The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Girl I Liked Asked Me Out

Episode 2 of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura and Mie handing the students food in the cafeteria for their lunch duties. Mei struggles to give students food because she isn’t wearing her glasses due to breaking them. Komura asks Mie if she’d like any assistance, but she refuses. He tells her to go easy on giving students their stew, resulting in her giving them small amounts.

A fellow student interrupts their conversation and asks Mie if she can give him more meat. Mie asks the student if she can give him more potatoes instead; the student complies. She and Komura finish their lunch duties. Mie hands him a plate of food with lots of meat to repay him for his kindness the other day. A week goes by, and Mie returns to class without new glasses. However, she brings some 1-day contact lenses. She struggles to put one of them in her eye, alarming Komura.

After seeing her struggle to put one in her eye, Komura tells Mie she doesn’t need to worry about it as he’ll protect her when she doesn’t have them on. The next day, Mie arrives with glasses on, and Komura wonders if she’s challenging him and why she’s squinting. Mie confirms that the weather tends to fog up her glasses. After mistaking her classmate Tokita for a stranger, Mie asks Komura if he’d recognize her, leading to a funny moment between the two.

Another day passes. Mie asks Komura for his LIME ID and shares it with her. She wants to exchange IDs because she wants to ask him for help when she forgets her glasses. Mie would ask her family for help, but Mie doesn’t want to feel embarrassed. After school, Mie texts Komura and asks him to visit Kichijoji Station. Komura meets Mie at the station and learns she lost her glasses on the train. She asks him to take her to an important place. Komura’s flabbergasted after realizing this feels like a date.

Komura takes her to a restaurant and helps Mie eat a cake since she’s having trouble finding it without her glasses. Komura and Mie arrive at a glasses shop next since Mie ordered new ones and wants to pick them up. Mie says she can see everything, and Komura feels this is it between them. Mie grabs Komura’s hand, helping him realize it’s not over between them. After spending time with Komura, Mie thanks him for spending time with her and returns home.

At school, Komura spots Mie with a mask and fogged-up glasses. Mie says she got sick, so she has to wear a mask. After seeing people treat Tokita like a freak since he looks similar to her, Mie removes her glasses and tells Komura she forgot them. She doesn’t want him to think of her similarly. The episode closes with Komura questioning Mie’s behavior on his balcony.

The Episode Review

This was a strange and awkward chapter of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. While it had sprinkles of wholesome material to warm fans’ hearts, Komura comes off as being overly creepy toward Mie in every scene they’re in. While romantic comedies like The Dangers In My Heart had common criticisms for Kyotaro’s strange remarks about Yamada early on, he was never portrayed in a manner similar to Komura’s. Komura’s weird remarks make the charming content feel less effective and more unsettling to an extent. 

As the anime continues showcasing his growing connection with Mie, it’d be great to have Komura break free from his unpleasant behavior gradually throughout the work like Kyotaro. Only time will tell if his character goes down a similar and effective route as his. The animation was slightly improved in this episode compared to the last one. While there were some weird shots and jarring visuals, there weren’t as many errors or inconsistencies as in episode one.

Overall, this was a decent episode with some compelling jokes that will get a laugh out of most audiences. Although Komura’s a bizarre male lead, he has the potential to grow and become a more genuine protagonist to root for. As for Mie, she has her own quirks but could be fleshed out more to feel more dynamic than static. Despite this chapter’s many issues, I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship grows in future episodes. Hopefully, their time together will feel more cozy and less uncomfortable. 

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