The Game: Towards Zero Episodes 19 & 20 Recap and Review

Chief Nam’s Decision

The Game: Towards Zero returns with another double bill of episodes and with it, a frightening vision of the future as Tae-Pyeong starts to piece together Do-Kyung’s diabolical plan. As the pieces of the puzzle start to come together, the episodes tease future glimmers around the current issues our characters face, but the show continues to struggle, failing to hit those same lofty heights the early few episodes achieved.

The episodes begin with Tae-Pyeong envisioning himself rushed into hospital with multiple stab wounds. We then cut back and see Tae-Pyeong and the other officers sharing drinks and introducing themselves until Chief Nam takes Tae-Pyeong aside and the latter gives him another task. What that is, however, remains to be seen.

We then cut back to the present with Tae-Pyeong intent on fighting Do-Kyung. At the police station, he teams up with the officers but they have no clues regarding the connection between Do-Kyung, Joon-Hee and Hyeong-Soo. With their faces pinned up on the wall, Tae-Pyeong takes the opportunity to look at  Joon-Hee’s picture and sees the moment he dies – with a bomb strapped to his chest in the police station and it exploding. This coincides with the scenes involving the rest of the police force blowing up too.

Meanwhile Joon-Hee learns the horrifying truth from Hyeong-Soo while they’re in the prison cell together, leading him to head over and start choking him out. Do-Kyung interupts though, and with a gleeful look in his eye, tells him to commit to his words and throws a knife in the cell.

Tae-Pyeong comes up with an idea to try and bring the killer out into the open, including Chief Nam coming clean about what he’s done in the past and agreeing to do an interview asking for forgiveness infront of the world. As the plan is set into motion, Tae-Pyeong and Joon-Young meet Han-Kyu in the diner to discuss the details of this.

The news goes viral and Do-Kyung is released from his position at work thanks to him being arrested without a warrant in the past. On his way out the building, he and Tae-Pyeong share an elevator ride together, where he questions him outright as to why he killed Baek. He promises Do-Kyung he won’t die on his own terms and vows to exact revenge for what he’s done to his teacher.

At home, Do-Kyung finds himself surrounded by reporters outside, who hound him, banging on the glass and shouting through the windows. They refuse to give him a moment’s peace and he holds his head in his hands as the noise drowns around him. The reporters outside then begin to question whats happened to Joon-Hee, given its been 5 days since they last heard from him. As they discuss this, Do-Kyung manages to sneak out the back.

Chief Nam heads off with flowers to pay his respects to Pil-Goo, apologising for having him arrested for such a long time. Tae-Pyeong bumps into him there and tells him that when the time comes, he needs to help Joon-Young. With Chief Nam excused from his position, the officers get acquainted with their new chief, who takes them out to a karaoke bar where they all share drinks and food.

The next day, Joon-Young heads home to pay her respects to her Father while Do-Kyung sits afar on the train, reminiscing from times gone by and what drove his desire to kill. He also hints that there’s some affection for Joon-Young too.

As she gets off the train, Joon-Young lays flowers by her Father’s grave, was Tae-Pyeong arrives and joins her. Do-Kyung continues to watch her and walks away as Tae-Pyeong arrives at the graveyard. With Do-Kyung gone for now, Tae-Pyeong and Joon-Young sit together and discuss his gift, leading to him leaning over and kissing her. On the train back, they sit together and while she sleeps, he questions his gift.

Dropping her off at her house, Tae-Pyeong leaves the front garden to find Do-Kyung waiting in the shadows for him. As they stand face to face, Tae-Pyeong tells him he’ll kill to protect Joon-Young, where the episode ends.

The Game: Towards Zero does well to add an ominous future prophecy with Tae-Pyeong’s abilities, but there’s a niggling feeling that his powers are being under-utilized here. There’s a constant push/pull notion between the police and Tae-Pyeong and at times the story suffers because of it. There’s no logical reason for Tae-Pyeong to be hiding so much from the police, especially given how much emphasis is shown with him working with the officers this episode.

Still, there’s enough here to keep you watching to see the more action-packed elements this one may well have in store for us but compared to other thrillers, The Game: Towards Zero doesn’t really match up to others out there.


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