The Game: Towards Zero Episodes 5 & 6 Recap and Review

The Real Killer

The Game: Towards Zero is shaping up to be a really exciting crime drama. As the true killer is revealed and we prepare for a cat and mouse game to ensue, Tae-Pyeong and Joon-Young continue their investigation. With secrets from the past uncovered and a little more history around Joon-Young, The Game matches up its current storyline with some intriguing past reveals.

The episodes begin from Mi-Jin’s perspective of being snatched up and taken to the warehouse. Jo Pil-Goo was the suspect the police arrested last time out but is it the same man this time?  As we soon learn, a lot of his murders took place at around the same time. This then coincides with where the previous episode ends, as Tae-Pyeong questions his abilities in the aftermath of Mi-Jin being saved.

Outside, Joon-Young questions the validity of the footprint given how conspicuous this is. As she heads back in, she speaks to Tae-Pyeong who remains concerned over his vision changing. As they talk about his gift, at the hospital Mi-Jin’s Father, Joon-Hee, is consumed by guilt following his decision to put work first. However, he doesn’t get long to dwell over this though as Woo-Hyun warns that the killer may be planning something else. As he’s left to his own devices, we cut back in time and see the seventh victim and how they died in the hospital, as the killer managed to slip in undetected.

The next day, Joon-Young sits with Joon-Hee and discusses Pil-Goo and how he was covering the story exclusively. This may have been motive enough for the victim’s Father, Jung-Ho, to get revenge on him.

Tae-Pyeong confronts Teacher Baek about locking him up in a room and goes on to discuss the death changing and just why that happened. We then cut back to the past, where Tae-Pyeong sees a lot of his close friends and family die in his mind’s eye. Its a heavy burden for a child to bear and something that sees him desperate to try and prevent.

Meanwhile, the police try and track down Jung Ho. Only, it turns out he passed away that very morning as he was in a hospice and unable to move for the past 6 months. This rules him out of the possible suspects involved in the murder. Back at the station, the officers begin to trace the footprint and figure out just what shoe this was for.

Tae-Pyeong continues his investigation too, and as he looks at the details of the suffocated victim who was killed in hospital, he flashes to the moments before her death where he sees the killer. Breathing heavily, Tae-Pyeong tries to make sense of what he’s seen. On the rooftop of the station, Joon-Young is approached by a man named Do Kyung who manages to grab a picture of her Father she dropped while reminiscing about old times. He sits and has coffee with her but remains cagey and guarded over what his real motive is here.

Meanwhile, Tae-Pyeong heads into the station where he sees Woo-Hyun and immediately looks shocked after looking in his eyes. As he brings the team leader in to discuss what’s happening, the other officers pry Tae-Pyeong and try to find out when they die. Eventually he does get hold of Mi-Jin’s photo and as he looks into her eyes, her death date seems to change. He sees her strangled by a masked man. A man that happens to be Do-Kyung. Game on.

As the episode closes out, Tae-Pyeong remains in shock while seeing the time was 7pm at the moment of her death. Tae-Pyeong immediately asks which hospital Mi-Jin is in while Bong-Soo phones Joon-Young, mentioning Mi-Jin’s death right infront of our killer.

The Game: Towards Zero is shaping up for a real thrill-ride from here on out and although Tae-Pyeong’s visions give him a distinct advantage, Do-Kyung’s clear cunning ways may be enough to tip the scales back in his favour. The show has done well so far in balancing out characterisation for our main characters with the plot-line and it’s something that looks set to continue going forward as well. There are plenty of unanswered questions here though and quite what will happen next remains a mystery. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long for the next set of episodes!


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