The Glory – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Is He Threatening You Too?

Episode 7 of The Glory starts with Yeo-jung finalizing the little details for his new clinic. He remembers the night Dong-eun opened herself to him. Dong-eun told him about her interest in Do-young. She wants to make sure that by the time she is done with her revenge, she wants Yeon-jin to be alone.

He gave Dong-eun the passcode to his apartment and asks her to visit when she wants and make a move on the Go board at his house. He will know she visited and that she is okay even when she doesn’t respond to his calls and texts.

Elsewhere, Do-young is going through old photos trying to learn more about Yeon-jin’s relationship with her friends from high school. He asks her if she often talks to Jae-joon or Myeong-Oh. She answers that she and Myeong Oh are not close and asks if he was being threatened by him.

Do-young finds her response suspicious and tells her that all her friends had the same response when he brought up Myeong Oh. Yeon-jin checks the locations he recently visited and sees that he visited Jae-joon’s golf club.

Hyun -nam continues her sleuthing and visits the shaman that Yeon-jin and her mom normally go to. The encounter doesn’t provide her with any important information. She later also helps Dong-eun find out the real motive of the men who were following her and wanted to extort money.

She follows them after they collect the money from Dong-eun and learn they work for the Police chief who is close to Yeon-jin’s family. Dong-eun starts to think that they might have something to do with Myeong Oh’s disappearance. She tells Hyun-nam that if Myeong Oh is truly dead, it would be in their best interest to discover his body first.

She remembers the deal she had with Myeong Oh. He was supposed to get a confession from Yeon-jin that she killed So-hee. Unfortunately, he went missing before he got her that confession. She thinks Yeon-jin killed Myeong Oh after he threatened to reveal that she is So-hee’s murderer.

With Yeo-jung leaving the hospital, his mom is left behind to take care of the day-to-day activities. She is shocked to receive a letter from the man who killed her husband. He is currently in prison and has been sending Yeo-jung taunting letters describing how he enjoyed killing his father.

Yeo-jung still carries a lot of anger and pain from this devastating loss and occasionally pictures himself stabbing the killer to death. It is part of the reason he has been going to therapy. However, after moving to Semyeong he stops his therapy appointments.

Dong-eun sets a meeting with Sa Ra at her dad’s church to collect the money she demanded. Sa Ra tells her that she has God on her side because she has already repented.  Dong-eun mocks her by telling her that she hopes she gets to heaven because she will make her life a living hell. Sa Ra tries to ask what she means by that and what she is planning but Dong-eun leaves without answering.

Dong-eun takes Hyun -nam to take an assessment test and tells her that she plans to take her to study in the US because she can no longer tutor her. She plans to use the money Sa Ra gave her.

In the meantime, Do-young learns from Ha Ye Sol that her teacher went to high school with Yeon-jin. He becomes more curious to find out more about Ha Ye Sol’s teacher and promises her to attend the Daddy’s event coming up in her class.

He is not the only one curious, Jae-joon is concerned about what kind of a man Do-young is and tries to get information from Hye-jeong during her wedding dress fitting. Hye-jeong tells him that he is a nice son of a bitch and you need to look closely to know him.

Hye-jeong also has worries, she is disconcerted after the damaging photos she received from Myeong Oh. She opts to check his apartment and runs into Sa Ra who had the same idea. Sa Ra finds her drugs but Hye-jeong gets no answers.

Sa Ra shows him the plane ticket and tells her that Myeong Oh planned to leave but he seems to be missing. They report this information to Yeon-jin who asks them to report the matter to the police if they are worried about him. They discuss their last conversations with Myeong Oh and Yeon-jin leaves, she tries to play it calm but she is clearly shaken.

Yeon-jin is also worried about what Do-young and Jae-joon talked about. She tries to reach him but he is not picking up her phone calls or replying to her messages. She decides to check his place but he is not there either. After numerous tries, he finally picks up her call and sets a meeting to see her later. Jae-joon visits Ha Ye Sol school and promises to protect her.

He calls his lawyer and asks to meet to discuss how he can get back his rights as  Ha Ye Sol’s father. The lawyer explains to him that he has no chance of getting recognized as the father unless the couple in question gets a divorce.

He later meets with Yeon-jin and chokes her in anger as he confronts her about Ha Ye Sol.  Yeon-jin is shocked but distracts him with sex to calm him down.

As Jae-joon plots to get his daughter back, Hye-jeong tries to win her mother-in-law-to-be. This proves to be a bit difficult as the lady is acquainted with Dong-eun. She was hoping Dong-eun would be her daughter-in-law and can’t stand Hye-jeong.  Hye-jeong realizes she is in deep trouble and asks to talk with Dong-eun.

At the end of the episode, Daddy’s event in Ha Ye Sol’s class takes place and both Do-young and Jae-joon attend. Jae-joon acts like he came to visit Dong-eun who he refers to as an old high school friend. Do-young is shocked to see Dong-eun is the teacher in question. It doesn’t help either that Jae-joon keeps trying to get under his skin with his snide comments.

The Episode Review

We still don’t know who killed Myeong Oh but we should also ask ourselves if he is dead. His body should have turned up by now but let us wait and see if it will be revealed in the next episode.

I was expecting more of an angrier confrontation between Jae-joon and Yeon-jin. I wonder if Jae-joon is angry about not having his rights as a father or because he feels something has been taken from him. I think it is more about his ego than being a father.

There is also the question of whether Do-young will fight for custody; he is honestly a better father than Jae-joon. Lastly, what does Hye-jeong have to say to Dong-eun? We’ll have to wait and find out!

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