The Golden Spoon – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Golden Spoon starts with Seung-cheon finally breaking free from the lake. After making it to the shore, he rushes to find the Golden Spoon from the trashcan where he threw it. Determined to change his life, he goes to Tae-yong’s house for his third and final meal that can change his life.

Tae-yong is in the car with Mun-ki when he feels guilty for pushing Seung-cheon into the lake. He asks Mun-ki to stop the car and runs back to the lake. At the same time, Seung-cheon has the meal seated in front of Hyeon-do and wonders if the spoon did the trick for him.

After he is done eating, the tests it’s magic by calling Hyeon-do ‘appa’ but the businessman appears confused. Just then Tae-yong is met with an accident. Ju-hee is at Tae-yong’s house and addresses herself as his fiancee.

Assuming that the spoon was a hoax, Seung-cheon is about to leave when Ju-hee slaps him for attacking ‘Seung-cheon’. She addresses him as Tae-yong and so does Hwang Hyeon-do. The cops are at the house to arrest Tae-yong for throwing Seung-cheon into the lake.

Tae-yong (Seung-cheon) is now taken into questioning where he breaks into laughter watching how the entire footage of the real Tae-yong letting his hand go off in the water has turned the other way out. Seung-cheon’s family is worried sick at the police station.

They lash out at Tae-yong (Seung-cheon) for pushing Seung-cheon. Tae-yong wakes up in the hospital as Seung-cheon and is shocked to see his mother. Tae-yong (Seung-cheon) arrives at the hospital to meet Seung-cheon (Tae-yong) but he is kicked out by Seung-cheon’s family who recognises him as Tae-yong now.

Tae-yong drops the school violence case against Seung-cheon in exchange for silence about the incident. Hyeon-de asks Mun-ki to erase any trace of the two boys fighting and to find out the person that called the cops on Tae-yong. Tae-yong is now back at the house as he takes in the entire mansion.

He finds it difficult to find his own room and mistakenly enters Young-sin, his stepmother’s room. She asks if something was wrong with him because his behaviour was odd. Tae-yong leaves the room and somehow makes it to his own room with Mun-ki’s help. He asks Mun-ki to help him with a list of names of all employees and people related to the Hwang family.

Once inside his room, Tae-yong is shocked to see the luxurious life the real Tae-yong lived in. He looks at the spoon that shows the number 29 on it. According to one of the rules the old lady mentioned, one rule stated that Seung-cheon was allowed three chances to change his life back – first after one month, then in one year and finally after ten years.

Tae-yong is at school the next day and he enjoys the attention the new life brings to him. He is upset that Ju-hee ignores him while Jang-un states that she is the daughter of a broadcasting company CEO. The homeroom teacher invites Tae-yong for a visit to the principal’s office where they praise him for no reason.

Tae-yong takes the blame for everything on himself and states that Seung-cheon was always innocent. He also asks them to look into the cheating incident from the midterms. Jang-un finds new targets in Seung-cheon’s friends and blames them for complaining about the midterms cheating.

Tae-yong beats Jang-un up for beating the two poor boys up. He runs into Ju-hee who asks to chat up with him on the rooftop. Tae-yong wonders why she lied and worked as a part-timer when she was so rich in the first place.

He warns her to steer clear of Seung-cheon claiming that she does not even know who he is when Ju-hee defends him, warning Tae-yong from causing trouble for him. He is touched by Ju-hee defending his past self. After she leaves, Tae-yong runs into Yeo-jin who claims that Ju-hee is only doing so to mask her guilt as a young poor girl who had died because of Ju-hee.

As Yeon-jin continues to chat with him based on their past interaction, Tae-yong wonders what relationship the real Tae-yong had with Yeo-jin. Just as he is about to leave, Yeo-jin suddenly grabs Tae-yong and kisses him leaving him shocked.

At home, Seung-cheon’s parents tend to him as he wakes up in shock. Tae-yong is a minute late to dinner and faces Hyeon-do’s glaring. Tae-yong has memorised the daily schedule of Hyeon-do and is doing his best to impress the rich businessman.

Hyeon-do plans on working on his huge redevelopment project when his secretary alerts him about Tae-yong’s spending over the last few days. Tae-yong has been shopping for gifts for Seung-cheon’s family. Seung-cheon is having a gala time reading comics and eating the delicious food prepared by his mother.

He claims that the food is very little for all four of them and Seung-a does what an older sister would do and hits him on the head with a spoon for not respecting their parents. Seung-cheon loves the food and appreciates his mother. Tae-yong’s gifts are delivered to Seung-cheon’s family meanwhile Tae-yong has a meal with Hyeon-do as per their custom.

During the meal, Hyeon-do asks Tae-yong about his spending and the latter claims that he can do as he likes with his own money. Ju-hee and her father join the father-son duo and Ju-hee claims that she wants to send her engagement to Tae-yong.

Tae-yong follows Ju-hee in order to reconcile with her. Back at home, Young-sin tells Hyeon-do that Tae-yong’s behaviour was changing a lot and that it was alarming to her as well as the staff. Tae-yong is at the convenience store with Ju-hee. He helps out by rearranging the expired products on the shelf and Ju-hee is shocked by his sudden kindness.

A drunk man enters the convenience store and pukes inside. Tae-yong helps Ju-hee clear it up but she is shocked to notice the sudden change in his behaviour. After they both leave the store that night, Tae-yong and Ju-hee chat about her life when she suddenly trips and falls into Tae-yong’s arms.

They share an awkward romantic moment before going their separate ways. When she goes back home, one of Ju-hee’s older brothers yells at her for breaking the engagement with Tae-yong and hindering his business.

He is about to slap her when their father interrupts and kicks the man out for trying to assault his sister. The old man walks inside the house without saying much to Ju-hee about the trick she pulled at the dinner.

Meanwhile, Jang-un’s father beats him up brutally for not making it to the special class. Jang-un blames Seung-cheon and promises to teach him a lesson for the way his father assaulted him. Tae-yong is back in his room where he finds his stepmother snooping around. He asks her what she was doing there and she claims that she was only there to help him with special notes for the exam.

Tae-yong is sure something was up and he checks for the golden spoon. He is relieved to find it in its place but finds the real Tae-yong’s secret cabinet in the process. He finds a photo of his (the real Tae-yong’s) biological mother as well the sketches Tae-yong made of Ju-hee.

The next morning Seung-cheon throws a fit about Seung-a wanting to keep the gifts from Tae-yong. As Seung-cheon leaves for school, his father apologises and Seung-cheon assumes it is for the money but once Seung-cheon has left, he apologises to himself for being an incompetent father. Lee Cheol notices a poster for contract employees and picks it up.

Tae-yong meets with Seung-cheon’s mother and is about to hand her a sum of money for their debt. Sun-hye refuses the money and draws the line with Tae-yong leaving the money and the gifts behind. She asks him to stop making any contact with Seung-cheon and leave him alone.

In class, Seung-cheon talks Tae-yong down for sending gifts for his family leaving the entire class shocked. Outside the class, Ju-hee greets Seung-cheon and tells him they work together. He is shocked and suddenly starts remembering past memories belonging to the real Seung-cheon. Seung-cheon asks him if he and Ju-hee are dating, leaving her flustered in the process.

Jang-un shows up and pulls Seung-cheon away while Ju-hee worries about him. Yeo-jin finds her and asks if she can hang out with Ju-hee after but the latter claims that she already has plans with a friend. Jang-un takes Seung-cheon back to his house and Seung-cheon claims he had never been there before.

Jang-un wonders why Seung-cheon is behaving like this despite being at the house in the past. When Seung-cheon appears to be too arrogant, Jang-un and his friends start assaulting him. Jang-un goes as far as picking up a gun and pinning Seung-cheon to the ground.

Seung-cheon goes pale as he is suddenly suffering from PTSD for some reason. Ju-hee is at her childhood friend, Na-ra’s tombstone while Tae-yong is at Jin-seok’s tombstone. He tells Jin-seok that he was no longer Seung-cheon.

Just then, Tae-yong gets a call about Seung-cheon going missing which sends him rushing to Jang-un’s place. Jang-un continues to beat Seung-cheon up while Tae-yong suddenly shows up shocking the group of friends. Tae-yong states that he wants to join the fun so he picks up a gun and points it at Jang-un.

Jang-un wonders how Tae-yong is so familiar with the place despite it being his first visit. Jang-un claims that he was only messing around with Seung-cheon so Tae-yong takes a bullet out of his pocket and loads the gun asking him to kill Seung-cheon.

Tae-yong says that if he fails to do so, he will kill Jang-un instead. Jang-un is scared and falls to his knees asking Tae-yong to show him mercy. Tae-yong states that he won’t be showing anyone any mercy and pulls the trigger on Jang-un as the episode comes to an end with a loud gunshot.

The Episode Review

This episode shows how much power money holds and Seung-cheon’s sudden boost of confidence is proof of this fact. Just as he said in the last episode, Seung-cheon now has all the power in the world to defend himself against Jang-un and I love this boost of confidence that money is bringing him.

I wonder what Hyeon-do plans on doing with Tae-yong’s (actually Seung-cheon’s) spending nature. Ju-hee seems to be a really kind-hearted person and Yeo-jin looks like a conniving person. But given the nature of how plot twists go in K-dramas, I am sure that the makers can turn the tables on us.

There is no way Tae-yong could be having so much fun being in Seung-cheon’s shoes and I really love every time his naïve self appears on the screen. However, the show is pretty intense and there is a possibility that the fun moments will only be limited to the first few episodes.

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