same message as Yeo-jin, Tae-yong and Ju-hee. Jang-un claims that the text was from him and he was playing a trick with all his classmates.

Seung-cheon yells at Jang-un but the latter keeps it calm since they were in class. Jang-un asks him about the golden spoon and Seung-cheon suddenly remembers the spoon but shares that he has no idea where it presently is. At home, Seung-cheon looks around for the spoon but does not find it.

He wants to get his mother a gold ring once he finds it and he wonders if he left it back at Tae-yong’s house. Tae-yong checks up on the spoon in his drawer and finds that he has 7 more days left for his first chance at exchanging his old life for Seung-cheon back.

Tae-yong starts by looking at an apartment for him to buy. He imagines living in it with Seung-cheon’s real family. In his dream, his family is calling the real Seung-cheon back to them. He agrees to buy the property but Young-sin’s PI snaps photos of him.

Lee Cheol is back at work as a redevelopment evacuator when he gets beaten up by his boss. The man assaults Lee Cheol for protecting the residents instead of kicking them out of the houses. Tae-yong wonders why Lee Cheol only decided to start working now and not years ago when his family needed it the most.

Lee Cheol is confused at the words coming from his son’s friend but asks him to keep this a secret from Seung-cheon. Seung-cheon is at Tae-yong’s house and he makes himself comfortable as Ju-hee has a meal with Tae-yong thanking him for helping her. Ju-hee mentions the school shooting incident Tae-yong was involved in years ago.

Tae-yong states that he would like coffee and Ju-hee is alarmed. Seung-cheon is offered coffee at Tae-yong’s house when he declines and asks for Elderberry tea instead leaving Young-sin shocked. Tae-yong pats Ju-hee on the head and he is flustered.

She asks him to end their engagement but Tae-yong asks her to continue to agree for a little longer. Young-sin asks Seung-cheon to play the piano and wonders how he is making the exact same mistake as Tae-yong. Young-sin asks him to wait for dinner but he claims that he does not want to eat.

She is shocked and states that he had already eaten two meals at the house with the golden spoon. Seung-cheon is familiar with the house and makes himself home as he visits Tae-yong’s bedroom. Just as he is snooping around the room, he looks for the secret drawer.

He wonders why Tae-yong has drawings of Ju-hee and finds the spoon too. He is about to take the spoon with him when Tae-yong rushes to stop him. Watching Tae-yong flustered as he snatches the spoon back, Seung-cheon does not prod him further. Tae-yong gives Seung-cheon the medicines and claims they are supplements.

On his way out, Seung-cheon runs into Hyeon-do and starts having a panic attack like he used to in the past. He rushes away his attack keeps worsening. Seung-cheon calls Lee Cheol and the father rushes to help him. Seung-cheon collapses on the bridge and Lee Cheol finds him. He helps Seung-cheon focus on his breathing and helps him calm down.

Young-sin tells Hyeon-do how Seung-cheon’s habits were eerily similar to that of Tae-yong and she also shares with her husband that Tae-yong had purchased an apartment on his own. Hyeon-do asks Mun-ki about Tae-yong’s involvement with Seung-cheon but the bodyguard does not rat him out.

The next day, Jang-un scolds Yeo-jin for letting him make a fool of himself in front of the school because he claimed that he was the sender of the text. Yeo-jin asks him to wait patiently claiming that his time to destroy Tae-yong will come soon.

A flashback shows how it was Yeo-jin who filmed Tae-yong and Seung-cheon’s fight and was the one responsible for calling the cops. As it turns out Yeo-jin actually is Na-ra and watches as her biological father is taken to be incarcerated.

Mun-ki is at Seung-a’s salon where he tries to lure her into renting the apartment Tae-yong purchased. Just then, Joon-tae, Young-jin’s brother greets Tae-yong. After the meal, Joon-tae and Tae-yong leave first. Joon-tae grabs Tae-yong by the collar and starts choking him as a warning leaving the latter shocked.

Lee Cheol arrives from work with a takeout meal and he is happy that his family members will finally be able to eat to their fullest. A scared Tae-yong runs to Seung-cheon’s (his own real) house and watches the entire family eat a hearty meal.

Seung-a mentions the apartment but upon mentioning Mun-ki’s name, Seung-cheon declines the offer. Tae-yong is upset as he watches the family have fun in each other’s company despite not having money. Tae-yong notices that it was finally the day when he could go back to his old life as Seung-cheon.

Seung-cheon, on the other hand, calls him asking him to stop meddling in his personal life and asking him to stop trying to get his family to move into his apartment. The two boys fight about money and their ideas clash as Seung-cheon (the real Tae-yong) claims that despite being penniless, he would never trade his parents for money.

Just then, Seung-cheon is told that his father, Lee Cheol was in a brutal accident. Tae-yong is shocked and rushes along with Seung-cheon and Ju-hee. The trio arrive at the hospital but Tae-yong addresses Lee Cheol as ‘appa’.

He is shocked to see Hyeon-do there who is just as shocked seeing his son address another man as his father. Yeo-jin opens a locker to put the letter she found at Tae-yong’s birthday party. Inside the locker, there is another golden spoon.

A flashback shows her being assaulted by his father as a child. She remembers living in Yeo-jin’s house. After running into the old lady one day, Na-ra decides to turn her life around by exchanging it with Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin had always suffered from leukaemia so she ends up dying soon after Na-ra takes over her life.

The Episode Review

There was so much that went down in this episode. The fact that Na-ra changed her life as a child and turned into Yeo-jin is one of the biggest shockers from the episode. I am sure that the one poor woman that we saw in the last episode could be connected to her in some way.

With the way Tae-yong (the real Seung-cheon) is affected by Lee Cheol’s accident, I am sure there will be a switch soon. I wonder if Tae-yong made accurate choices so far to ensure that Seung-cheon’s family can live in the apartment he purchased.

Nevertheless, the future episodes promise chaos and we are here for every second of it. Ju-hee and the real Seung-cheon may have the chance to connect now that there is a possibility of a switch again.

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