The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Backward and Forwards

The audience hasn’t really warmed up to Megan’s character, yet. But I guess episode 8 of The Flight Attendant Season 2 will change that. First, she flashes a warning to the Korean agent to stay away from her family or else. She then arrives at the hospital where Cassie helps her set up a meeting with Shane. This might just bode well and make things right to some extent for her and her family.

Cassie is then asked by Dot to come with her. She shows her a classified photo of another blonde impersonator with Grace. I am not even kidding. The moment Dot said “from my time in Iraq”, I knew there was something shady going on with her. Grace said the exact same thing in the dying moments of episode seven, and Dot repeating the same thing within the first ten of episode eight cannot be a coincidence. And then the story unravels. Take into consideration the following clues and see where it goes. Santal 33 in Dot’s bathroom, the picture from Iraq that is clearly the other half of the torn photo in Grace’s house, unrestricted access to Cassie’s and other files. Everything adds up.

Cassie is right about Dot as she reveals her true self. She somehow manages to trigger the alarm and the CIA agents walk in to arrest Dot on Benjamin’s instructions. She is being charged with treason and murder. Benjamin reveals that Dot had been selling access to CIA records for years. Her lies were finally caught when an officer mentioned to him that she was taking Cassie to her home, not the office. Now she has another problem to deal with – Davey. He does not pick up his phone until Jenny picks it up and says he is at her house.

Cassie goes to Jenny’s house, only to find that she has drugged him unconscious. She breaks Cassie’s phone and holds up a hammer. A huge array of pictures and theories are arranged on the wall of the room. Jenny has actually been following Cassie everywhere. She is not doing a podcast, nor is the house hers. She met Bucky, the killer from season one, and fell in love with him. But he was still hung up on Cassie. Jenny is told by Bucky that he could love her if she is able to kill Cassie. That way, he wants to get equal with her for putting her in prison, or maybe some darker explanation that we good folks don’t understand.

After being on the verge of dying, Davey comes from behind and strikes Jenny. Cassie completes the rescue by hitting her in the head. Post this, everything goes back to normal. Davey is back with Rick; Megan and her family are in witness protection under new identities; Cassie is back as a flight attendant; she also patches up things with her mom; and finally, Annie and Max are getting married. Cassie has finally been cut loose from her CIA duties by Benjamin: life is good again.

The Episode Review

The instant reaction to the scene in Dot’s house when she gets caught was one of disappointment. I am not going to lie. But after the scene in Jenny’s house, it worsened. The season finale is a dampener on the good work done previously. The storylines are too conveniently closed off and I cannot emphasize “too” enough.

The writing is lazy and unappreciative of the character build-up. It so easily lets go of the strong tangents that the narration had built and kept under wraps so dearly. It leaves too many questions without answers, and our guessing work does not help.

So is Dot the other blonde from the photo she showed Cassie or is that photo fake? Why did Dot do all that? Was her only intention to earn more money – don’t the government jobs pay that well anyway? Why go through all that and put your reputation in jeopardy? And how does Cassie’s theory about grace in episode two bypassed here when it is revealed she was the impersonator? The list has the potential to swell if I really get to it.

The “all-goody” happy ending does not leave a compelling enough premise for a season three. Even if it were to be made, what else could the creators do with the current setup? A question for a billion-dollar studio to decide. For us, this season has not come to a satisfying end. The expectations were high given how well the previous episodes were made and the story was kept intact. But this final episode spills water all over it. Expect a season review soon, although, it won’t be too shiny now, I guess!

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