The Gold – Season 1 Episode 4 “Vengeance is Easy, Justice is Hard” Recap & Review

“Vengeance is Easy, Justice is Hard”

Episode 3 of The Gold begins in sunny Tenerife as John Palmer calmly drifts away from civilization on the beach. He and Marnie have rejuvenated their relationship.

Palmer couldn’t have made a better decision to go away on vacation as things get messy back at home. “Vengeance is easy, justice is hard,” declares Boyce to his special task force. It comes in the aftermath of John Fordham’s death…nay, murder. Noye intentionally killed him and Boyce is all guns blazing to take him to task. Their resolve to nick every last one of the men involved in Brink’s-Mat is strengthened.

Edwyn hears about the incident on the radio while making breakfast. He is alerted to what might happen next and acts accordingly. He meets Gordon for lunch and announces he is going away to France. Gordon warns him not to hide from “him or the ones they answer to.”

Edwyn believes that “they’ might never get out of jail. But Gordon reminds him that there were six robbers, not just three. And more people have gotten involved since then. Edwyn cannot afford to get complacent and run away from his responsibilities. He tells Gordon that if they withdraw the money as cash in Switzerland and then deposit it back in Lichtenstein, the money cannot be tracked.  

The police dig up most of Noye’s land to find 11 gold bars with no serial numbers and a manual for a smelter. This won’t be enough since it is indeed part of Noye’s ordinary course of business. Mrs Dennis, his next-door neighbour, admonishes them for disturbing a “good man” and falsely framing him. Palmer, who had hitherto been unaware of what happened, gets an update when he reads the papers. The police are now planning on extraditing him back to England, But it will be tough. Noye tries to bribe Boyce when he meets him in the lockup. All Boyce wants is to find the gold and the money and rejects any notion of taking any kind of offer.

Jennings and Brightwell visit the branch where Garth used to withdraw money. The manager is of no help to them but the teller points them in the right direction. “A24” is the starting serial number of all the notes involved in this cover-up effort. That is the number the police must chase. The pair do not find them at Noye’s home but are able to nab Reader, Garth, the Scadlynn office, and Constantino. DI Neville approaches Boyce to strike a deal with Noye’s lawyer. But all of this must be done in private. However, Noye does not plead guilty and a trial is set for six months.

Marnie and Palmer have a serious discussion about their future. She rues the fact that nothing will be the same after this. But Palmer tries to calm her down. He gives an interview in Tenerife to save face and it is broadcast all over.

Six months later, things are not that different. Edwyn and Sienna have purchased a beautiful house in Cote’d Azur and live together happily. They didn’t have many roadblocks but this changes when Edwyn gets a phone call from Gordon: “Time to come back home, Mr Cooper.”

Noye’s trial begins but the man is unfazed. And he is ready, seemingly knowing exactly what to say and how to say it in front of the jury. Noye’s lawyers are good too. It seems unlikely Boyce will have his conviction for murder. What really breaks their case is when the judge allows Noye’s lawyer’s request to take the jury to Noye’s house at night to see what he saw when Fordham approached him. Boyce shakes his head in regret and rues the circus his fight for justice has been turned into. Noye is found not guilty by the jury. But Boyce isn’t ready to give up. He arrests Noye again for conspiracy charges, but it is an uphill task since he hasn’t found the gold or the money. 

Gordon suggests that they either burn the cash that has turned up from Bristol – some 700 grand – or have someone take it over to Lichtenstein. Since the police have got wind of the bank notes, they must not do it themselves. That is why they turn to Keith, who owns an art gallery that is on the brink of shutting down. In his desperation, Keith agrees to do it, not fully considering the risks involved.

Marnie leaves Palmer in Tenerife. She feels their life cannot go on like this and more importantly, they have to make the best decision for their children. He wants to stay there and make a business out of abandoned time-shares near the coast. 

The episode ends with two interesting developments. Mrs Dennis finds a box of gold buried in her garden. Keith, who has the money stuffed in his car, is stopped at the Lichtenstein crossing, indicating that the money will be caught by the police.

The Episode Review

The Gold has remained stout in its intention to revolve around the bank heist instead of another option. The aftermath of the big event has seen the makers dive deep into the struggles and conceits of different characters affected by it. Boyce, who is a real-life character, is arguably the model citizen whom the writers have chosen to base the ideals of The Gold around. Noye’s victory in Episode 4 was a blow but something tells me the battle is not lost yet.

I really like how Sean Harris and Dominic Cooper’s characters have progressed in the season. Almost every major character has had an arc but these two represent so much of the underpinnings of the script and the idealistic Britain that is longed for in the series. Episode 4 features some really memorable lines, mostly from Hugh Bonneville, whose performance I just cannot get over. It is quite truly the wonderful ensemble that has made The Gold a worthy watch until now.

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