The Feed – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of The Feed begins with Natalie approached by a bloody lady holding scissors at her house, about to hurt her. However, when she realizes Natalie’s pregnant, she drops the weapon to the ground and leaves the house.

Eve’s early morning bliss with the holographic Max is shattered when the hacked Max emerges and chases her around the house. As she flees, Max corners her in the kitchen and tries to convince Eve to see his way of thinking. After letting the real Max speak, just for a moment, the hacked Max returns and tries to convince her to allow a hacker to take over her body too.

In the aftermath of the blackout, everything starts to unravel for Tom who knuckles down and tries to work out exactly what his Father was planning. While he does, Meredith and Ben learn of Gil’s grisly fate in prison. Back home, Tom pursues a lead in the Lawrence case before imploring Kate to remain offline after meeting her sister Martha at the airport. While they head out together, Tom visits Eve’s house where he hears Max and Eve talking upstairs. Creeping up, he knocks Max out before Eve tells him there are thousands of people lost in the void, which is where these hacks have been coming from.

Meanwhile, Meredith approaches Sue and the others over the fugitive situation and tells them they need to inform the people what’s happening. Unfortunately the board don’t agree and set out to protect the integrity of the company instead. Max awakens in the bathtub after being knocked out and immediately goes after Tom. He tells him that Lawrence created him too, going on to admit that Tom’s father attempted to kill him and his kind; an act of genocide. It’s a big reveal too and one that certainly gives credibility behind the real reasons Max has acted the way he has.

Kate awakens feeling under the weather and finding Martha holding the baby. As they head out onto the road together, Kate exhibits her concerns that Martha may have been hacked. Following a difficult situation involving Ben’s biological Father, Ben and Tom head back to the estate where they come across a hidden hatch leading to a secret room.

Meredith takes matters into her own hands and broadcasts out a message about the virus that’s currently infecting The Feed and causing people to be taken. Unfortunately her account is restricted pretty quickly before she can continue, leaving her frustrated and unsure what to do next. At the farm, Kate realizes that Martha has been taken and wrestles with her sister over getting to Bea. With an axe in hand, Martha begins knocking the door in while Kate stands with Bea, desperate to find a way out.

With more drama and a further twist in the tale regarding Martha being hacked, The Feed continues to deliver some good tension throughout its run-time. Hearing more about Max’s motivations certainly help add some credibility to the hacking situation and seeing this tie into Lawrence’s work helps tie everything togehter. While The Feed may not ascend to the same heights as something Years&Years, which juggles the familial drama a little more effectively, there’s enough here to make for a decent sci-fi offering nonetheless.


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