The Front Bottoms – You Are Who I Hang Out With | Album Review

Track Listing

Punching Bag
Clear Path 
Not Joking 
Fake Gold 
Finding Your Way Home 


Sadness is commonplace on this record by The Front Bottoms. The band don’t cover over blemished truth as they let it all out and tell us that they’re in a dark place emotionally. From the beginning of ‘You Are Who I Hang Out With,’ the emotions run like leaking mascara, and every tear is a piece of poignant expression.

It’s a good record in terms of musicality and the lyrics are well written, dodging pop-punk cliches and the normal rush of putting words together for the sake of it or to just fill pages. Everything has been thought out daringly, covering all aspects of suburban decay and broken memories.

The band is hurting, there’s no doubting that, and they speak truthfully and honestly throughout this record. There are no tricks here either, just true righteousness, as the outfit delivers a vivid commentary on their own lives, the mishaps, the downfalls, and the hardships of debilitating mental health.

There are 10 songs on this record. ‘Punching Bag’ begins slowly, and the well-crafted guitar moment pushes the song forward, while the vocals sound sombre. Love takes a beating here and hope crashes.

‘Paris’ delivers a gentle guitar sound, and again, love becomes a common theme with it being assessed heavily. Sadness catches on like a gust of wind.

‘Brick’ starts quickly and loudly as the band sings about happiness becoming dispossessed from reality. The breakneck guitar sequence increases the intensity and the vocals rise.

The Front Bottoms do well here to show their true feelings, with this record being a compendium of sad moments.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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