The Glory – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

On The Night of October 19th

Episode 10 of The Glory starts with Do-young visiting Jae-joon’s store and asking to see the fitting room. He realizes that Yeon-jin has been there with Jae-joon and is hurt. You see, the epiphany he had when he was in their walk-in closet was that Yeon jin shops a lot from Jae-joon’s store.

Elsewhere, Hyun -nam finds herself on the receiving end of Yeon-jin’s scary threats. Yeon-jin realized that Dong-eun must have been receiving help to follow all of them around. After learning from Shin Yeong-jun that Dong-eun has two cars, she put two plus two together. She researched about Hyun -nam and is now using Sun-a to get Hyun -nam to do her bidding.

Yeon-jin discovers that Hyun -nam and Dong-eun have been working together because they wish to kill two different people. Dong-eun wants to kill her and Hyun -nam wants to kill her husband. She offers to kill Hyun -nam’s husband if she agrees to help her and do everything she commands. Dong-eun arrives at their usual meeting point and is surprised to find both the car and Hyun -nam missing.

It turns out that after her conversation with Yeon-jin, Hyun -nam decided to grab Sun-a and run away. She is hoping she managed to lose the people following them but is not sure where they are going. All she knows is that she has to get Sun-a to safety. Sun-a is curious why they are skipping town but is also elated to be running away with her cool mom.

The next morning, Dong-eun is unable to reach Hyun -nam. She is unable to leave work early due to a meeting at school about an upcoming trip and festival. During the meeting, she is forced to take up more work in preparation for the field trip. She turns to Hye-jeong and asks her to lure Yeon-jin to a location. Hye-jeong says that Yeon-jin might not pick up her call because of their fight but Dong-eun asks her to figure a way out or she will ruin her wedding.

Another teacher calls Dong-eun and asks her to run to the parking lot as soon. Dong-eun is paralyzed with shock when she gets there and sees her mom drunk and acting up. Apparently, Yeon-jin traced Dong-eun’s mom and visited her. Yeon-jin recruited her help to get Dong-eun fired from the school. Upon seeing the cash Yeon-jin was carrying, Dong-eun’s mother agrees. A few months ago, she traced Dong-eun to her new residence in Semyeong but was kicked out by the landlord after causing a ruckus.

Dong-eun takes her mom to her house and asks how she found her. She is shocked to hear she come by the last Spring, the landlady never told her of the incident. Dong-eun is sure that Yeon-jin played a hand in the return of her mother and the disappearance of Hyun-nam.

In the meantime, Jae-joon is busy preparing Ha Ye Sol’s room and the contractor points out that his beloved dog might be a health concern issue for his daughter.

Yeo-jung and Yeon-jin meet at his plastic surgery clinic. Hye-jeong planned for them to meet there. Hye-jeong tells Yeon-jin that Dong-eun and her husband, Do-young have been playing Go together. She also tells Yeon-jin that Do-young bought her an expensive  Hermes bag and they met. Hye-jeong notes that the only reason she didn’t turn on Yeon-jin is that they are still friends. She advises Yeon-jin to get a procedure so that her husband doesn’t cheat on her.  Yeo-jung offers to do her procedure but Yein-jin rudely declines and leaves.

On the other side of town, Shin Yeong-jun learns that one of his men threatened  Dong-eun. (Remember the fake car accident.)Shin Yeong-jun is not pleased and beats up the man who ran that scheme on Dong-eun.

Later that night, Dong-eun visits the convenience store near Hyun-nam’s place and learns that Hyun-nam ran away. She spots her drunkard husband fighting with the store owner and leaves in a hurry after getting a message from Hyun-nam.

They meet at a parking lot and Hyun-nam confesses that Yeon-jin found her. Dong-eun had warned her when she realized the photo of Hyun-nam’s husband was missing from her belongings. Hyun-nam asks her to protect Sun-a and promises she is still on her side. Hyun-nam wants to pretend that she is on Yeon-jin’s side and find a way to help Dong-eun from the inside. Dong-eun takes Sun-a to her former teacher and asks her to watch some American shows to learn English. She promises Sun-a that she will protect her mom from her dad.

At the mansion, Do-young and Yeon-jin get into a fight about the reason he asked to meet  Hye-jeong. Yeon-jin accuses Do-young of taking Dong-eun’s side and Do-young lashes out that he is on their daughter’s side. He points out that Yeon-jin has no shred of remorse for what she has done. He asks her why she couldn’t have waited for him to approach the subject first.

As Christmas is around the corner, Jae-joon asks help from one of his store’s managers to get Ha Ye Sol a present. The store manager tells him about Do-young’s visit and Jae-joon asks to see the CCTV footage. He learns that Yeon-jin asked the store manager to reformat footage from October 19th. This is suspicion given that is the day Myeong-oh went missing.

Dong-eun also learns that Yeo-jung met with the police about Myeong-oh. The night he disappeared Myeong-oh went to the hospital morgue to ask about So-hee. Yeo-jung had asked the morgue attendant to inform him if anyone stopped by to ask about So-hee. According to Yeo-jung’s statement, he got Myeong-oh’s number and when he called Myeong-oh cursed him out and hang up quickly. The detective finds Yeo-jung’s behaviour suspicious but says nothing.

Back at his office, Do-young realizes why Dong-eun sent him the picture of them at the convenience store. She wanted him to find Myeong-oh. He sets a meeting with Dong-eun to meet at a hotel in Seoul as privacy is important to them. At the hotel, he is shocked to see Dong-eun’s scar after she takes off her coat.

As Dong-eun meets Do-young, Yeon-jin returns to Yeo-jung’s clinic to get filler treatments. During the procedure, before Yeon-jin is under the influence, he asks her what she did to Myeong-oh.

Yeon-jin starts remembering what happened on October 19th after she met with Myeong-oh at Jae-joon’s store. She quickly saw through his blackmail scheme and destroyed his phone so that he didn’t record their conversation. She told him that she expected more from him, as he brings up Yoon So-hee and the fact that she is yet to be buried. He claims to have the evidence of what happened that day in his pocket and will be reporting her the following day.

Yeon-jin checks his pocket and only finds a condom, prompting Myeong-oh to laugh at her. He asks for a billion won and she slaps him. He mocks her further and asks to sleep with her, Yeon-jin loses her cool and strikes him with the whisky bottle that was on the table. He tries to stand up but she strikes him on the head again.

Yeon-jin wakes up from the procedure to find Yeo-jung by her bedside. He innocently asks her how she slept.

The Episode Review

What an interesting episode, we finally know who killed Myeong-oh, we just don’t know where his body is. Yeo-jung is proving to be quite helpful in this revenge plan.

Hyun-nam is impressive and Sun-a is right, she is so cool. She is doing all she can to protect her daughter and fight for justice. I hope she gets to see the fruits of her labour. She is one of the characters that deserve happiness and peace of mind.

Domestic abuse is prevalent and her story is relatable to so many across the world who are in this situation. We always say get out but sometimes leaving is the hardest thing to do. Other times, leaving is not a viable option and the victims are forced to wait for the right time. I am glad Sun-a is now safe from that cycle of abuse.

I wonder how the conversation between Do-young and Dong-eun will go. He looked horrified after seeing her scars so I hope he will side with Dong-eun; ultimately he has to choose a side. Either way, it will be intriguing to see what goes down regardless of which side he chooses. Do you think he will become an ally or an enemy?

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  1. @joy it might be confusing what myeong-o said about “1 minute has already passed” and pointed at the clock, but at the start of their conversation Yeon-jin said that “One minute. Then I’m gone”. Not really a catchy phrase and easy to miss.

  2. I didn’t understand what Myeong-oh was making fun of when he looked at the clock and said something about “a minute has already been passed” and Yeon-jin looking horrified while looking back at the clock. Surely its not just about the sleeping with him joke right? And why did she still feel threatened when she checked his pockets and saw that the name tag wasn’t there?

  3. @Eun-ji thank you too for reading the recaps and commenting. I enjoyed interacting with you. Have a great week ahead.

  4. @ Hani I am tempted to agree with you but unfortunately, we don’t get a say on the cast. However, Lee Do-hyun did well.

  5. I feel as if the air sizzles when Doyoung and Dongeun are together. They should have been the pairing in this show

  6. Hi Eun-ji ..Myeong-oh added Dong-eun to the list of the people he wanted to blackmail.He also wanted the name tag to blackmail Yeon-jin and get her to confess she killed So-hee. In the end, Myeong-oh betrayed Dong-eun and wasn’t smart enough to deal with Yeon-jin and ended up dead

  7. thank you, Christine!

    and he decided to also turn against Dong-eun by asking her to give him the name tag?

    regarding the calls he made to his friends, i thought it was to put them on the call log to frame them for something because when Myeong-o called Dong-eun, he said he called her first before calling Yeon-jin to put her on the call log.

  8. Hi Eun-ji. Myeong-oh went to the morgue to confirm if what Dong-eun told him is true. He called his friends separately because he was blackmailing each one of them for different reasons. The plan was for him to get Yeon-jin to confess to killing So-hee and then use the money he got from blackmailing his “friends” to start a new life in Russia.

  9. i have a few questions about myeong-o that i think i missed on, can somebody help me?

    1. why did Myeong-o go to the morgue to see So-hee’s body?
    2. why did he call his “friends” separately and asked them to meet him?
    3. why did he book a flight to Russia? was it a part of he and Dong-eun’s plans?

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