The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

Episode 1 of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with the male protagonist Komura discussing how much he loves Mie, the anime’s female protagonist. In class, Komura says he’s known Mie for three days since the teacher had the students change seats. He hopes Mie will look at him with her eyes.

One day, Mie forgets her glasses, catching Komura by surprise. Komura’s not used to Mie looking like this, but Komura wants to get to know Mie better before asking her strange questions about her missing glasses. Mie tells Komura not to take her squinting as a sign of aggression as she forgot her glasses today. Komura’s shocked to be conversing with Mie this soon. Mie notes how she never forgot her glasses. Although he’s hesitant to assist Mie, Komura vows to support her today.

Mie asks Komura if he could help her find the history textbook they need for the first term. Komura offers to let her see his textbook. When Mie gets close to him, Komura freaks out because of Mie’s beauty. Nevertheless, Komura concedes and lets Mie sit by him, and the two use the textbook together. Mie’s having a hard time seeing the words and apologizes to Komura. Komura’s too caught up in his closeness with Mie to care and lets her use the textbook alone.

As Mie struggles to read the textbook, Komura’s shocked by how close he’s gotten to her over time. He wonders if she’ll remember their exchange but hopes they can grow tighter connections over time. Komura properly introduces himself to Mie as she gets up close and personal with him. After class, Komura spots Mie near some shoe cubby lockers and asks her if she’s having any trouble. Mie informs Komura that her shoes feel big, and Komura realizes she’s wearing his gym shoes.

We cut to a flashback with Mie conversing with her classmates. They ask her if she needs help getting home and can find her shoe cubby locker. Mie says she’ll be fine, but that is far from the truth. She tells Komura she tried a bunch of cubbies around her. However, Mie realizes she didn’t find the right one. Komura helps Mie find her shoe cubby locker but sees a frog sitting on her shoes. Komura removes the frog and gives Mie her shoes, despite Mie feeling uncomfortable wearing them due to the frog’s slime. Before Mie walks home, Komura helps her tie her shoe.

Mie thanks Komura for helping her today, and Komura’s happy he got to spend the entire day with her. Mie hopes when she gets her glasses, she’ll be able to identify Komura, so she can remember who graciously helped her today. On his home’s balcony, Komura notes how Mie lives close by and hopes she forgets her glasses again. In the morning, Komura spots Mie and overhears Mie telling her friend she stepped on her glasses, shocking Komura.

After dodgeball, Komura’s teacher tells Mie to wake up during class. Komura believes Mie’s trying to read her textbook but realizes she’s actually asleep. Their teacher gets more antsy, enticing Komura to wake Mie up. However, he doesn’t want to touch Mie. Komura informs their teacher that Mie forgot her glasses and needs to get close to her textbook to read them. He fools his teacher and buys Mie enough time to wake up. However, Mie thinks Komura’s her father, signaling to him that she’s half-asleep. Mie rests on Komura’s shoulder, and he’s baffled that they’re touching each other and wishes it’d last forever.

However, his teacher breaks it up, ruining Komura’s moment with Mie. The next morning, Komura notices Mie without glasses on and worries about what will happen to her if she keeps forgetting them. Mie stares at Komura and notices his complexion. The episode closes with Komura pondering on his balcony.

The Episode Review

With a new anime season, comes more romantic comedies for fans to delve into. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses is one of many airing this season. People have been curious about this one, not so much for its plot, but for its cinematography. Based on this first chapter’s content, GoHands must love using the camera a lot. While this chapter had a few decent sequences, many scenes looked jarring and nauseating.

Characters looked like elongated thin giants and felt like they were ripped out of an old console video game at times. On top of the weird animation, this episode had some essence of plot convenience that has me mildly concerned for the show’s future chapters. Besides that, this was an interesting way to kick things off for the show.

While we don’t know much about Komura and Mie’s characters yet, they have likable personalities and share some intimate scenes with each other. From Komura assisting Mie with her shoe debacle to Komura allowing Mie to use his textbook, many fans will get a feel for their dynamic and may start rooting for the two to become a couple by the season’s conclusion.

Although this episode wasn’t a total knockout, it still has 12 more episodes left to win fans over. As we saw with The Dangers In My Heart in the Spring 2023 Season, it’s possible for The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses to achieve a similar comeback if it can give viewers a pair that’s charming and unforgettable.


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