The Fire Hunter – Season 1 Episode 7 “Chaos Encounter” Recap & Review

Chaos Encounter

Episode 7 of Fire Hunter begins with Touko telling Kira how they got lost. Kira hands Touko some candy to comfort her. Touko says Kanata should be able to remember the way back, so she departs with him.

Afterward, Kira visits Koushi. He’s worn out after the crazy exchange between Roroku and the Spider. Kira tells Koushi that her father was worried for his safety but admits that her father thinks he owns Koushi. Even if that’s the case, Kira still believes her parents are wonderful people and will stand by their side. Kira tells Koushi that she ran into a girl with a gray dog that had the same name as his family’s dog named Kanata, startling him. Koushi visits Yuoshichi (Kira’s father) and explains he went to the forest with Roroku to learn more about the fallbeasts since he couldn’t attain much information about them in the central archive.

Koushi hands Yuoshichi a book and explains that there is a fallbeast whose body is covered in lightning. Koushi believes skyfire may be most potent when falling from the sky as lightning. He informs Yuoshichi that the Spider told him and Roroku that the others managed to control natural flame without suffering. Koushi believes the skyfire he’ll create will be able to overwhelm the Spiders despite their invulnerability toward the natural flame. He shows Yuoshichi images of the past, confirming people used to fight wars from airplanes. He plans to bury his bottled lightning around the palace and factory district.

He will use these machines to launch the bottled lightning from the skies. Although Mr. Yuoshichi is hesitant about Roroku’s involvement, Koushi convinces him and says it’ll protect his homeland from the gods and Spiders. Meanwhile, the factory woman heads out while spouting rumors about a Spider invasion that’ll take place in the capital. Touko and Kaho tell her to be careful. Touko checks up on Kanata while Kaho monitors Shouzou. Akira and Kun arrive. Kun informs Kaho that they’re about to have lunch. Kaho leaves and has lunch with Akira, Kun, and Touko. Akira reveals she used to be a factory worker.

She’s thankful that Shouzou’s folks are providing shelter for them. She’d like to focus on her mission of sending a letter to the palace, but she wants to make sure Shouzou will be alright since she failed to protect him. Touko feels bad about Shouzou putting his life on the line for them. However, Kaho reassures Touko that they all fought gravely to protect him and themselves.

Kaho and Touko check up on Shouzou after lunch. Kaho reveals that once Shouzou wakes up she plans to give him her hand in marriage and help him through life. Akira enters the room and says she’ll be leaving the place to hunt so she can gather cash to pay the doctor.

Even though Akira knows about the rumor involving Spiders lurking around the capital, she doesn’t plan to change her mind. Touko tells Akira to take Kanata with her, but Akira refuses. With Akira gone, Kun plans to have his bug familiars protect them. Touko asks Kanata to take her to his family’s home. Meanwhile, Kaho stays by Shouzou’s side while Kun feels somewhat strange.

Kanata and Touko arrive at Kanata’s home, but no one answers. Kanata can smell something’s presence, and Touko spots a weird creature wandering around the home. Koushi arrives and throws a serum of bottled lightning at the creature. He tells Kanata and Touko to follow him.

At an undisclosed location, Koushi tells Touko that the creature was a spy, one of the gods’ familiars. Koushi hugs Kanata tightly and reveals he is related to Kanata’s fire hunter, Haijuu. Touko tells Koushi Haijuu passed away because protected her from a flame fiend in the forest. She apologizes for his death and says she’d like to return Haijuu’s warding stone and sickle to him. Koushi tells Touko it’s okay. He reveals he didn’t adore his father for abandoning him and Hinako. However, he’s happy he died saving someone’s life. Koushi warns Touko to leave the capital since a fight might break loose between the higher-ups and the Spiders.

Touko tells Koushi she knows about the Spiders and that he should consider doing the same. Koushi and Touko plan to head somewhere else to avoid another spy encounter. Touko spots a being that looks like the tree folk and wants to meet them at the forbidden quarter to find proper medicine for Shouzou. Koushi says he’ll take Touko there as long as she can inform him about the Spiders’ fire. The episode concludes with a spy planning to follow Koushi, Kanata, and Touko to the forbidden quarter.

The Episode Review

The Fire Hunter’s climax is upon us. Koushi and Roroku plan to wreak havoc on the gods and the Spiders with their bottled lightning. Before we get to that point, it appears we’ll be following Touko and Koushi on their quest to secure medicine for Shouzou. Therefore, there are many stories for fans to look forward to in the upcoming weeks ahead.

This episode had some slow moments and unusual animation at times, though. Nevertheless, it was great seeing Koushi and Touko meet. The series did a great job building upon both characters, so to see them together felt rewarding. While it makes sense for Koushi to show no sorrow for his father’s demise, it felt somewhat odd that he didn’t drop a tear or two.

If it weren’t for Haijuu’s close ties to Yuoshichi, Koushi and Hinako wouldn’t have been accepted into their home. Hopefully, Haijuu’s character doesn’t get dropped out of discussion in future episodes. Getting to see Kaho marry someone of her own volition instead of being forced into a marriage is pleasant to see. However, many fans may not like that she’s only marrying Shouzou out of pity.

Furthermore, it appears something strange is occurring with Kun’s character. I’m looking forward to witnessing what happens on that front. Overall, this was a fine chapter of The Fire Hunter. It gave fans the inevitable meeting between Koushi and Touko and builds up the climactic fight between the capital, gods, and Spiders. Hopefully, the next episode can give us more intriguing content to digest.

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