The Golden Spoon – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

In Episode 3 of The Golden Spoon, we see Jang-un worried about Tae-yong shooting him down with his father’s pistol and the bullet he brought with him. Mun-ki hears the gunshot from outside Jang-un’s house and is shocked. The episode moves forward to Tae-yong visiting his father’s office.

He finds the will Hyeon-do signed a few days ago where the businessman abolished Tae-yong from being the heir of his assets. Tae-yong is shocked but acts nonchalant when Hyeon-do arrives. He tells his father that he made a mistake.

Tae-yong asks him to answer the call and states that Tae-yong will handle everything on his own. Hyeon-do does so and mentions that he trusts his son. Before leaving, he asks if Hyeon-do really loves him and the father swears that he does. As it turns out, the bullet was a blank and Tae-yong was only trying to teach Jang-un a lesson for bullying the weak over many years.

He steps over Jang-un’s hand and fractures it leaving him crying and fuming. His parents are throwing a fit in the hospital room blaming Tae-yong. Tae-yong shows up in the hospital room and rats Jang-un out for bullying Seung-cheon over the years and shooting down blanks down the poor boy’s ears. Jang-un’s father is furious at his son.

Tae-yong threatens to expose Jang-un’s father for illegally hunting animals. Outside the hospital, Seung-cheon is shaken from the incident and Mun-ki tries to chat with him. Tae-yong arrives and drives Seung-cheon home. The latter wonders why Tae-yong was helping him. Ju-hee is being followed by a man in the cap yet again.

After Tae-yong drops Seung-cheon home, he asks him to keep the incident from his family. He overhears the landlords troubling Seung-cheon’s (his real) parents for the rent and gets furious. Tae-yong waits outside and watches the landlord make Lee Cheol (his real father) polish his shoes for 10,000 won and starts tears up.

He is deep in thought on his drive back wondering why Hyeon-do was abolishing Tae-yong from taking over his assets. Yeo-jin visits Jang-un in the hospital room and the two orchestrate a plan to destroy and kill Tae-yong. Jang-un wonders what Yeo-jin’s motives are.

The next day, Lee Cheol starts working on a redevelopment project where he has to forcefully evacuate residents who are not giving up their homes. Seung-cheon’s mother is also looking for a different house but they do not have enough money to even rent it.

Lee Cheol finds it difficult to ignore the cries of the residents as he evacuates the house. A co-worker of Lee Cheol is the man that was following Ju-hee. He is Na-ra’s father, the girl whose death Ju-hee thinks she is responsible for. Lee Cheol learns that the man lost his daughter five years ago.

Lee Cheol is happy about his hard-earned pay and buys a cake for Seung-cheon’s birthday on his way back home. Coincidentally, Tae-yong also celebrates his birthday with loads of presents. Tae-yong is getting ready for his celebration and he has prepared a return gift for his father with Mun-ki’s help. He wonders if Ju-hee will be showing up to the party but she is on her way to Seung-cheon’s house.

There she finds the same old lady who gives her a letter to give to Tae-yong. Seung-cheon gets money as a gift from his mother but he is thankful to his mother for existing and calls that his gift. Ju-hee appears at his house with a gift for Seung-cheon. His mother and sister are shocked since this is the first time one of Seung-cheon’s friends is at their house.

They hang out around Seung-cheon’s room where she takes in his artwork. Meanwhile, Tae-yong has a grand celebration with all his family and friends. He wins the favour of his father by offering him the company stocks he purchased with his savings. In his room, Seung-cheon thanks her for her gift but Ju-hee and Seung-cheon both get scared of a cockroach.

Ju-hee ends up falling on the floor with Seung-cheon on top of her. She gets a call from her father who asks her to show up at Tae-yong’s birthday celebration as soon as possible. Tae-yong is having a hard time placing guests at his party and Yeo-jin grows suspicious of his behaviour.

Seung-cheon accompanies Ju-hee to Tae-yong’s party and she is shocked at how familiar he is with the surroundings. Young-sin sets the piano up for Tae-yong’s yearly recital but Seung-cheon takes over and saves the day for Tae-yong. Yong-sin wonders how Seung-cheon played the piano exactly how Tae-yong did in the past. Seung-cheon tells Tae-yong the recital was repayment for when Tae-yong saved his life.

Ju-hee greets Tae-yong and gives him a letter from the old woman. The letter reads another condition about the golden spoon. According to that, if the person Seung-cheon exchanged his life with meets his biological parents on his birthday, the effect of the spoon will be overturned.

Tae-yong is worried about Seung-cheon (real Tae-yong) running into Hyeon-do and gets worried when he cannot find either of the two. Seung-cheon is stopped by Yeo-jin and she asks how he learned the piano. He is not able to place how and claims that he was just able to do it. She takes him away to the same restaurant as Hyeon-do.

Tae-yong appears there at the right time and hugs his father to stop him from meeting Seung-cheon. Hyeo-do is shocked by Tae-yong’s sudden display of affection as he thanks his father. Ju-hee wonders how Seung-cheon was able to play the same piece as Tae-yong and his familiarity with Tae-yong’s way of life.

Her father arrives home and scolds her for befriending the poor just like she did with Na-ra in the past. Ju-hee’s father claims that Na-ra was a thief who stole her watch, the only memento left behind by her mother. 

Young-sin tells Hyeon-do her worries about Seung-cheon resembling Tae-yong a little too much but the father is not as bothered. She confronts him about the changes he made to his will. Hyeon-do claims that his successor need not be his biological son but the person who can protect his empire. He adds that Tae-yong seems to be eligible enough too.

After their discussion, Young-sin calls someone asking them to return back home immediately. Tae-yong is still worried about where his letter was and takes Ju-hee to find the old woman. Ju-hee tells him that she was at Seung-cheon’s house and he is shocked. Mun-ki is passing by Seung-cheon’s house where he finds Seung-a yelling at the landlords for snooping on her while she was in the shower.

When the man grabs her by her hair, she beats the men up one by one. Mun-ki stops her but Seung-a slaps him too. Meanwhile, Tae-yong asks Ju-hee about her visit to Seung-cheon’s house. He starts belittling Seung-cheon and Ju-hee asks him to stop. She reveals that she likes Seung-cheon and will not hear bad things about him.

Tae-yong is left shocked by the confession because it essentially means that Ju-hee likes him (the real Seung-cheon). At his house, Seung-cheon finds his birthday cake, a present from Lee Cheol. Mun-ki’s involvement in the fight ends up saving Seung-a and she thanks him by offering him a free haircut at the salon she works in.

At home, Tae-yong wonders how he can help Seong-cheon and his family with their rental home. Mun-ki claims that Tae-yong has changed a lot and recalls how he was petrified of guns after the school shooting incident. Tae-yong is shocked to hear that about himself (the real Tae-yong).

Young-sin tries to have a spy follow Tae-yong around to learn his whereabouts. Tae-yong uses Mun-ki’s help to collect dirt on Seung-cheon’s landlord. The two visit the gangster-turned-landlord – Mu-in and warn him against troubling Seung-cheon’s family.

Mun-ki singlehandedly fights the men and beats them to a pulp. Tae-yong threatens to expose Mu-in’s tax evasion, bribery and past gangster life if he does not do as he says. Later that night, Mu-in visits Seung-cheon’s house and apologises to the family asking them to stay in the house rent-free for as long as they wish.

On his way back home, Tae-yong wonders how much an apartment in one of the big buildings would cost. The episode then shows a dodgeball match where Tae-yong is jealous as Ju-hee and Seung-cheon play together. Yeo-jin warns him about Jang-un’s revenge and Tae-yong wonders why she is being so nice to him after all.

Tae-yong waits outside Ju-hee’s convenience store when he spots Na-ra’s father sitting outside. The man follows Ju-hee after she has left work and attacks her by trying to choke her. Tae-yong tries to call Ju-hee and hears her phone ringing at a distance. He fights the man who ends up running away.

Tae-yong is worried about Ju-hee whereas the man sobs looking at the photo of Na-ra. Ju-hee explains to Tae-yong how Na-ra was punished for stealing her watch as a child. Sometime after the incident, Na-ra died which is why she finds herself responsible for what happened to her.

Tae-yong reassures her asking her to stop blaming herself. Ju-hee wonders how someone like Tae-yong could be so endearing. Tae-yong wonders what he could do next to win Hyeon-do over. Hyeon-do is sure that Tae-yong read the will and Tae-yong directly asks his father to let him inherit the empire. Hyeon-do asks him to prove how he has changed and is happy that his ploy worked.

The next day, Tae-yong gets a message from an unknown number claiming that they know he is not the real Tae-yong. Just then, Seung-cheon enters the class with his phone in his hand and Tae-yong wonders if the text was from Seung-cheon.

The Episode Review

The show keeps getting better and better with each episode and I am living for Mun-ki in a spy action thriller. The fight scene with him was so intense. To think that both Mun-ki and Jang-un are none other than our Seo-joon and Ji-woo couple from the 2021 BL To My Star.

I would love for an intense scene between the two characters in this drama as a callback to their last web drama. I am sure Yeo-jin has some diabolical plan in her mind and she is only being nice to Tae-yong because she knows the truth about him. Seung-cheon and Ju-hee are really cute together and I wish he (the real Tae-yong) gets Ju-hee in the end.

Tae-yong (the real Seung-cheon) should get money in the end because that is what he actually desired truly. Since Seung-cheon and Tae-yong are both falling for Ju-hee, things are surely going to get icky soon and we’re here for it with our popcorn.

I feel like the clip of a poor woman trying to find the old lady and ask for the golden spoon is a flash-forward… why do I feel it could be Yeo-jin? I feel sympathetic for Ju-hee and I hope she finds closure for her friend’s death but she should not forgive the man for attacking her in the middle of the night. Ju-hee could be falling for Tae-yong too making the love triangle much more intense.

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