The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Girl I Like Had a Request

Episode 10 of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura greeting Mie and asking her if she wants to share textbooks since she forgot her glasses again. He notices Mie’s acting more cheery than usual and wonders what’s up. Someya stops by and asks Komura if he and Mie are smooching. Another girl takes Someya aside and tells her they weren’t kissing, while Komura worries people are starting to misunderstand his and Mie’s relationship.

Mie returns and notices something’s wrong with Komura. Komura tells her he’s ill, so Mie hands him a mask so he can cover his face. Mie stares at Komura the whole day because she wants to see his face. Komura’s set on paying her no mind. He doesn’t want others to get the wrong idea about their companionship. Someya teases Komura about the situation more during P.E. class. Mie wanders near a basketball and trips. Komura takes her to the school’s nurse and she thanks him for it. 

Mie asks Komura what he does during the weekends since they didn’t talk much today. After receiving a response, Mie tells Komura she’s noticed he’s been hanging out with Someya today. Komura wonders if Mie’s upset that he neglected her because he was worried about Someya’s assumptions. Mie asks if she can look at his face from up close each day and Komura says he doesn’t mind. After wandering at Komura’s face and helping Komura clean up the classroom, she asks him if he’d like to come home with her. 

Mie’s hair gets tangled in a closet and she asks Komura to cut it for her. Komura struggles to cut the hair while Mie asks him if he likes her long hair. He doesn’t answer but succeeds in cutting it for her. Mie promises to take better care of her hair.

The next school day, Mie drops one of her hair bands on the ground and asks Komura to tend to her hair for her. After completing the task, Mie says she’d love for Komura to tend to her hair in the future when they’re out of school. Komura questions what she means by that. 

Later, Komura recalls the school’s cultural festivals coming up. He and the rest of the students prepare for it. Mie asks Komura if she can help him with his tasks and he lets her use some wipes to clean her face off. Mie struggles to help Komura complete his decoration task, so she asks him to let her know when he’s done. She visits a group of girls to help them with their tasks. Komura leaves the classroom after realizing his gluestick is damaged.

Mie accompanies Komura and they enter an empty classroom. She asks him if she can get a close look at his face here because it’d be better if no one was around. While Mie stares at Komura, he questions if he’s allowed to think that he’s special to her. They return to the classroom and someone tells Komura he should wash his face. He overhears Mie and her friends talking about her hands being dirty.

The episode closes with Komura thinking people have a hunch that Mie kissed him while they were out. 

The Episode Review

After the great episode we received last week, many questioned what Mie’s “special request” was going to be. While it wasn’t as special as some would hope, this chapter delivers an ounce of charm to warm any fan’s heart. From Mie’s conversation with Komura while they’re alone in the empty classroom, to her asking Komura to tend to her hair, episode 10 had some sweet elements to hold viewers over. 

At the same time, many may be put off by Mie and Komura’s relationship a bit. For instance, many fans can view Mie as being a bit bossy toward Komura. This is mostly in the ways that she asks Komura to help her with things. For instance, when Komura suggests they leave to go somewhere that’s less awkward during the vacant classroom predicament, she refuses to let him leave. 

While it makes somewhat sense, many may find Mie’s actions to be less charming to an extent. Besides that, the chapter was standard at best and wasn’t nearly as interesting as the one we received last week. Based on episode 11’s preview, we can expect Komura to possibly kiss Mie near the school’s baseball field, which could lead to great developments concerning their relationship. Hopefully, it delivers on that front. 

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