The Gold – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Boy You Were” Recap & Review

The Boy You Were

The new episode of The Gold begins in South London. We follow an elderly woman, who lives alone. Before she leaves, she hands over a sandwich to a young boy next door. His parents are continuously bickering and he is hiding outside, waiting for the storm to calm down. The woman laments the young generation’s desire for money and what it has done to create a social divide. As she enters her apartment, she also has a run-in with a woman passing by, to whom she says, “It is not a mother’s fault for bringing a child into this world. She isn’t responsible for what happens next.” This is Mrs Cooper, Edwyn Cooper’s mother.

We turn our focus back to the task force. Mrs Dennis still does not believe that it was Noye who put 50k worth of A24 notes in her garden. Osbourne lays down the most essential element they need to prove the conspiracy charges against Noye: finding the person who controls the Swiss accounts. Jennings feels they should have another look at McAvoy to get closer to what they need. So Brightwell and she meet his two lovers, Kathleen and Jackie. While meeting the former, Jennings realizes that the people involved in the robbery know her father.

Brightwell asks her to take Kathleen in but Jennings doesn’t want to do anything right now. Both of them do not know who bought the houses for them and Jennings asks Osbourne to find out. Meanwhile, Palmer has plans to set up a new business entirely. He wants to revive the timeshares and call them The City of Gold. His connections ensure that Britain’s extradition request is denied. Boyce meets with Captain Siegrist in Switzerland to get information about the holders of the Swiss accounts. Since the country’s banking laws prioritise secrecy above everything else, it will be difficult. Boyce takes Siegrist out for lunch.

Despite their current conflict, the two veterans seem like they understand each other. They find spirit in their shared experiences with war, tragedy, and loss. It is a profound moment that represents so much of Britain’s history with wars and the general, cruel nature of it. Siegrist agrees to request a hearing with a judge for the issue. He knows the judge will deny his request but Siegrist hopes he can get a name from the bank representatives. Boyce can be in court to hear it since the proceeding will again be bound by secrecy laws. 

But there is a problem: the hearing will be in German. Boyce’s knowledge about his unit comes in handy as he calls Goodman, formerly Guttmann, to help in translation. Keith, who was caught at the border crossing, is briefly questioned by the detectives. But, it happens in the presence of a lawyer and hence, they aren’t able to glean much from him. They do have a name – Gordon Parry, the registered owner of the car. At the hearing, Parry’s name is taken, along with Cooper’s name. This comes as a result of Parry’s insistence that Cooper sign his name on one of the cheques in the previous episode. 

The task force has figured out who the “money” is. Even Osbourne has definitive proof that Cooper and Parry bought the two houses for McAvoy. But Boyce knows about the Free Masons and the vastness of their network. He fears Neville will alert Cooper even before the ink is dry on his warrant. McAvoy is getting restless in prison as he doesn’t know what’s happened to his share of the gold. He sends Kathleen on a wild goose hunt which involves her rubbing shoulders with a cabbie called Donny, and one of his “mates with the chopper.”

One of Palmer’s associates in the local police alerts him about an immediate arrest attempt to be made on him. This allows Palmer to just about escape the cop. Palmer is nabbed in Brazil and extradited back to England. Neville brings a proposal to Boyce. He sets up a meeting between him and Cooper and in return, he asks for immunity. At least until they make a deal. Cooper bids a teary farewell to Sienna. Palmer tries to make a deal with the prison guard in Brail but he is caught by Boyce and his team at the Heathrow airport. 

In the same breath, Boyce meets with Neville, Cooper, and Parry on the same day for lunch. They do not know he has brought an entire force with him. But the latter spots the men and tries to escape with Cooper through the backdoor. Brightwell tries to chase Cooper on foot but loses track in between. He does know where Cooper is headed though: home. Gordon has managed to run away in his car.

He has an emotional conversation with his mother. Cooper apologizes for not visiting often but she knows he has got pride. In fact, she confesses how proud she is of Edwyn having left this life behind and making a new one in a place he “did not belong.” She instils confidence in him and asks him not to be scared as he is arrested by the police. 

The Episode Review

The writers have done a fantastic job of managing character lines and the overarching investigation in episode 5. The balance is quite perfect and much better than some of the other instalments in Season 1. The acting has been stellar overall but Bonneville’s performance during the luncheon scene is the pick of the lot. The portrayal really sends chills down your spine when you first see it. He isn’t the only one who shines in this episode.

The full extent of Dominic Cooper’s character, his background, and what he represents in the narrative is realized as well. Cooper himself gets an opportunity to pitch Edwyn to the viewers. He has teetered on the sympathy spectrum for us until now. But there will be many who jump the fence after this episode.

The Gold’s idealistic pursuit of founding Britain’s story as a nation through the lens of a historic tragedy is definitely bearing some fruit. The creative choices that did not seem inspired earlier have transformed the discourse as we approach the finale.

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