The Fire Hunter – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Capital” Recap & Review

The Capital

Episode 6 of Fire Hunter begins with a whale tailing Touko and her friends. Akira explains this is the tombwhale, who guards the memories of the dead. Kun wonders if Shouzou may die from his wounds soon. Touko tells the tombwhale he can’t take him away.

Meanwhile, Koushi meets up with Roroku and his canine companion, Mizore, and follows him into the forest. Roroku’s surprised that Koushi turned to Mr. Okibi despite having a prolific fire hunter for a dad. He ponders what Mr. Okibi has planned for the skyfire. Some flame-fiends ambush Koushi and Roroku. Roroku tells Koushi to head into the tunnel and slays the beast by putting some explosive bottled lightning on his sickle. Roroku explains it’s a concoction roaming fire hunters carry with them to blind fiends. Capital fire hunters aren’t known for having it.

As they advance, Roroku notices several men have captured a Spider and have beaten him to a bloody pulp. Roroku tells the men to flee, but the men want to extract information from the Spider first. Roroku discovers these men are working for Mr. Okibi. The men explain that this Spider is a scout for his group and used force to try to make him squeal. The scout confesses the Spiders can wield and approach the ancient flame without burning up. The scout warns them that flame-fiends will be coming soon since he’s covered in blood. They’re more dangerous now, thanks to the Spiders’ bugs biting them.

This entices the men to leave for the night since they don’t want to fight overpowered fiends. Roroku and Koushi try leaving, but the scout breaks free and tries attacking them. Roroku counters his attack by slashing him with a sickle, causing Koushi to scream. At the same time, Touko and her friends arrive at the capital and find shelter at a female factory worker’s place for the night. A doctor arrives and reports on Shouzou’s status. While he’ll survive, he’ll lose access to a few attributes. In the morning, a woman gives Kaho and Touko new clothes. Akira and Kun depart to check on Shouzou.

The factory woman suggests Touko and Kaho get fresh air while she whips up a meal. Kaho and Touko engage in conversation about the factory woman and her feelings toward Kun’s alignment with the Spiders. Kaho vows to help Shouzou, while Touko’s deadset on returning Kanata to his family. At dawn, the factory woman tells Touko and Kanata where to find medicine for Shouzou. Touko picks up the medicine, but something draws Kanata’s attention. Kanata and Touoko visit Kanata’s fire hunter’s home, but a man startles them, causing them to flee. Touko and Kanata escape, but find themselves lost. The episode concludes with Kira, Mr. Okibi’s daughter, stumbling upon them.

The Episode Review

This was another decent chapter of The Fire Hunter. Touko and her friends have arrived at the capital, meaning we’re close to seeing Touko and Koushi finally meet each other. Both have been through a lot of turmoil and anguish. Judging by Kanata’s behavior toward revisiting Koushi’s old home, it appears he’ll shower him with many kisses.

Many viewers may wonder what Koushi and Hinako’s reactions will be after learning about their father’s passing. While he wasn’t a prominent figure in their life, his legacy helped get them under the Okibi Family’s care. Furthermore, I’m wondering what route Touko will take after delivering Kanata back to his family.

I’m assuming Touko will want to stay by the canine’s side considering all they’ve been through. It’ll be intriguing to see Akira and Roroku interact with each other, given their similar occupation. Overall, this was a nice chapter of The Fire Hunter as it moves the story forward without boggling viewers down with too much exposition. I’m looking forward to witnessing what route the story will take our characters next as it appears there’s much to explore with the Spiders, Touko, and the capital itself.

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