The Glory – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The 17th Page of The January Issue of GQ

Episode 8 of The Glory starts with Hye-jeong asking Dong-eun to talk. She tries to beg and compromise in return for Dong-eun not meddling with her upcoming nuptials. Dong-eun returns her phone to her and tells her that she learnt so much about her using the phone.

Hye -jeong realizes that Dong-eun was the one who sent her the pictures. Dong-eun tells her to think long and hard about how she can save herself.  She also orders her to report Myeong Oh missing.

Do-young spots Jae-joon watching over Ha Ye Sol and they get into a confrontation. Do-young asks Jae-joon what he is planning to do. He tells him that he no longer wishes to find Myeong Oh because he has learnt the reason he sent the letter. Do-young may have just realized that he is not Ha Ye Sol’s biological dad.

Dong-eun meets Jae-joon on the school premises and is reminded of how he and Myeong Oh sexually harassed her back in the day. He asks her if she is planning to get revenge. He says he can’t stop her plans and tries to provoke her, and she slaps him. He warns her to stay away from Ha Ye Sol and she warns him not to help Yeon-jin.

She tells him that if he wants to protect Ha Ye Sol, he should consider her his ally. She reveals that she was the one who sent him Ha Ye Sol’s toothbrush. She hands him Ha Ye Sol’s colouring which proves that she inherited his colour blindness and leaves.

At home, Ha Ye Sol tells her mom about the dad event at school and Yeon-jin is scared. She gets rattled when he learns Jae-joon showed up too.

Meanwhile, Do-young secretly meets with Hye -jeong and asks her about the relationship between Yeon-jin and Dong-eun. Hye-jeong tells him that Yeon-jin brutally bullied Dong-eun when in high school. She tells him it was so bad that Dong-eun dropped out of school. She asks him to ask his wife about Dong-eun and the rest of the people she bullied.

She asks Do-young to tell Dong-eun that she was the one who told him about what happened to her. Do-young starts to understand what Dong-eun meant when she said she is betting her life on something.

Later, Do-young coincidentally meets with Yeo-jung at the new Go match place he built. They play a game together and Yeo-jung tries to gauge the kind of man Do-young is.  Yeo-jung tells him he recently moved into town hoping to get revenge for someone. He also tells him he is a surgeon and hands him his contact card. He later reports his meeting with Do-young to Dong-eun.

He tells her that meeting Do-young felt like opening the 17th page of the January issue of GQ magazine. Do-young seemed so put together and so cool. He also tells her that Do-young will only call once he has control of the situation. After he has rehearsed the questions he wants to ask in his head.

Do-young goes home and finds Yeon-jin waiting for him. He asks her about her relationship with Dong-eun. Yeon-jin says that she and Dong-eun come from different worlds and that they talked about their misunderstandings so everything is fine. She asks him what Dong-eun said to him but he tells her that she didn’t talk to him.

He asks her how she settled her difference with Dong-eun. She asks him not to listen to other people but to trust her. She points out that they have been together for 12 years and he should know that she will fix the issue. She warns him not to open Pandora’s box and that she will make sure their daughter is safe and the box remains closed.

The next day she meets with Jae-joon who asks her whether she loves Do-young. She admits that she loves Do-young and is not ready to get a divorce. Jae-joon reminds her that he has always been there for her. He tells her Do-Young might not accept her once he learns the truth about who she really is.

She later gets a call from the police chief, Shin Yeong-jun asking her to meet the next day. Yeong-jun tells her that Dong-eun is a model citizen based on his private investigation into her. Yeon-jin asks about Dong-eun’s mother and is hoping to use her against Dong-eun. It looks like the police chief has men watching Dong-eun’s mother.

Yeon-jin is not the only one curious about Dong-eun’s mom. Yeo-jung is curious too but Dong-eun doesn’t go into details. She however wants to learn about the reason behind Yeo-jung’s passcode. The scene cuts to his mother visiting the killer in prison and warning him never to send another letter taunting her son.

Hye -jeong finally reports Myeong-Oh as missing and the gang is annoyed. Sa Ra gets angry that Hye -jeong might have put her drug use on the police radar once they start their investigation. She promises she will kill Hye -jeong if the police start nosing around her.

Elsewhere, Dong-eun tells Hyun -nam to get her daughter a passport so that she can be away to study when she executes her dad.  She tells Hyun -nam that she will lose her child if they go through with the plan to kill her husband and asks her if she wants to stop.

Dong-eun later receives a call from Do-young asking her to meet. They meet and he tells her that he wants to listen to her side of the story first because she is the victim. Dong-eun tells him that she approached him on purpose. He asks where she lives and she tells him.

On the other hand, Yeon-jin discovers that Dong-eun is living in an apartment right outside her house. She pays a man a heft sum to break into the house and she is shocked to see the photos of the bully gang and people close to her on the wall.  She starts thinking that she shouldn’t have only bullied Dong-eun but killed her as well.

How Does Glory Season 1: Part 1 End?

As Yeon-jin contemplates how she slipped up while staring at the photos in Dong-eun’s apartment she is joined by Do-young.

Yeo-jung visits the morgue to look at a body and Dong-eun visits his house and makes the first move on his Go board as he had asked her to do.

The Episode Review

Given that this is only part 1, we still have many questions that we would like answers to. How did Dong-eun know that Yeon-jin trespassed on her home? Whose side will Do-young take? Whose body did Yeo-jung go to view in the morgue, is it So Hee or Myeong-Oh? Does Hyun -nam choose to still order a hit on her husband?

Hopefully, these questions will get answered when part 2 drops. What are the burning questions you have?

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  1. Thank you Victor. Glad you are enjoying the recaps and the show . In a way, I envy you . You don’t have to wait for three months like we did to see part two. Let me know what you think of part 2 . Have a great day 🤗

  2. “Whose body did Yeo-jung go to view in the morgue, is it So Hee or Myeong-Oh?” It was So-hee, the other teenager bullied before Dong-eun. There’s a quick subtitle that explains that the body was admitted on 12/15/2004. Myeong-Oh was still alive as recently as 2022.

    What I want to know is why a locksmith, knowing that there were cameras in the hallway, would agree to break in to an apartment, even if it was for a famous weather anchor. But this is definitely one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasure.

    Great recaps, too.

  3. I have never wanted a date to approach so fast like I want March to come. I love Korean dramas and this one hasn’t disappoint. It is even sweeter with the English voice over.

  4. Would like to see what happens, so many unanswered questions. I hope the Dong uem and her physician boyfriend can remain together, but still get revenge without killing anybody.

  5. That the teacher was allowed to beat her with no repercussions is sickening. The kids were evil through and through. Who would even think of burning someone with a curling iron? I think that some Koreans are a little too quick with their hands.

  6. Loved this drama it’s so sad that this type of bullying goes on every where in schools and in homes. I do hope rhis has a nice ending they say revenge is sweet not sure how I would react in that situation. But really looking forward to the next episodes

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