The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

I Went On A Field Trip With The Girl I Like

Episode 9 of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura’s friends telling him he should join Mie’s group for the scheduled field trip. They know he has something for Mie and feel it’s best he looks after her in case she forgets her glasses as usual. At the same time, Mie goes over her glasses preparation plans with her group. Mie’s friends welcome Komura and his two friends into their group. At night, Mie stashes her spare glasses in her bag and heads to sleep.

Komura and Mie arrive at school late. Mie informs everyone she broke her glasses but stored her spare ones in her bag. Everyone heads on the bus, and Mie puts on her spare glasses. However, her friend reminds her of the time when they went to Kamakura and Mie bought fake glasses. Mie realizes she brought the wrong spares. They head to their destination. Komura questions if Mie can take notes for her report since he knows she got the fake glasses her friend mentioned.

Komura takes Mie somewhere else within the Mirai Technology Museum that she can see. Mie realizes Komura knows she brought the wrong glasses and apologizes for forgetting. Mie thanks Komura for his help and tells him he can leave her be. Later, Mie wanders off somewhere, but Komura finds her. Mie bursts into tears because she feels terrible for relying on Komura and causing trouble. Komura comes clean and tells Mie he’s always hopeful she will forget her glasses.

He explains he likes being of help to her, to which Mie thanks him for it. During their bus ride back, Komura states Mie didn’t talk to him much after he told her the truth. He questions if she dislikes him now. However, Mie tells Komura she can’t believe he likes that she causes him trouble. In contrast, Mie says it made her happy to know that.

The following day, Mie ponders Komura’s words he shared on the field trip. She aims to be less dependent on Komura and puts her 1-day contacts on. When Komura arrives, she tells him about her plan, and he tells her not to stress over it.

Later, Mie and one of her other friends learn that their pal Asuka is in love. Alone, Mie questions what it feels like to love someone as she never understood it. Mie bumps into Komura in the hallway and wants him to make eye contact with her. After staring at Komura for a while, she realizes Komura might hold unique feelings for her like Asuka has for the boy she likes.

The episode closes with Mie hoping that’s the case, as she feels she might hold feelings for him too.

The Episode Review

Firstly, this was a great step up from the previous episode. Not only did all the events tie into each other well, but we got to see Mie realize that Komura has feelings for her. While it wasn’t in the way many would’ve hoped, it gives the future chapters more intrigue as to who will confess to each other first. Based on the next chapter’s preview, it could be Mie. Only time will tell on that front. 

Furthermore, this episode had some compelling emotional segments that’ll keep viewers engaged. From Mie’s tearjerking crying segment to the moment when their faces are close to each other, each segment provided enough tension to keep viewers invested in our character’s intimate segments. Hopefully, future chapters will continue producing content on par with this one. 

At the same time, it would’ve been great if we received more alone time with Mie and Komura in this episode – preferably after Komura tells Mie he likes that she forgets her glasses every day. He mentions how it caused subtle tension and silence between them. It would’ve been stellar to see that stretched out more for drama purposes.

Otherwise, this was a genuinely enjoyable chapter of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. I’m curious to see what Mie’s request will be in episode 10. 

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